The Tuesday Steal: The Buck Mason Last Chance Section Offers the Best Deals on Classic Menswear

Last Chance – Buck Mason

Is there one definitive place you can (and should) go to get the best deals on the best menswear? Well, it’s certainly up for debate (check out my ongoing Sunday Sale series for more), but I’m here to offer up a very fitting recommendation as we roll into the holidays: The Buck Mason Last Chance Section is as competitive, stylish and well-designed a resource for menswear essentials as you’re apt to find these days, and that’s just a fact. It makes quite the fitting topic for today’s Tuesday Steal, especially if you’ve been looking to build out your wardrobe in several categories. You’re hopefully already aware that Buck Mason does a little bit of everything, be it crafting one of the best men’s henleys or delivering some of the very best jeans for men. That’s really just the tip of the menswear iceberg, as they say, and the Buck Mason Last Chance Section only gets better the deeper you dive in.

If that sounds too good to be true, rest assured that the Buck Mason Last Chance Section is packed with just as much variety as the rest of the brand’s full line of menswear and gear. You’ll find everything from the well-made, casual and rugged Buck Mason Field-Spec Rugby Crew to the essential and aptly named Buck Mason Perfect Oxford Shirt. Sizes and colors run the gamut, of course, but give the Buck Mason Last Chance Section a good, long look.

New Arrivals – Buck Mason

Seriously, the Buck Mason Last Chance Section has just about everything you could ask for in a selection of menswear, including breezy T-shirts for layering and even the Buck Mason Carry-On Jacket for warm-weather tailored style. The selection even includes some style staples from past Buck Mason collections, including quite the array of breezy camp collar shirts and polos. It’s all going fast though, and won’t stick around for too long. Would you expect anything less from the Americana-minded style purveyors at Buck Mason? I certainly have high standards, and Buck Mason continues to meet them. If an initial glance at the Buck Mason Last Chance Section is any indication, you’re going to like what you see (and what ends up in your shopping cart).


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