The Thursday Buy: Get the Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks for your Next Beach Getaway

If you thought the time had come and gone to outfit yourself with a pair of the best men’s swim trunks for a beach vacation, rest assured: That ship hasn’t quite sailed yet. The Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks check plenty of the right boxes if you want to give your swimwear a shot in the arm before Labor Day. And of course, if you live in a lovely coastal climate, you’re getting a pair of the best swim trunks for men that you can wear all year long. It’s a win-win situation any way you slice it, and that’s the only way Bonobos does things.

Now, you might be wondering why you would consider buying your new favorite pair of swim trunks from a brand commonly known for some of the best men’s chinos and even stylish shorts, right? It’s a fair question, but Bonobos has dialed in the formula as far as well-fitting items for your bottom half, swimwear very much included. Exhibit A would be, of course, the Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks , which feature about as many different options and all the styling potential of your trusted Bonobos shorts. The 5-inch, 7-inch and 9-inch inseam options are all excellent as far as trends are concerned (if you’re taller, go with a 9-inch inseam, and if you want to stick with trends, opt for 5 inches). And that’s not all the Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks have to offer. Scroll on to figure out the rest.

SHOP: The Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks

The well-made Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks also offer up a nice blend of sustainability and style, starting with the fact that they’re made from 85 percent recycled polyester. Small details like side-seam pockets give these swim trunks a streamlined appearance, not unlike those tailored chino shorts you’ll be wearing away from the water. The tailored cut of these trunks makes them a reliable option to keep on wearing as you grab post-beach beers, though. The elastic waistband is a comfortable must-have these days, and the contrasting interior color is a small touch fashion aficionados will appreciate.

The hits keep coming, though. The Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks are available in a whopping and nearly astounding 36 colors and prints, enough to satisfy even dressers who want truly eye-catching style. The possibilities are nearly endless, and it gets even better when you consider the price. The Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks retail for $85 at Bonobos, more than fair when you take a look at the quality design. As you shop for these swim shorts, consider picking up a Bonobos T-shirt to accompany you as you head to the beach — it’s can’t-miss style move that’ll pay major dividends.

SHOP: The Bonobos Riviera Swim Trunks


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