The Thursday Buy: The Todd Snyder Italian Snap Dylan Jacket is Your Spring Jacket Refresh

Best suede jacket for spring.

It seems like just yesterday that we were talking about the best winter menswear deals at Todd Snyder, and now here we are, moving right into a new season with a look at one of the best men’s jackets for spring. It comes courtesy of one of the best menswear designers in America, a name you’ve long been familiar with if you read this blog: That’d be Todd Snyder, the Iowa-born, NYC-based designer that takes rugged menswear staples, like the trucker jacket, and amps them up with premium materials and a refined, surprisingly elegant approach. Which brings us to one of the best spring jackets for men today — we’ve talked previously about the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in its fall-friendly waxed design, but today’s iteration is a perfect jacket for the season, done up in rich, soft suede in an striking Medium Blue color.

Of course, there are several options you’ve got when it comes to the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede, but why not embrace the pending return of spring? It’s part of a slate of Todd Snyder New Arrivals in premium materials and vivid colors, be it rugged henleys, on-trend rugby shirts or soft indigo denim — yes, it’s all worth a look, and the Dylan Jacket in Suede leads the way.

The best men's jacket for spring.

It’s no surprise that the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede, especially in a rich and seasonally minded color like Indigo, is a best seller of Snyder’s brand for a reason. It’s made in Italy, with extremely soft and smooth suede. This is a jacket to be worn on breezy days, but not overly rainy days, as suede doesn’t fare well in a downpour. The rest of the time though, the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede is well worth its price tag ($998 at Todd Snyder). Handsome silver snap hardware contrasts nicely with the Medium Blue color in particular, and the trucker jacket fit hits on the hip (and runs slightly slim).

The Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede is rugged enough to pair with deep blue indigo jeans and a classic men’s henley, but it’s also an interesting change of pace to wear with tailored Todd Snyder chinos and your favorite Oxford shirt. Best of all, you can wear the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede as a statement piece if you pick up a brighter or more bold color, or you can go more subdued in a crisp color like Olive or Dark Charcoal. Above all else, I’d look to get as much wear as possible out of the Todd Snyder Dylan Jacket in Suede, no matter what the color or wearing occasion. If you end up picking up this jacket, let me know in the comments. Here’s to spring layering, my friends!


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