Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater – The Best Men’s Winter Cardigan to Buy Now

The most demanding winter weather calls for the most rugged winter menswear possible, does it not? Enter the latest and greatest from Taylor Stitch, the instantly iconic, highly durable and highly stylish Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater. It’s one of the best men’s sweaters you can score right now, and you should act quickly if you hope to make it yours. Plenty of Taylor Stitch reviews will tell you all about how the brand excels at making gear across every season, be it one of the best winter sportcoats or an everyday flannel shirt you can wear to the office, to brunch or to the bar practically any time of year. But back to the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater, just one of the many excellent Taylor Stitch sweaters you can get your hands on right now. Why this sweater? As usual, I’m glad you asked.

The eternally cool Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater channels the kind of throwback looks that made shawl cardigans such a hit back in the days of Steve McQueen, with a beefed-up collar for warmth and protection from cold breezes. This sweater is as functional as it is stylish, which is saying a heck of a lot considering the Natural Marled color (it also comes in equally rich, seriously cool Marled Navy). Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater is a keeper, to say the least.

In fact, to this menswear writer, you could hardly pick a better piece of knitwear with which to build a winter ensemble than the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater. The textured seed-stitch cotton knit gives it weight and heft without going overboard, meaning you could wear the handsome, rugged Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater atop everything from a Taylor Stitch henley to a classic Taylor Stitch shirt (the brand was founded with a focus on shirting, after all). No matter how you choose to wear the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater — perhaps casually on the weekends with the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants or to the office or out on a date with a pair of tailored chinos — it’s going to go the distance while looking great and keeping you plenty warm.

Light horn buttons and those throwback-inspired color options ensure the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater adds plenty of style points to any fall or winter look. You should even keep it handy as a house sweater on chilly spring days, but right now, the unbeatable and timeless Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater is going to get the job done handily this winter. Bundle up with this sweater and you won’t miss a beat this season.


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