The List: Shop the Best Holiday Gifts for Guys Right Now at Bespoke Post

6 Perfect Gifts for Your Man's Closet from Bespoke Post

If ever there were a time to start shopping the best holiday gifts for men, it’s, well, right now. And if ever there were a place to shop some of the best holiday gifts for guys, well, it’d be Bespoke Post. The retailer (long a personal favorite of mine) has always been a standout source for gear that’s, quite simply, just plain cool and stylish across the board. In every category, it seems that the good folks at NYC-based Bespoke Post collect, curate and sell just about everything a stylish guy could need, and then some. They sell everything from the best men’s gifts under $50 all the way up to more expensive offerings, and then they just keep going. To make your life that much easier, I wrote all about some of the best gifts for guys at Bespoke Post. There’s plenty of time to shop right now, so let’s get started.

Norlan Glass Rauk Heavy Whiskey Tumbler — $50

Call this the best gift for the whiskey lover in your life, besides whiskey itself. This carefully made tumbler is a well-designed sight to behold, and a great addition to any bar cart. Cheers, my friends.

Upstate Stock Cotton Watchcap — $30

This is an ideal gift for, say, the rugged outdoorsman. It’s a USA-made watchcap for warmth and winter style every single blustery day this season.

Breda Visser Square Watch — $145

Want to get a gift for the watch lover in your life? This affordable, timeless and crisply designed silver-and-blue watch with a neat square dial is just what the doctor ordered.

Oakywood 2-in-1 Walnut Headphone Stand and Charger — $109

Upgrade that home office set-up with a handsome and well-designed walnut wood headphone stand and charger. It’s the little details that go the extra mile, and this desk upgrade certainly has ’em in spades.

FIlson Dryden Briefcase — $195

Call this another gift for the rugged outdoorsman, or for the guy who loves classic style. You really can’t go wrong with Filson, folks.

Far Afield Cupar Jacket — $290

The style aficionado in your life is going to love this handsome, stylish shearling collar jacket. It’s absolutely one worth investing in (and maybe adding to your own wish list).

Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots — $330

If you’ve got someone on your list that would love a pair of the best men’s boots, then this is exactly the sort of gift they’ll love to find under the tree. Add ’em to your cart ASAP.

Nisolo Waxed Canvas Weekender — $250

Here’s another everyday carry upgrade to gift if you feel like going especially big this Christmas. This rugged, sustainably made weekender just gets the job done in epic fashion.

There are a plethora of gifts you can snag right now at one of the best online shops for men, including an everyday carry upgrade, some of the best boots for men, a stylish shearling collar jacket and plenty more. How about it, ehh? If you do end up shopping at Bespoke Post, give me a shoutout on Twitter. Cheers to the season!


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