See Now, Buy Now: The Mott and Bow Carlton Pocket Tee is an Essential Summer T-shirt

If you think you’ve figured out, say, the best men’s jeans for summer or perhaps the best lightweight chinos, why not look for the perfect complementary piece: One of the coolest T-shirts for men, the classic and highly wearable pocket T-shirt. The pocket T-shirt is just like your regular T-shirt, except when, well, it’s not. In the case of the Mott and Bow Carlton Pocket T-shirt, it’s anything but ordinary — kind of like other Mott and Bow style staples. This is great news as we move through the rest of summer and head slowly but surely towards Labor Day. What are you going to wear in the meantime? Well, besides picture-perfect Mott and Bow men’s denim, I’d wager one of the best pocket T-shirts for men is as solid a bet as any. Especially if it’s laidback and ever-so-slightly rugged style you seek, the pocket tee is a perfect move (just look at how sharply dressed, cool-as-can-be celebs like Ryan Gosling rock a pocket T-shirt, after all).


Yessir, you need a pocket T-shirt or two in your life, and it helps if the makers of your favorite jeans are on hand to provide a perfect option for you. What makes the Mott and Bow Carlton Pocket Tee a must-buy? Reader, it’s all in the details.

SHOP: The Mott and Bow Carlton Pocket Tee

The Mott and Bow Carlton Pocket Tee, like I mentioned above, is anything but your average T-shirt. Mott and Bow men’s jeans offer plenty of bang for your buck at attractive prices, and the same can be said about Mott and Bow T-shirts (the Mott and Bow Carlton Pocket Tee retails for $35). Of course, it helps that you can wear your jeans with a T-shirt and look great, but it’s more than that. The combed cotton construction is surprisingly soft, yet this tee is sturdy enough to be worn on its own without looking like you’re wearing an undershirt.

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It’s a substantial T-shirt that will hold its shape, from the collar to the hem and sleeves, without stretching out. And while the fit isn’t skin-tight, it’s a nicely tailored T-shirt that looks cool and Gosling-esque, not sloppy. The pocket itself separates this T-shirt from a sea of similar options, making it very likely your new favorite pocket T-shirt. Mott and Bow calls it a “luxurious everyday tee,” and having tested this tea out myself, I tend to agree. The Mott and Bow Carlton Pocket Tee is also available in classic and standard colors, all the better if you’re looking for ways to wear a T-shirt with jeans. No matter how you choose to rock this tee, it’ll prove a style you find yourself wearing again and again the rest of summer.

SHOP: The Mott and Bow Carlton Pocket Tee


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