The Friday Read: New Florsheim Boots, The Perfect Weekend Snack & The Best Fall Whiskey

Florsheim Lodge Boots

Two picks from the Florsheim Lodge Collection, both more than ready for fall style right now.

Folks, it’s high time we stepped right into another weekend, is it not? In fact, you could certainly do worse than to step into said weekend with the rugged-yet-refined Florsheim Lodge Boots, a prime pick I’ve enjoyed testing out on my walks through Prospect Park and to a few choice sidewalk bars alike in Brooklyn. If you want affordable men’s boots for fall, you should go with Florsheim — crucially, you can use the code LNK10 to get 10 percent off right now, an ideal fall weekend jumpstart. And a heads-up: I’ll be partnering with the brand later this year on some exciting Instagram content, so keep your eyes peeled. Now, to the rest of business in today’s Friday Read. After you!

HELM Boots

In fact, speaking of other crucial boots to buy for fall, did you check out last week’s post on the ever-stylish HELM Boots Zind Boots? They’re another pair of rugged boots for the season I’ve had my eye on. Speaking of all the rugged gear for these days ahead, you can get plenty more of that via my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief. I publish that newsletter on Tuesday and Saturday — so, tomorrow! — and I theme it around a favorite indie rock track, seasonal gear, craft beer and more. It makes much more sense if you read and subscribe, trust me.  As for the rest of today’s post, I’ve got just a few reads to get your weekend going. Happy shopping, happy sipping — stay safe and take care!

Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The best bourbon for your fall weekend? Quite possibly.

  • Speaking of happy sipping, I know what I’ll be enjoying on this fine Friday night. I’m going to break into some Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, as fine a whiskey for cocktails or enjoying on the rocks as it gets. Of course, if you read the blog, you know I’m all about keeping things efficient, so I’d say you should get one of the best affordable bourbons delivered to your door via alcohol delivery service Drizly, as I have so often done in recent months. If you pick some up, do let me know on Twitter. Cheers!
  • Let’s change pace just a bit here. While your Florsheim Lodge Boots are pretty ideal to wear as you head to a (modified) cocktail bar or enjoy some bourbon, there’s a pair of technical footwear I can’t help but recommend this season, and that’s the KEEN Footwear Howser Slides, a sort of slipper-hiking shoe hybrid that are ridiculously comfortable to wear on city walks or quick trips outside to stock up on more coffee (I should know, as I’ve been trying ’em out as of late!). Thanks to the brand for sending, and again, let me know on Twitter if you decide to give them a go.
  • Here’s one more recommendation from the bevy of picks I’ve been testing. Now, is bourbon and beef jerky an unlikely pairing? Perhaps, but not if you’ve got some premium, gourmet and seriously delicious Chef’s Cut Real Jerky on hand. It’s closer to steak than any other beef jerky out there, and that’s no exaggeration. Consider this an endorsement to add some to your fall weekend pantry rotation, because it could be the perfect weekend snack (especially alongside some college football). My top pick is Chef’s Cut Biltong Jerky, as it were.

HELM Boots

Who’s ready to stock up on new whiskey and some premium beef jerky for the weekend? Throw on your Florsheim Lodge Boots and I’d say you’ve just about covered off on your fall to-do list (at least, for now). But if that’s not quite enough, I’ll leave you with a recent addition of The List, my weekly gear roundup where I’m covering the best fall menswear, whiskey and much more. And once again, if you need more style inspo still, you can find me on Instagram 24/7, 365. Folks, thanks for reading and make it a great one!


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