The Friday Read: The Best Early Spring Menswear, A New T-Shirt and Grand Seiko Watches

PAIGE men's denim

PAIGE makes stylish casual gear and denim for the modern man, no questions asked.

Is it ever too early to start talking about spring style? It might feel like it at present, as the country thaws out from some seriously nasty winter weather, but it always pays off to be prepared as far as matters of style are concerned. That’s why the new PAIGE Denim Spring 2021 Collection caught my eye earlier this week. The L.A.-based denim brand (previously featured on the blog) specializes in toeing the line between cool and casual with ease. They’ve perfected the art of the best denim for men in expert washes and colors, plus breezy shirt jackets, easygoing button-downs, buttery soft T-shirts and some of the best outerwear for spring. You really could get dressed head-to-toe in PAIGE men’s denim, so consider this an endorsement as we head into the weekend.

My own weekend will include even more time in the Florida sun, as has been the case the past few weeks, with beer from Point Ybel Brewing stocked plentifully in the fridge here in Fort Myers. A tip: I love the Little Sanibel Table Beer, made with French Saison yeast and Mosaic hops for bright, citrus-y flavor and aroma, plus  a crisp and refreshing finish. Can you tell I’m looking forward to a happy hour brew later?? In the meantime, I’m going to stay busy working on my Saturday newsletter for The Style Guide In Brief. If you don’t yet subscribe, now’s the perfect time to get acquainted with my twice-weekly newsletter on menswear, music (usually of the indie rock variety) and craft beer, or coffee, or whiskey. On Tuesday in fact, I wrote about Scottish synth pop stars CHVRCHES. Best of all, it’s free! Head here to subscribe and kick off your weekend the right way. In the meantime, feast your eyes on a few more shopping and reading picks below. Thanks for being here!

Tomorrow's Laundry

A monthly subscription designed to bring you basics that aren’t so basic.

  • We talked above about the best men’s denim and other pieces to wear for spring, but what if you just want to upgrade your basics rotation for casual spring days at home (or on the road)? Better yet, what if you want to upgrade to luxury basics for men that’ll change the way you think about the humble T-shirt? Enter Tomorrow’s Laundry, one of my favorite recommended picks for today. For $68 a month, you get basics like two super-premium T-shirts or a stylish French Terry hoodie in modern or classic fits, with access to a team of stylists to curate your Tomorrow’s Laundry Essentials Club. Laidback lounging or on-the-go adventures just got a whole lot more comfortable and stylish.
Mad Rabbit Tattoo - Mad Rabbit Tattoo Butter

No matter how many tattoos you’ve got, Mad Rabbit’s essentials are going to come in handy.

  • Let’s go beyond just luxury men’s basics, shall we? Or perhaps, let’s talk about something that’s ever-so-slightly related. If you’re a tattoo aficionado or have been thinking about getting (safely) inked up, maybe you want to show off those tattoos while wearing, say, a T-shirt from Tomorrow’s Laundry. How to best ensure your tattoos look their best, no matter how large they are or where they are on your body? That’s easy. Mad Rabbit Tattoo has a trio of tattoo essentials designed to enhance your tattoos and repair your skin in the process. From a tattoo balm to tattoo gel, consider giving Mad Rabbit Tattoo a look — they definitely helped my last tattoo heal up nicely! Cheers.
Grand Seiko SLGH005

A heritage watch that’s perfectly suited to be worn every single day.

  • Alright, I’ve got a reading pick for your enjoyment this fine Friday. For, I wrote about a seriously cool new Grand Seiko watch, a timepiece inspired by lovely Japanese Birch trees. How does that translate into an heirloom-worthy watch? You’re going to have to read on to find out. Of course, if you’re feeling splurge-worthy, you can also shop Grand Seiko watches in the meantime.
  • Let’s close things out with one more reading and shopping pick, shall we? You know Taylor Stitch from over the years on the blog here. Perhaps you even know the Northeast retro athletic gear purveyors at Tracksmith. So, you should assuredly head to GearMoose to read all about the Taylor Stitch x Tracksmith Park Bomber Jacket, one of the best men’s jackets for spring — I’ve got the full scoop for you.

Perhaps you’re feeling a little more hopeful now about all things spring now that you’ve checked out some PAIGE men’s denim or considered a (truly) splurge-worthy Grand Seiko watch, ehh? I know that’s how I’m feeling. That being said, I’ve got one last recommended style read for you: My piece on how to wear a chore coat can be easily customized for late season chills and breezy early spring days in the weeks ahead, so go on and make it your own today. Cheers to the weekend, stay safe and thanks for reading!



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