See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Fillmore Collection Has Your New Favorite Loungewear

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Over the past year and change, loungewear has taken on, well, a whole new meaning and a life of its own. That casual garb you relied on during weekends, breezy summer nights and dewy mornings is now every bit as essential to your wardrobe as what to wear to the office (since your home is essentially your office these days, right?). This is where the Taylor Stitch Fillmore Collection enters the fray. It’s got some of your new favorite loungewear, and that’s as essential a reason as any to include it in this special Monday edition of our See Now, Buy Now series.

What makes the Taylor Stitch Fillmore Collection different from your standard issue sweatpants and hoodies? Well, for starters, it’s produced with care by Taylor Stitch, in exactly the same manner as the brand’s other rugged gear picks (think waxed trucker jackets, slim selvedge denim and more). The Taylor Stitch Fillmore Collection, what with an essential crewneck sweatshirt, a pair of stylish and well-made lounge pants, and an expertly crafted hoodie, really is a cut above the rest, starting with the fabric on offer here. It’s 100 percent organic cotton French Terry, truly a super-soft, super-comfortable loungewear must-have for your wardrobe.

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The Fillmore Hoodie in Coal Terry - Classic Men's Clothing…

Each of these carefully crafted pieces is made with that expert attention to detail you expect from Taylor Stitch, and each is just about everything you could want when it comes to your new favorite loungewear. The Taylor Stitch Fillmore Collection really is built to last, as with all things from the San Francisco-based brand. It’s also helpful to be able to have casual style staples you can depend on every single day, through beach bonfires and summer cabin getaways, right on through fall.

The Taylor Stitch Fillmore Crewneck in particular is about as versatile as it gets. Wear this rugged crewneck sweatshirt atop a Taylor Stitch T-shirt or henley for off-duty style, and then keep the Fillmore Crewneck handy to layer over an Oxford shirt back at the office. There aren’t all that many crewneck sweatshirts that can give you that kind of versatility, which is part of what makes the Taylor Stitch Fillmore Collection so darn essential. Add in the fact that the color selections on offer here, from Coal to Dark Olive, are rich and versatile, and you’ve got the best collection of loungewear out there right now. Well-done, Taylor Stitch.

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