The Sunday Sale: Get a Discount on a Variety Pack of the Best Hot Sauce on the Market

Disclosure: This post includes free product provided for review and also uses affiliate links, from which a small commission might be earned on qualifying purchases. All thoughts are my own. 

Perhaps you were caught off guard by the headline there mentioning the best hot sauce on the market, right? After all, isn’t this a style blog? Indeed it is, but in the same way that I’ve talked about, say, the best whiskey to enjoy at home (as you dress in style), I think it’s only fitting that we expand the palette (briefly, and only occasionally) into other worthwhile pursuits, like checking out one of the best hot sauces around. And folks, that would be TRUFF Hot Sauce, a seriously hyped hot sauce brand that I’ve had the pleasure of trying out recently on everything from sandwiches to mac and cheese, chicken & more. Let me tell you, TRUFF definitely meets my high standard for hot sauce (I’m a hot sauce fiend) — better still, you can get a discount on a TRUFF Variety Pack, plus free shipping on any order of TRUFF’s hot sauces. The ever-useful TRUFF Variety Pack delivers a trio of hot sauces, with increasing discounts on the number of boxes ordered (5 percent off two boxes, 10 percent off three boxes, and so on).

That makes it a highly agreeable target for today’s Sunday Sale, right? No doubt. What makes TRUFF Hot Sauce so special? Well, folks — there’s plenty. TRUFF makes everything from a  white truffle hot sauce (made with a blend of truffle, chiles and agave nectar) to a classic hot sauce and truffle pasta sauce, each highly unique, flavorful and uncommonly delicious. The enthusiasts among us should also consider picking up the TRUFF Gallon Jug of hot sauce, too. Heck, it’s also pretty neat that TRUFF sells a fun TRUFF Hooded Sweatshirt.  But at the end of the day, it’s the TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce that has my tastebuds tingling (in a good way). Let’s get into what makes it so delicious.


TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce

Give your meal a serious upgrade with TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce (among other picks).

I’ve enjoyed the TRUFF White Truffle Hot Sauce the most out of the TRUFF Variety Pack I’ve tried, so it’s worth picking up the trio (which also includes TRUFF Hotter Hot Sauce) if you want to get the full experience. TRUFF’s hot sauces are rich and ever-so-slightly sweet, with a pleasant heat and that wonderful truffle flavor — it reminds me why I love truffle fries when I get the chance to have them. Again, I’m no gourmand, but this is a taste you really have to try out. It doesn’t hurt that every bottle in the TRUFF Variety Pack features a striking bottle design, the kind that you can proudly display on your countertop. It also helps that you can stock up on multiple boxes with a discount, because I can nearly guarantee that once you try TRUFF Hot Sauce, you’ll go through it in a hurry. Last but certainly not least, the essential TRUFF Variety Pack is delivered in a neat matte black-gold foil box, making it a perfect gift for the hot sauce lover. If you do end up ordering the TRUFF Variety Pack or any TRUFF items, let me know on Twitter. Happy cooking, folks!



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