The Friday Read: The Best Oxford Shirts, Taylor Stitch x Stetson & UpWest Clothing

Durable, dependable, made to last — that’s what Faherty Brand offers here. The perfect way to start your weekend.

Perhaps you, like me, are looking for one of the best men’s winter jackets as we head into another winter weekend (and as we dress for the polar vortex, no less). That being said, perhaps the Faherty Brand Atmosphere Hooded Jacket at the top of the page can get your weekend started right — that’s why we’re here with another edition of the Friday Read, after all. And to help you work on your New Year’s resolutions and bolster your winter style offerings, I think you’ll find plenty of handy, helpful tips and tricks below (A hint: That includes new boots from Taylor Stitch x Stetson). Elsewhere, when you start out with one of the most important layers — a rugged winter parka — you’re guaranteed to make it a great weekend (or at least, a bearable one in the snow and slush). I don’t have any doubt that I could get a lot of use this coming weekend out of the Faherty Brand Atmosphere Hooded Jacket, seeing as I plan on getting out and about in the borough with my new Pub Pass, a standout “coupon book” of sorts (but with a much cooler design) that offers free beer at some of the best spots in Brooklyn — I’ve already visited soccer-themed pub Banter, and I think I’ll make it a point to visit another favorite haunt (Covenhonven) soon, too. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping up with the latest music festival drops as we look ahead to summer — Coachella announced its lineup last week, Bonnaroo dropped its lineup earlier this week, and more are on the way. Who else is pumped?

You can keep up with all the fun on my Instagram — and for now, let’s dive into the rest of what you need to know this weekend.

  • I mentioned above we’d dig into the new Taylor Stitch x Stetson Moto Boots as part of that standout collaboration, and well, here they are — I covered these outstanding, rugged leather boots for GearMoose, and they’re only available for pre-funding for a limited time. Best get right to it, folks.
  • The headline of this post says it all — to kick off your weekend and keep your winter rolling, I wrote about the best Oxford shirts for my friends at The Manual. When you want classic men’s style essentials, an Oxford shirt is one of the best places to start.
  • Maybe you want to ease into this year in casual, laidback style — the sort of style that can refresh your approach to wellness and provide you with new perspective and comfort. On that note, the folks at UpWest think they’ve got what you need, from cozy sweats to warm thermal shirts and more. Naturally then, I wrote about a clothing brand that can change your life — head to The Manual for more.
  • Lastly, on the music front, I mentioned the 2020 Coachella lineup above — have you ever been to the country’s biggest music festival? I haven’t, and unless the indie rock quotient is upped significantly in future years, I can’t say when I will! But, to each their own. Back to menswear for now, OK?

Last but not least, I’m going to direct you back toward a pretty straightforward piece — my take on the best new menswear essentials to start the year. We cover solid cologne, new winter flannel shirting, dependable boots and plenty more — all of which are going to serve you well come 2020. OK, that’s all from me — time to kick back with some coffee (first) and a rich beer later. Cheers!

The Friday Read: Michigan Craft Beer, Shinola’s New Watch & The Best Boots for November

If you didn’t feel in the holiday spirit yet, well, step right this way with these rugged Rancourt boots.

Although I’ll be in Brooklyn this weekend (likely wearing a pair of rugged leather boots very similar to the excellent Rancourt & Co. leather boots shown above!), my mind is back on my home state of Michigan, and in particular, my alma mater, Michigan State University. I was just in East Lansing last weekend for a terrific time with old college friends, filled with beers at HopCat (a staple of my senior year) and Crunchy’s, along with some Michigan State football. It’s of course with football in mind that I’ll be enjoying craft beer back in my new home borough this weekend — it’s Michigan vs. Michigan State on Saturday, after all! It’s a rivalry that meant a lot to me as a student, and means even more now that I’m farther away from campus. I’ll be finding a sports bar in Brooklyn to hunker down for the game, likely followed by a round of (hopefully!) celebratory beers at the always-excellent Threes Brewing. If your plans involve college football as well, I wish you nothing but luck! And if they involve more frenzied pursuits — such as starting your holiday shopping early — then I’d suggest you A) Check out the below Friday Read and B) Check out the never-not-outstanding Huckberry 2019 Gift Guide, packed with gear like the above Rancourt & Co. leather boots, plus plenty of stylish stocking stuffers. In the meantime, the below reading and gear picks ought to get you started — agreed?

  • Let’s get this weekend started accordingly the right way, yes? I’m talking, of course, about one of the best new beers to try now, covered by yours truly at GearMoose. That beer would be the rich, utterly satisfying Perrin Brewing S’more Stout, a fittingly inspired beer for cold Michigan (and New York) winters. I can’t wait to get my hands on some when I’m back in the Mitten State.
  • Speaking of my home state of Michigan — as has been on my mind this week — it only makes sense that Shinola would come up in conversation here. In fact, over at GearMoose once more, I covered the Shinola Bronze Monster, a durable, tough-as-heck timepiece with plenty of style points built right in. Did I mention it draws design inspiration from Detroit’s Prohibition smugglers? Yes, it’s got plenty going for it, too. Wear it with your favorite henley and tough chore pants on a chilly winter weekend.
  • OK, let’s keep it rolling when it comes to rugged weekend gear and perhaps more importantly, rugged winter boots. I covered the Danner Pub Garden Boots here on the blog just last week, and if you missed that feature, now’s your chance to catch up. They’re fit for the trail, the town, and indeed, the pub, easily. They’ll also wear particularly well with, say, a classic Barbour jacket and rugged work pants.

OK, those are all the style quick hits and men’s style news updates I’ve got for you this week. If you’re still searching for the best gifts for everyone on your list (and it never hurts to start as early as possible!), well, then head to my roundup of some of the best gear for November. From flannel shirts to chukka boots to the best whiskey glasses for the spirits lover, that post has something for everyone (if I do say so myself). OK, it’s time to get ready for some football. Cheers!

The Friday Read: A New Leather Flask for Fall, Filson’s Newest Jacket & Everlane’s Uniform Collection

Essential, rugged moc toe leather boots for plenty of occasions.

Let’s step into Friday the right way — with the lowdown on some of the best men’s leather boots for fall. More specifically, the exceptionally rugged and tough Quoddy Bowhunter Boots, some of the toughest and most stylish boots to wear with olive chinos (as shown above), light wash denim (yes, for fall!) or your favorite corduroy pants as we roll into another fall weekend. They’re the kind of stylish leather boots I’ll be wearing this weekend, in fact. On that note: It’s tough to believe it’s November, and even more difficult to believe … it’s been about three years since I visited my alma mater, Michigan State University in East Lansing! The time’s flown since I’ve been back, and together with some former student newspaper friends from The State News, I’ve decided it’s high time I ventured back to the Midwest for a Spartan football game, some tasty beers at HopCat, and a crucial brunch at Beggar’s Banquet — all favorite pursuits during my college days! I have a special place in my heart for the lovely MSU campus & the friendships and memories I made along the way — it’ll be wonderful to return home! There will of course be tailgating and cold beer aplenty throughout the weekend once I arrive on an early-morning flight into Detroit, and I’m also seriously looking forward to taking in some classic Michigan fall weather as my beloved Michigan State Spartans play Illinois. Naturally, I’ll be wearing some of my favorite fall style essentials along the way — what about your weekend plans? Let me know on Twitter, be sure to check out tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and kick off your weekend nice and early with today’s Friday Read. Go Green!

So, that’s the end of today’s brief-yet-hopefully enlightening Friday Read. Because weekend fun is never done, though, I’m going to leave you with my recommendation for perhaps the best fall jacket, one you can wear with ease atop your favorite Oxford shirt alongside slim faded denim. It’s a surefire combo for all your top casual fall pursuits, from apple orchard visits to brewery tours & beyond. Cheers to the weekend, my friends!

The Friday Read: The Best Men’s Parkas, New Rye Whiskey & the Huckberry Fall Catalog

The perfect boots (from Huckberry’s fall catalog!) to break in all season — courtesy of Helm Boots, of course.

This assuredly won’t be the last you see of the Helm Boots Hollis Boots as shown above —  in fact, they’re just the latest and greatest pair of must-buy boots for fall and winter, and they’re being served up here via the Huckberry Fall Catalog (more on all of that in just a second). The long and short of it is that you should expect nothing less than the best when it comes to your cold-weather gear — the sort of gear that works for fall and winter weekends aplenty. November is a big month on the style front, a time to stretch your legs in some new denim, break in some of the best new leather boots, and generally enjoy the approaching holiday season (we’re past Halloween, after all!). Coming off of a long weekend trip to Boston (as seen on my Instagram), I’m looking forward to once again enjoying a classic Brooklyn fall weekend — for me, that means strolls through Prospect Park and Marine Park in the borough, plus a visit to the recently opened Evil Twin Brewery in Queens! Evil Twin has been a revered and nearly mysterious gypsy brewer (without a permanent brewing space) for some time in the city now, and it’s only fitting that this newly opened location appears to have been worth the wait. To put it lightly: I’m wildly excitedd to visit! And if it reflects as well on the brewery’s innovative and richly crafted beer as it should (Molotov Cocktail, anyone??), I’d say it’ll be a hallowed new addition to the Brooklyn craft beer scene. The options for great beer abound in the city, as does the opportunity to enjoy prime fall weather. What are your weekend plans? Hopefully, your weekend involves great food, delicious craft beer, strong coffee and perhaps some winning football. Connect with me on Twitter, and check out the below Friday reads in the meantime. Let’s do this!

  • As I mentioned above, Huckberry just launched the new Huckberry Fall Catalog, and it’s packed to the gills with stylish shirting, tough outerwear, rugged leather boots and an all-around sense of adventure that only Huckberry can truly bring to the table. The guys and gals at Huckberry always know how to stock and sell gear that goes and goes when it comes to fall and winter pursuits — if you’re not at least taking a quick spin through the catalog, you’re missing out on a bevy of men’s style essentials (take it from me).
  • If it hasn’t started to hit you yet, it will soon enough — that is, the chilly weather of late fall (and eventually, winter!). Before it gets too late, grab one of the best men’s parkas via my latest feature for The Manual, will ya? There are picks at nearly every price point and style, from an above-the-waist hooded parka from Howler Brothers to a beastly, military-inspired Nobis parka. OK, time to get  shopping.
  • So, you know what you’re going to wear to bundle up on a fall or winter weekend — what are you sipping on? How about some new Elijah Craig rye whiskey, yes? It’ll make for a simple and lovely pour on the rocks or in an Old Fashioned — and you can get the full rundown via my latest for GearMoose.
  • Let’s keep things rolling when it comes to the best men’s jackets for fall and winter, alright? I had the chance to cover the excellent, perfectly rugged Relwen Channel Stretch Boarder, a tough, dependable jacket fit for travel and plenty of exploration through the great outdoors (yes, even in nasty weather). Head over to GearMoose to check it out.

Before the weekend hits, make sure you’re geared up accordingly — that is to say, make sure you’ve got access to plenty of the best style essentials for fall and winter (especially now that it’s *gasp* November!). I think you’ll find the list I’ve linked there, from high-top sneaker boots to an iconic leather jacket, you’ve got everything you need for a fall and winter weekend. OK, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Cheers to a fall weekend!

The Friday Read: Red Wing Heritage, the New Madewell Men’s Line & A Boston Weekend

It’s high time you laced up some of fall’s best boots for a great weekend.

It’s sometimes shocking how on-the-nose a product title can be when looking at the best fall gear for men — for example, the Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka, as shown above, should be on your feet for each and every fall weekend adventure you can dream up. They’re simply some of the best leather chukka boots you can get for your hard-earned cash, and if I was you, I’d make a point to snap them right up. That being said, they’re the kind of boots I’d pick up for a fall adventure of my own … kind of like the one I’m on as we speak! We’re coming to you from the lovely, fall-friendly confines of Boston, where I trekked last afternoon on a mid-fall getaway … complete with a rock show by my heroes, The National! I’ve been able to make it a point and a priority to crisscross the country (and the globe!) to see them on an incredible tour behind their latest album, “I Am Easy To Find” — these shows have been nothing short of lifechanging, from Nashville to Montreal across the pond to Madrid (and back to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, of course). Last night’s show at Boston University’s Agganis Arena was nothing short of incredible either, including a banner run of cuts off of “I Am Easy To Find” — including fan favorite “Rylan” — and recent classics like “The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness.” At this point, I’d be hard-pressed to pass up any opportunity to see this world-beating band, especially if it only means a relatively quick train ride up the East Coast!

That being said, I’ve got plenty more on my Boston agenda as I set out to explore from the ecletic, modern FOUND Boston Common Hotel. I already had the chance to enjoy a delicious Old Fashoned pre-show at the seriously cool Deep Ellum near the Boston University campus, and my travels today will take me out on foot to spots like Trillium Brewing, fueled up by coffee from The Thinking Cup. I’ll also be checking out the menswear on tap at SAULT New England, naturally. Before I head back tomorrow, do you have any must-see spots I should hit? Let me know on Twitter! And in the meantime, let’s carry on with today’s roundup of essential weekly menswear news from yours truly.

OK, so that’s all I’ve got for you today. OK, well, not quite. Because a guy can never have too many pairs of stylish leather boots, I’m going to direct you back toward my post on the best chukka boots to buy for fall (a word to the wise: They’re coming at you courtesy of Huckberry and Rhodes Footwear). They’re so essential, so durable, so tough and yet versatile … they’ll become your new favorite pair of chukka boots, and I can nearly guarantee it. Now, if you’ll excuse me … I’ve got some Boston exploration to take care of! Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for reading.

The Friday Read: The Best Men’s Henleys, A New Fall Sweater and New Fall Beer

Start your weekend the right way — with this rugged Relwen blazer, of course.

Does it seem right to be on the verge of another fall weekend? Where has the time gone?? The season is flying by, and I hope you’re well and properly geared up with the right fall style essentials — kind of like the excellent, perfectly rugged and highly versatile Relwen Sweater Trap Blazer as shown above. It’s the perfect jacket for fall travel and to wear to the office … or evening drinks … or brunch … all at once. It’s the kind of rugged fall jacket I look forward to wearing on Brooklyn weekends like this one, in fact. Speaking of Brooklyn weekends, to me, it doesn’t get much better than crisp fall weather, delicious craft beer, and high-energy indie rock music. All of those things are helpfully coming together in one place during the beer and music-themed OctFest, hosted by Pitchfork and one of my favorite craft beer outlets, October! It’s packed with powerful headliners, including Parquet Courts, and I’m also excited to taste out delicious craft beer in the process (and in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying some beer in my humble abode from the Trail Keg Half-Gallon Growler, too). You can also be sure I’ll be wearing some of my favorite fall gear — on that front, you can follow along with all of the fun via my Instagram to see how I’m taking on the weekend. For now, today’s Friday Read is below — cheers!

  • Let’s get things started off right for the weekend — and given that it’s October, you need a new favorite henley in your rotation. The good news? I covered the best men’s henleys over at The Manual, with appearances from Taylor Stitch & Flint and Tinder, to boot. Layer accordingly.
  • We talked above about essential fall layers — and on that note, I wrote all about one of the best jackets for fall over at GearMoose. The jacket in question? The Flint and Tinder Quilted Waxed Field Jacket, as sold by our pals at Huckberry. There’s nothing better to wear with slim indigo denim and rugged leather boots, this is true.
  • As crucial as it is to outfit yourself with the best new fall gear, there’s something to be said for stocking your fridge with some of the best beer for fall — truly. While I’ve long been a fan of craft beer in and around Brooklyn, I surely wouldn’t mind trying the new Budweiser x Jim Beam Reserve Black Lager, and to that end, I covered it for GearMoose. Bottoms up!

Last but not least, I’ll leave you with one more recommended piece of men’s style reading for the weekend. Specifically, I’ve done my best to round up all of my favorite gear for fall, from shirt jackets to watches to new leather boots — follow along with that list, and you’ll be all set for the season. Alright, now let’s get ready for the weekend. Cheers!

The Friday Read: A New Shirt Jacket for Fall, The Best Travel Blazer & Big Thief’s New Album

A legendary leather jacket you’re going to want to pre-fund ASAP.

How are you getting ready for fall and winter? Hopefully, with a stylish leather jacket as essential and iconic as the incredible Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket seen above — it’s available now for pre-funding via Taylor Stitch, everyone’s favorite menswear brand. And did I mention it’s one of the best leather jackets this menswear writer has seen in some time? This latest release is no different, and it could just be your new favorite leather jacket … easily, at that. So, that’s setting the stage style-wise for a great fall weekend. What’s on your agenda? For this menswear and craft beer writer, I’m looking forward to closing out a busy week the right way. For one, I returned from lovely Asheville, North Carolina on Monday, where I spent the weekend in the rolling mountains of western North Carolina for my good friend and former college journalism colleague Dillon Davis’ wedding! For the wedding and the weekend, I made good use of my Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket, and for exploring Asheville, I wore some classic leather boots (Clarks Originals Wallabee Boots, to be exact), while also checking out prime craft beer spots like the Belgian ale mecca that is Thirsty Monk. If you saw all the fun on my Instagram, you know that Asheville has a wealth of craft beer riches and beautiful scenery.

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

So, that was last weekend. And this week has been plenty eventful, including a string of incredible indie rock shows at my favorite venue on the planet, Brooklyn Steel! Namely, Tuesday night saw a triumphant return to the stage by ethereal British indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club (an old college favorite!), while Wednesday saw yet another excellent Brooklyn Steel show by indie rock luminaries Big Thief (more on them in a moment!). There’s nothing I love more than a transcendent rock show, and there’s no better way to enjoy a night out in Brooklyn, in my opinion. Add in the fact that the newly opened 18th Ward Brewing is right by Brooklyn Steel to upgrade your craft beer experience, and you’ve got the makings of a perfect night. But I digress — it’s time to dive into today’s Friday Read to get the weekend started. Cheers!

  • Finding the right blazer to wear for travel — the type of stylish blazer you can wear both on and off the plane or train or automobile — is tricky. Not so anymore thanks to the Tact & Stone Traveler Blazer, a wildly comfortable and polished blazer made in travel-ready fabric. Wear it over a merino T-shirt with slim faded jeans and classic chukka boots for style that’s easygoing yet sharp, no matter where you go — and of course, learn more via my latest GearMoose briefing in the meantime.
  • Durable layers are a must for a fall weekend, especially if you want to gear up with your favorite henley or your new favorite pants for fall — and in that regard, the Proof Reversible Shirt Jacket seems to check all the right boxes. Helpfully, I covered that crucial piece for GearMoose. Happy layering!
  • I mentioned my new favorite indie rock band, Big Thief, above; given that they’re releasing their SECOND album this year on today of all days, it seems fitting to recommend this driving indie rock track, “Forgotten Eyes,” off that second album. Two incredible albums in one year is more than we could ever ask for — enjoy!

Shop Mott & Bow Today!

So, we’ve covered indie rock, we’ve covered craft beer, we’ve covered essential fall layers … I’ll leave you with one last briefing covering the durable pants you need to buy for fall. If you read the blog, you’ll recognize these as some of the best pants for the season. That being said, it simply doesn’t get much better than the Proof Rover Pants, especially if you’ve got a busy weekend of tailgates or brewery visits on the horizon — I’ll see you at the next IPA tasting. Again, cheers and thanks for reading!