The Friday Read: The Myles Apparel Fall Forward Sale, the Best Fall Boots & Philadelphia

My friends, welcome to another Friday, the last proper work day of the week and of course, the first day of October. We’re well and truly into fall right now, especially with the hint of a fall chill in the air. That must mean one thing: It’s time to throw on one of the best pairs of fall travel pants to hit the road. Those pants in question could mean the extremely travel-friendly, stretchy and durable Myles Apparel Tour Pants, right? If you’re not familiar with the brand, they’re a great place to start — particularly because this weekend, the Myles Apparel Fall Forward Sale wraps up. I talked about one of the best menswear sales out there previously on the blog, so if you act quickly (ideally, today!), you’ll have time to get deals on the best fall travel gear ASAP.

Speaking of fall travel gear, I’ve had plenty of fall mini-road trips myself, namely of the concertgoing variety. I’ve talked briefly about some of these jaunts — to Pennsylvania to see The Killers and to Detroit to see indie rocker Julien Baker — in my twice-weekly music and menswear newsletter (music is my other great passion in life). Now, of course, I bought many of these tickets months ago and have since planned out my travels, but the schedule has been jam-packed in between writing for sites like AskMen and Maxim. What does it all mean? Well, of course it means that I’m hitting the road once more this weekend, trekking down to Philadelphia to see indie rockers Big Thief! I’ve previously seen the band in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and even got to cover their set at NYC’s Governors Ball Music Festival, but a proper headline show (dressed in indie rock style — subscribe to my newsletter for more!) is always the right way to go about it. If you’d like to keep up with my Philadelphia trip, give me a follow on Instagram. For now, here’s the rest of today’s weekend roundup. Happy shopping and stay stylish!

  • If you’ve not yet laced up a pair of the best fall boots, then now is the right time to get on that. As luck would have it, I wrote about the best men’s boots for fall just yesterday on the blog, so be sure to check out my deep dive into the FRYE William Lace-Up Boots right now. There’s still plenty of time to get into it, folks.
  • I mentioned above that I’d been keeping busy covering menswear for sites like AskMen, and I wasn’t joking. For the lauded men’s lifestyle site, I wrote all about the best waxed jackets for the season ahead. It’s worth your time to really layer up in style, folks.
  • Like I said, I’ve been plenty busy writing style dispatches for the busy fall season. With all that being said, here’s one additional gear dispatch you should dive into today. Head to the Huckberry Journal — the excellent blog of one of the best retailers for men — to find out all about the best men’s shirt jackets for prime seasonal layering. It doesn’t get any better than that, my friends. Better still, head to Huckberry to shop the best menswear for fall.

We’ll help you roll on into the weekend now with a few style tips and some shopping picks in mind — how’s that sound? Before I let you go, let me offer up one last fall style tip for men: A chambray shirt is the sort of rugged and go-anywhere essential you can style with a cardigan at the office or on its own over a henley through the weekend. And Todd Snyder’s chambray shirt is the perfect piece to head into the season in style, so do yourself a favor and click through to my blog post on the ideal fall shirt. Cheers once again, my friends! Enjoy the weekend.


The Friday Read: The Best Weekend Getaway Bag, A Mott and Bow Discount & A New Timex Watch

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle

Get ready to get away by packing up this durable and dependable weekender bag from Herschel Supply Co.

To say that it’s been a wild start to the new year would probably be an understatement, right? No doubt, no doubt. And yet, the beat goes on here at The Style Guide, from telling you how to dress for winter to outfitting you in the best men’s style essentials from Everlane. Of course, there’s been a lot going on in the wider world, and that’s got me thinking of an upstate getaway later this winter (and I’ll also be heading to Florida next month!). That being said, I know the best weekend getaway bag for both myself and for any trips you might be planning. I’m talking, of course, about the stylish weekender bag seen at the top of the page, the Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle. A recent introduction to the Herschel Supply lineup of the best everyday carry essentials, it’s a winning bag on multiple fronts, from the waterproof zipper construction to the cool-as-can-be striped fabric liner.

It’s simply one of the best weekender bags for men, and it’s available at a standout price, too (try $90 at Herschel). Plus, you can pick from a whopping 29 color combinations when it comes to the Herschel Supply Novel Duffle. That’s about as great as it gets, folks. Until I can plan a getaway, however, I’ll be writing away here in Brooklyn at sites like Maxim and GearMoose, of course. And if you can’t get enough of the blog, you should do yourself a favor and subscribe to my newsletter, The Style Guide In BriefTwice a week, I talk menswear, music and craft beer or whiskey. It’s a heck of a lot of fun, and it’s a change of pace from your regular men’s style coverage here (IMHO!). Again, subscribe HERE and keep scrolling: The rest of today’s Friday Read awaits.

Mott and Bow men's denim

The Mercer Jeans are just one of the best pairs of men’s jeans you can find at Mott and Bow.

  • In an earlier Friday Read this month, I talked about how Mott and Bow was now making some of the best men’s chinos. And yet, the dedication to well-fitting, slim blue denim (like the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans) is right there, too. So here’s the scoop: You can use the code beau10 to get 10 percent off your first order at Mott and Bow. It’ll come in mighty handy when you want to pick up some of the best men’s blue jeans, like the timeless pair seen above. And if you’ve been a frequent customer of the brand in the past, you’re in luck, because they haven’t yet taken their foot off the gas as far as quality menswear. Cheers to that, my friends.

Timex Marlin Automatic Watch

A classic and crisp leather dress watch to wear all winter long.

  • I mentioned that I’ve been mighty busy kicking off the year on the writing front, and that’s particularly true over at GearMoose, a site for which I’ve now been writing five years (five!) as of this month! With that being said, it’s still a serious thrill to cover some of the coolest men’s gear out there, like the remarkable 2021 Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, as I did earlier this month. Talk about an investment-level watch, folks.

That’ll do it for today’s Friday Read, my friends. In the spirit of a much-needed getaway and the proper gear for the occasion, I’ll direct you one more time toward one of the best weekender bags for men, the Standard Issue Leather Duffel as crafted and sold by Huckberry. Check out that blog post, consider it carefully and make that duffel, or the Herschel Supply Novel Duffle, your next go-to weekender bag. Folks, thanks for reading — stay safe and stay strong!

The Friday Read: The American Trench Comfort Box, Early Black Friday Deals & Classic Holiday Beer

American Trench Comfort Box

A roundup of comfortable essentials to head into the holidays.

Folks, we could all use more comfort in our lives during these challenging times, could we not? I think that’s certainly the case, which was precisely why I was drawn toward the American Trench Comfort Box as we head into the weekend and another Friday Read. It’s a curated box of Philadelphia essentials put together by the Pennsylvania-based brand that makes some of the best men’s socks around, and it’s that kind of carefully curated approach that I certainly appreciate. Point being: If you want a warming candle, some delicious handcrafted chocolates and some of the best socks for men in your life (or for someone on your holiday shopping list!), you’d do well to stock up on this fine fall Friday.

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

Things really do seem to be lightening up more these days, what with (at least some) better news out there and Thanksgiving on the way. In fact, I talked about this very sensation in my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, earlier this month. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already — I deliver two dispatches a week covering craft beer, menswear and much more. To be sure, the holidays are (wait for it) going to be mighty different this year, but I’m hopeful that you’ll find ways to celebrate safely in your way, perhaps with some Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on the docket. We’ll get to a few of those deals below to start your weekend off the right way, but in the meantime, give me a follow on Instagram to see what I’m wearing, sipping and writing about.

American Giant Highway Shirt

  • Let’s launch into this thing the right way. If you read my blog, you might recognize the American Giant Highway Shirt, a stellar, rugged and ever-durable piece that’s here just in time for the holidays. Wear it as a work shirt, wear it atop your favorite henley, wear it all on its own … just be sure you’ve got it in your rotation as we head into the colder months.
  • If you follow me on social media (particularly my menswear and craft beer Twitter), you know I’m all about, well, some of the best beer for fall and winter. That’s why it was such a treat to write about the excellent Revolution Brewing Fistmas Holiday Ale for GearMoose. It should be a fine seasonal sipper and a new classic holiday beer, so be sure to stock up your beer fridge ASAP.
  • I mentioned earlier that we’d be talking about the best Black Friday deals to shop early and often, so allow me to get that process started for you. You can, and should, check out my byline at The Manual, where I’m covering deals like the best Black Friday sales on G-SHOCK watches to start things off. It’s never too early to get prepared, right??
  • Before I let you go for the weekend, here’s one last shopping recommendation for you. I’ve had the good fortune to check out the ever-excellent Angel Jackets Retro Cafe Racer Leather Jacket, a truly badass and next-level leather jacket that wears well through the fall and winter chill while layering up with ease. It gives off some serious Ryan Gosling-type vibes (maybe that’s wishful thinking on my part?) while looking great all the while. Get your hands on a jacket of your own ASAP.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

I’ll leave you with one last menswear dispatch before the weekend kicks off in earnest. Be sure to check out my guide on how to wear a bomber jacket if it’s truly exceptional, dependable style that you seek, because you can wear that bomber jacket with just about everything in your wardrobe (including the  American Giant Highway Shirt). For now, here’s to shoppping for the season and enjoying the weekend. Cheers, my friends!

The Friday Read: New Florsheim Boots, The Perfect Weekend Snack & The Best Fall Whiskey

Florsheim Lodge Boots

Two picks from the Florsheim Lodge Collection, both more than ready for fall style right now.

Folks, it’s high time we stepped right into another weekend, is it not? In fact, you could certainly do worse than to step into said weekend with the rugged-yet-refined Florsheim Lodge Boots, a prime pick I’ve enjoyed testing out on my walks through Prospect Park and to a few choice sidewalk bars alike in Brooklyn. If you want affordable men’s boots for fall, you should go with Florsheim — crucially, you can use the code LNK10 to get 10 percent off right now, an ideal fall weekend jumpstart. And a heads-up: I’ll be partnering with the brand later this year on some exciting Instagram content, so keep your eyes peeled. Now, to the rest of business in today’s Friday Read. After you!

HELM Boots

In fact, speaking of other crucial boots to buy for fall, did you check out last week’s post on the ever-stylish HELM Boots Zind Boots? They’re another pair of rugged boots for the season I’ve had my eye on. Speaking of all the rugged gear for these days ahead, you can get plenty more of that via my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief. I publish that newsletter on Tuesday and Saturday — so, tomorrow! — and I theme it around a favorite indie rock track, seasonal gear, craft beer and more. It makes much more sense if you read and subscribe, trust me.  As for the rest of today’s post, I’ve got just a few reads to get your weekend going. Happy shopping, happy sipping — stay safe and take care!

Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The best bourbon for your fall weekend? Quite possibly.

  • Speaking of happy sipping, I know what I’ll be enjoying on this fine Friday night. I’m going to break into some Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, as fine a whiskey for cocktails or enjoying on the rocks as it gets. Of course, if you read the blog, you know I’m all about keeping things efficient, so I’d say you should get one of the best affordable bourbons delivered to your door via alcohol delivery service Drizly, as I have so often done in recent months. If you pick some up, do let me know on Twitter. Cheers!
  • Let’s change pace just a bit here. While your Florsheim Lodge Boots are pretty ideal to wear as you head to a (modified) cocktail bar or enjoy some bourbon, there’s a pair of technical footwear I can’t help but recommend this season, and that’s the KEEN Footwear Howser Slides, a sort of slipper-hiking shoe hybrid that are ridiculously comfortable to wear on city walks or quick trips outside to stock up on more coffee (I should know, as I’ve been trying ’em out as of late!). Thanks to the brand for sending, and again, let me know on Twitter if you decide to give them a go.
  • Here’s one more recommendation from the bevy of picks I’ve been testing. Now, is bourbon and beef jerky an unlikely pairing? Perhaps, but not if you’ve got some premium, gourmet and seriously delicious Chef’s Cut Real Jerky on hand. It’s closer to steak than any other beef jerky out there, and that’s no exaggeration. Consider this an endorsement to add some to your fall weekend pantry rotation, because it could be the perfect weekend snack (especially alongside some college football). My top pick is Chef’s Cut Biltong Jerky, as it were.

HELM Boots

Who’s ready to stock up on new whiskey and some premium beef jerky for the weekend? Throw on your Florsheim Lodge Boots and I’d say you’ve just about covered off on your fall to-do list (at least, for now). But if that’s not quite enough, I’ll leave you with a recent addition of The List, my weekly gear roundup where I’m covering the best fall menswear, whiskey and much more. And once again, if you need more style inspo still, you can find me on Instagram 24/7, 365. Folks, thanks for reading and make it a great one!

The Friday Read: Jack Black Grooming Sets, New Wolverine Boots & A New Shinola Watch

Jack Black men's grooming

Filling you in on the best men’s groming picks from Jack Black right now.

Folks, if you can believe it, we’re back once more with another edition of the Friday Read, and on top of that, it’s the final edition of … October. Wow. Color me shocked, right?? It’s been a momentous and busy few weeks here at The Style Guide’s Brooklyn HQ, if you will — a couple weeks back, I filled you in on how you can get a discount on your new favorite weekender bag from Boarding Pass NYC (use the code BEAUKNOWS to get $10 off any purchase over $70!), and this week, I’m similarly looping you in onto some great fall deals. Let’s talk about the best men’s grooming essentials for a second, shall we? The other week, I had the chance to chat with the team at Jack Black about the Dallas-based grooming brand’s 20th anniversary, to go along with plenty of the best men’s grooming sets. I mentioned Jack Black in a previous edition of the Friday Read, but how about a refresher (literally)? From beard oil to the much-loved Most Wanted Gift Set, the brand is an outstanding resource for the best men’s grooming picks, not to mention the best men’s gift sets and stocking stuffers aplenty. Yes, stocking stuffers. It’s never too early to plan ahead, folks!

On that note, I’ve been busy elsewhere this month writing about the best Christmas jumpers for The Manual, to go along with writing about rugged Taylor Stitch boots at GearMoose. Yes indeed, my friends, if you want to plan ahead for this season and the next, I’d say I’ve got you covered (I’m biased, though!). Aside from menswear writing, I’m looking forward to getting some R&R this weekend and watching — strange as it might sound — some college football, as my beloved Michigan State Spartans take on hated rival Michigan on the road in Ann Arbor. It’s the sort of game that makes me miss Michigan in the fall, but I’ll make the best of it all the same with a cold Oktoberfest beer at a sidewalk bar. Follow along with my writing and my off-duty pursuits via my Instagram, and let’s dive into the rest of the Friday Read below.

Stylish packaging and great coffee? Sign me up.

  • To power my freelance menswear writing, I’m often imbibing quite a bit of coffee. And lately, I’ve been digging what Equator Coffees is churning out (thanks to my buddy Micah for allowing me to test the brand!). Here’s the scoop: Sustainable, high-quality coffee delivered in cool, bright red packaging — always a plus! — and made with a focus on giving back (check out the B’Cause Blend Voting Project, for starters). They also offer subscriptions and gift sets, always a bonus if you or someone you love is BIG into great coffee on the daily. The next time you want great coffee for a great cause, get yourself some excellent beans from Equator Coffees.
  • The headline of this post mentions a new Shinola watch, and that’s exactly what I had the chance to cover recently for Maxim. The Shinola Ice Monster is a burly, rugged and yet stylish watch that draws design inspiration from Michigan’s frigid winters, which I can’t help but remember (sometimes fondly, sometimes not so fondly). It’s here in time for fall and winter, so act accordingly.

As far as today’s Friday Read goes, well, we’re just about wrapped up around these parts. I’ll leave you with one final buying recommendation for fall, and that’s to pick up the season’s most versatile shirt from Western Rise. Head to my blog post here to check out the the Western Rise AirLight Shirt, a shirt that’ll fit right in both on a weekend drive or a weekend park stroll without missing a beat. Make it yours, then reap the rewards. And while you’re at it, amp up your grooming game with the best men’s grooming sets and perhaps a new pair of Wolverine men’s boots to round out your style favorites.

Most importantly: Thanks for reading & stay safe!


The Friday Read: The Perfect Summer Beer, A New Huckberry T-Shirt & The Best Summer Pants

A new polo that’s anything but stuffy — courtesy of Todd Snyder — for your summer weekend.

Thanks for joining us today on the Friday Read, my friends, where we’re rounding up the best men’s style reads and picks to send you onward this weekend. But first, I’d like to acknowledge, in some small way, the ongoing events of this week. It’s a scary and troubling time to be an American, so I wish everyone safety and dignity, most importantly. I’d also like to call out some excellent Black-owned businesses to support, as covered by GQ — I stand in solidarity with these businesses and with all Americans fighting injustice.

Now, back to business with a product recommendation: The Todd Snyder Pique Polo as shown above is one of the coolest polos I’ve seen in some time, available in a breathable fabric and crucial summer colorways — it’s nothing like the stuffy polos of years past. Plus, the added benefit of wearing one of the best men’s polos on the weekend? It’s a great way to upgrade from your standard T-shirt (even if you happen to be wearing one of your favorite T-shirts). And in times like these, I’m sure we could all use a bit of a change in routine. Although things are slowly but surely getting back to normal, it still feels like (wait for it) … The New Abnormal. However, the blog rolls on, so shop your favorite summer style essentials and check out a few choice reads below in the meantime (heck, I put together a guide to 20 of the best summer style picks, if you need some place to start).

We’ve got plenty more where that came from, too (just keep on scrolling). As for me, I’m going to enjoy some downtime this weekend. It’s a bittersweet Friday, seeing as this time of year normally brings about the joyous celebration of live music that is Governors Ball in New York — I’ve seen my favorite bands and icons alike play there, from Local Natives to Phoenix to Franz Ferdinand and The War On Drugs, to name but a few. This year, stalwart indie rockers Vampire Weekend were set to be a weekend highlight. But alas, time rolls on. I’ll content myself in the meantime with some vinyl on my record player — this weekend’s pick is “The Bones of What You Believe” by CHVRCHES — and plenty of coffee, to go along with a socially distanced walk through Marine Park (that’s as solid as it gets right there!). I’ll also supplement the weekend with cocktails on-the-go from the newly reopened Sycamore. It’s my favorite spot for brews and beverages in the borough, and I’m so happy they’re back up and running. To connect with me, let me know your weekend plans on Twitter — and as ever, stay safe and thanks for reading!

Get all the gifts you need for Father’s Day via Huckberry.


OK, folks. We’re not quite done with today’s Friday Read. No sir, before I let you take off for the weekend, I’m going to point you toward some of the best shorts to buy for summer via this blog post. Naturally, they’re a durable pair of field shorts from my good friends at Grayers. They’re going to take you from the trail to the grill with ease — or from lunch on your back patio to … summer beers on your back patio. Your call, friends. Either way, I hope they serve you well, and I hope you swing back through for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week. Until then, stay safe and strong!

Thanks for reading,


The Friday Read: Blundstone’s 150th Anniversary, A Levi’s Livestream & Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

My dear friends, here’s the deal: We’ve reached yet another Friday, and yet, perhaps to you  …  the days are starting to blend together as we all do our part and stay home to save lives during this trying time. One thing that can help shake things up? Changing what you wear from day to day, like stepping into some of the Olivers Apparel Passage Pants as seen above — even if you’re just hanging in your backyard, you can’t go wrong with the best men’s pants for spring. As for me, I’m doing the best I can here in Brooklyn, continuing to enjoy my favorite coffee and vinyl records on the weekends, catching up with a bit of TV and the occasional movie (the “High Fidelity” series remake is a hit), and of course, keeping busy working on the blog and freelance writing pursuits. You’ll get the scoop on some of those freelance writing pursuits below, in addition to a fun Levi’s livestream to keep you busy and engaged with your favorite artists during these trying times. On that note, there are also ways you can give back from home — one that I’ve recently come across is The Mask Fund, started by a few excellent content creators (including the ever-stylish Anthony Urbano). The Mask Fund provides tangible donations to front-line first responders and workers, so it’s certainly worth checking out. Of course, if you’re still able to work from home, I hope you’re doing so in style (or at least continuing to keep the best new men’s gear in mind as you shop digitally). On that note, let’s dive into a few reads worthy of your time this weekend. Thanks for stopping by the  blog, be sure to join us for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and stay safe in the meantime.

  • Folks, if you follow me on Instagram or read this blog, you’re perhaps well-aware that I love a rugged pair of Blundstone leather boots. That being said, if you’re not acquainted with the brand, it’s high time you got up to speed — and on that note, I was proud and excited to be able to cover Blundstone’s 150th anniversary for The Manual earlier this season. Read up on the brand, then step out there in your new favorite boots.
  • ‘Tis the right time to buy some of the best men’s sunglasses, is it not? The arrival of sunny weather means you’d better have your rotation in order, so why not have a little fun when shopping for some new spring shades? That is to say, why not check out the simply stunning, retro-inspired Oliver Peoples x Gregory Peck Sunglasses, as covered by your favorite menswear writer (me!) over at GearMoose? The lauded sunglasses brand worked with the famed actor’s estate to create sunglasses that pay homage to his role in “To Kill A Mockingbird” … so you know they’re stylish and sharp as can be.
  • Alright, my friends. If you’re anything like me, you know and love and appreciate the fact that Levi’s makes some of the best men’s jeans (and maybe the best jean jacket?) on the market. That approach to cool, classic style aligns perfectly with some seriously cool music, as it were. In fact, Levi’s are my jeans to wear to a concert, but since we’re all staying safe at home, the brand is bringing some music to you with its 5:01® Live series (at 5:01 p.m. PST/8:01 p.m. EST — a play off its iconic 501 Jeans), supporting musicians and charities during livestream concerts. Tonight’s guest (for those of us on the East Coast?) — the terrific & energetic Sylvan Esso, with So Cal indie rockers Local Natives — one of my favorite bands! — set to appear on the 21st. Head here to read more, and rock on. 
  • Last but not least, staying safe and in good health is top of mind, is it not? So why not do so in a sustainable way? Pick up some newly launched, moisturizing hand sanitizer from by humankind at the brand’s Web site, and crucially, know that $1 of each hand sanitizer sold goes to The Robin Hood Relief Fund — providing emergency support to those in the NYC area. Hats off to that!

So, before we head on into the weekend (a modified one, to be sure), I’ll direct you toward one more spring style essential you should consider adding to your wardrobe. For yard work at home, socially distanced hikes, a quick jaunt to pick up some to-go beer, throw on some of the best men’s leather boots … for spring. Yes, for spring. If you click through, you’ll read all about what makes a pair of Truman Boot Co. boots so essential. Alright, my friends. That’s all for today. Enjoy yourself and stay safe out there.

The Friday Read: A Billykirk Sale, Your New Spring Jacket & GREATS Sneakers

OK, folks. It’s Friday. It’s been another week filled with plenty of change — and not always in the best way. But, like the “Change Is Good” stamped on the stylish leather valet tray from Billykirk shown above, maybe you’re using the time to contribute toward positive changes. That could be anything and everything from making donations, supporting your favorite local businesses, being more mindful of your purchases as you shop for the best new men’s gear … and at the same time, being mindful of your family and friends. It’s a heck of a lot to balance at once, so I thank you again for taking some time out of your day and weekend to join me here for another Friday Read. A word: Today’s post is a bit of an extended version of the Friday Read: Lots of ground to cover. Before we go any further, though: You can shop and give back to a good cause with Billykirk right now: The American-made leather goods brand is offering 25 percent off sitewide through its Spring Sale, with 10 percent going toward Feeding America — just use the code SALE25 at checkout, folks. OK back to business.


As far as being mindful goes … heck, maybe you’ve found that with all this time at home, you need to organize your everyday carry essentials — and you need a new valet tray with which to do it. Whatever brings you here today, I hope you find what you’re looking for. If you’re a first responder or a medical professional, thank you for your work and your service — hopefully, this provides some respite (and yes, a few men’s style deals to shop, because that’s what we do here). Just as with last week, I’ve got some reading suggestions, some ongoing menswear sales and quite a few ways to shop and give back at the same time. As for my weekend plans? I’m going to be kicked back with some coffee from the excellent FourTillFour x Taylor Stitch partnership, and I plan on playing one of my favorite records this weekend, too (at least one, that is to say). What about you? To keep up with how I’m passing my time, and to get some spring style suggestions of your own, head to my Instagram. OK, let’s get into it. Thanks for reading!

    • I’ve talked quite a bit in these past few weeks about the importance of finding one of the best spring jackets for men — it’s still something that can come in handy on solitary hikes or even a quick jaunt to fill up that growler (hopefully, your favorite brewery is still pouring). On that note, I wrote for GearMoose about the Finisterre Aeris Jacket, a durable piece of spring outerwear that could become a new favorite. Head to the site to read more.
  • But one of the many men’s style essentials you can buy from Faherty Brand this weekend.

    • How about another look at how you  can shop and give back? It’s a theme of today’s post, to be sure, and you can continue to do so through Faherty Brand yet again. Now through Monday (the 13th), Faherty is offering select bestsellers for 40 to 70 percent off, folks. From the Knit Seasons Shirt to the brand’s stylish long-sleeve polo, the picks are plentiful. That’s not all: Faherty Brand is also donating 2 percent of sales through the month of April to those impacted by COVID-19, and on top of that, they’ve banded up with a collective of like-minded brands called Brands x Better — this is great work that we should all support (and look great while doing so!)
    • Let’s keep looking at brands making a difference.  Ably Apparel has launched a pretty neat one-for-one program called Get One, Give One to honor first responders. To wit: Ably is offering 25 percent off the entire website and with every purchase, donating an item in support of frontline first responders. That’s a pretty great effort, right? On top of that, Ably is also calling on their social followers to tag a first responder — or for first responders to tag themselves — in Ably’s comments and in return they’ll gift them an item from their website. Again a terrific effort. Check this brand out.

    • OK, more good news on the ways in which brands are giving back. Through the rest of the month, Brooklyn sneaker brand GREATS — yes, the makers of some of your favorite sneakers — will be donating $15 from every order to City Harvest, New York City’s largest food rescue organization.  That $15 wil help provide food to a family of three for 15 days. All you have to  do is buy some of the best men’s sneakers of the  moment — another great effort from a truly “great” brand, yes
    • How about something ELSE related to … online shopping? The good folks at O.N.S. Clothing are running a Sitewide Sale through Sunday, offering you 20 percent off of purchases of $150 with the code GET20, on up to 30 percent off purchases of $350 or more with the code GET30. Plus, they’ll throw in a free T-shirt with purchases of $250 and up, to go along with free domestic shipping (and free international shipping on orders of $300 and up). They make cozy, rugged-yet-refined sweaters and essential spring layers, so get to it.

OK, it’s time I left you with one last piece of reading here for the weekend. And it’s a style suggestion too, naturally. The next time you want to look great and feel great on a Zoom call, throw on something a little bit more polished beneath your crewneck sweatshirt. I’m talking, of course, about the easygoing and classic Buck Mason Oxford Shirt, which I covered on  the blog here. It’s surely one of the best men’s shirts you can buy for spring — even if your spring involves working from the back patio with a happy hour beer rather than visiting your favorite brewery. OK, that’s all from me today. Enjoy the weekend, stay safe and feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you feel so inclined. Cheers!

The Friday Read: The Best Comedies on Amazon Prime, A Faherty Brand Sale & Supporting Small Businesses

Folks, thanks once again for swinging through to check out another Friday Read during evermore strange, trying times. If you’d like to take your mind off the news — and who wouldn’t, at this point?? — I submit to you one of the latest spring style essentials from Buck Mason. The Striped Field-Spec Cotton Surplus Crew is a perfect casual spring layering pick, one you can certainly wear atop a stylish Oxford shirt on a casual day  working from home, a solitary stroll or perhaps, a quick jaunt fo fill up your favorite growler at your favorite brewery. At least, I certainly hope that’s something you can access at the moment. As for me, I’ve been spending lots of time listening to my favorite records, drinking coffee, writing, and of course — during the week — holding down the fort at my social media agency day job (from afar, naturally). My writing work is ongoing at GearMoose if you’re of the mind to stock up on some new EDC essentials or other key gear picks, too. In fact, I just wrote about some of the best hand creams for men, a crucial necessity as we all head to the sink more and more to keep our hands germ-free. Today’s Friday Read is going to focus on a healthy dose of menswear, but I’m also of the mind that you can do that while giving back. We’re looking at brands you know and love like Taylor Stitch, and maybe one or two you’re not as familiar with. If you want to keep up with what I’m reading and enjoying at the moment, follow me on Instagram. In the meantime, stay safe & thanks for reading.

Kick back and shop this standout menswear sale for a limited time.

  • Let’s dive into one of the best men’s sales to shop now, shall we? We all seem to have quite a bit more time to shop online these days, so why not check out the excellent Faherty Brand sitewide sale. In fact, you  can start with the outstanding Faherty Brand Movement Shirt, pictured above. Sitewide sales are a rarity coming from a retailer that makes some of the best men’s casual gear, so get ready to take 25 percent off SITEWIDE for a limited time, with the discount automatically applied at checkout. It’s a standout sale that’ll pay serious dividends in terms of breezy spring style essentials (as shown above!), so start shopping. Again, 25 percent off at Faherty Brand … it sounds great to me.
  • We’ve all been talking a lot lately about “flattening the curve” to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, and I’ve no doubt you’ve been doing your part. But what if … you could do more? Shop and give back at the same time, that is to say? Well, men’s lifestyle and golf brand Linksoul has launched a charity T-shirt campaign to give back to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and you’d do well to get acquainted with the cause. How does it work? Pre-order a limited-edition Linksoul T-shirt (designed by brand co-founder and artist Geoff Cunningham), and 100 percent of the proceeds go to the CDP. The limited-edition graphic T-shirts will ship out at the end of April, and right now, who couldn’t find a spot in their closet for a stylish tee that gives back? Do your part by visiting Linksoul online this weekend.
  • In the way of other neat and surprisingly positive news related to COVID-19, my good friends at Taylor Stitch have launched a new social campaign — #StandSmall — to support their favorite small businesses and encourage their followers do the same. The campaign features a #StandSmall directory that the brand is updating, and they’ll add your recommendations to the list! Be it through online or delivery orders, merch purchases or donations, I’m willing to bet your favorite local coffee shop, bar or restaurant is doing something to support its community  and its employees during this time.  On that note, Taylor Stitch launched a seriously cool coffee and menswear collab with Arizona creative shop and cafe FourTillFour that’s worth your time (I have some of the coffee on the way!).  Oh, and another note on Taylor Stitch: They’re running an indefinite 25 percent off sale. Get your hands on the best new men’s gear now.
  • To close things out: I’m guessing we could all use a little something to lift our spirits, yes? In that case, I’d suggest checking out the best comedies to watch on Amazon Prime (if in fact you have it) — Vulture curated this list, and there are some old-school throwbacks (pre-World War II) and new, under-the-radar sleepers (literally — “Under the Silver Lake” was a highly enjoyable watch for me last weekend). Enjoy!

That’s going to cap off this edition of The Friday Read. Ideally, you’ve got something new to watch, read or shop this weekend. I’d also recommend you check out the always-excellent mix of spring style essentials on display at Huckberry — they’ve not lost a step yet. Of course, the Huckberry Journal is a never-not-interesting take on what to read, shop and listen to during these trying times and weekends at home — I can’t recommend it enough for when you think you’ve run out of things to read or ways to enrich your mind. Alright, my friends: Be good to each other, stay safe, take care of yourself, and we’ll see you here tomorrow for my Style Pick of the Week. Thanks for reading!


The Friday Read: The Best Lightweight Shirts, A New Everyday Watch & The Ultimate “Bug-Out” Bag

Maybe you’re going to be working from home a lot more now? A stylish hoodie is certainly necessary, then.

We’re right at the start of another Friday Read and another spring weekend, and an unprecedented one, at that. These are trying times we live in, to be sure (you know what I mean). What’s a guy to do with myriad concerns swirling around, and without even a whisper of spring sports to watch in the meantime? And that’s the least of our worries, to be sure. In the midst of it all, know that I sincerely appreciate you reading this blog — it means an awful lot. Perhaps you’re working from home a ton right now — to be sure, that’s why you can view the Flint and Tinder 10-Year Hoodie at the top of the page. Along with suggesting you pick up one of the best men’s hoodies, well, might I suggest a few reads to take your mind off the rest of the news? That’s what I’m here for, at least. Perhaps consider reading up on this disaster gear kit as covered by Gear Patrol, too (seriously — those gear picks cover a variety of situations across the country and the globe).

The ultimate “bug-out”‘ bag, as Gear Patrol says, can come in handy in plenty of different seasons, too. If you or a loved one is dealing with a health crisis at the moment, I’m wishing you all the best — and a speedy recovery. If your work is impacted by today’s current events, I’m also wishing you the best. If you could use even more menswear features to take your mind off things, head to, well, last week’s Friday Read (covered: The best shampoos, a durable new watch from Huckberry, and spring outerwear). At any rate, hopefully, the below menswear reads can help you take your mind (momentarily) off what’s going on out there. If you want to talk all things #menswear for a change, head to Twitter or my Instagram. OK, let’s get this weekend rolling.

  • With all this talk about disaster gear, let’s stick to the everyday for a minute, shall we? Namely, your timepiece collection needs an upgrade, to say the least. I wrote about an iconic new everyday watch at GearMoose — the Szanto x Roland Sands Icon Signature Watch is durable enough for the field, smart enough for the office, and ready for a bit of everything in between.
  • There’s plenty going on out there, but I’d bet you haven’t completely given up getting dressed in style … have you? There’s little that a stylish spring shirt can’t help you fix when it comes to your daily ensemble, so read up on my guide to lightweight spring shirts at The Manual, featuring brands you know and love (like Billy Reid and more). Let’s get to it.
  • Yet again, I’m here to tell you that spring style shouldn’t fall by the wayside — composure is key, after all. That’s where my guide on how to wear the best men’s chinos comes in handy. Simply click over to that post and check out the right way to wear (among other style picks) the Flint and Tinder Selvage Chinos. There’s really no wrong way to style ’em.
  • Last but certainly not least, because you could probably use a little something else to read, let’s stop back by The Manual to check out a neat music — the 7 most influential record labels of all-time. How cool is that? I’m going to be spinning some vinyl this weekend, that  much I know.

Before we take off for the weekend — or more likely, kick back and relax — how about reading all about the must-have shirt jacket you need for spring? It comes from my friends at Billy Reid, who know a thing or two about getting you ready for the season in style. Alright, my friends — that’s all for today’s Friday Read, but we’ve got another Style Pick of the Week incoming tomorrow. Be sure to stop by — oh, and take care out there (and wash your hands!).

Thanks for reading,