The Sunday Sale: Head to GREATS To Save 30 Percent on the Best Hiking Boots for Men

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It’s rare at this point in the season to be able to find a deal on some of the best hiking boots for men, let alone the best winter boots, right? And yet, that’s what you’re getting in today’s Sunday Sale via the exceptional GREATS Wooster Hikers, a pair of durable and tough-as-can be hybrid boots for men that just so happen to be on sale right now for 30 percent off at GREATS. Why turn to a brand like Brooklyn-based GREATS for some of the best boots for men, when in fact the brand is more commonly known for making stylish high-top sneakers and some of the best shoes for spring and summer? Well, that’s a perfectly good reason in fact, which is what makes the GREATS Wooster Hikers some of the most efficient, affordable boots to buy right now in the throes of winter.

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Yes indeed, the technology put into the GREATS Wooster Hikers is every bit as exceptional as the way the brand builds its more traditional sneakers, which makes them more than worthy of your hard-earned cash. This is a deal that won’t be around for very long, so I’m keeping it brief today, but know that the GREATS Wooster Hikers feature both a premium footbed and a springy, comfortable vulcanized outsole with a GREATS tread pattern, plus classic speed-lacing design and durable construction. Now, note that the GREATS Wooster Hikers aren’t quite as overbuilt as your favorite pair of snow boots, so save them for more casual, crisp winter days than major blizzards. That being said, they’re a perfect pair of sneaker boots to wear with slim jeans, a thermal henley and a bomber jacket on casual days aplenty. And yes, last but not least, the GREATS Wooster Hikers are a great value at just $119 (compared to $169). That’s 30 percent off your new favorite hiking boots. Shop ’em while they’re still around.

Shop the GREATS Wooster Hikers now

Winter style just got even easier

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