See Now, Buy Now: The Mott and Bow Laight Jeans are the Best Men’s Light Wash Jeans

The best men's light wash jeans.

The spring season is all about lightening things up, be it in the way you get back outside for patio beers or day hikes, or in the way you start dressing for warmer temperatures with the best light wash jeans for men. Of course, a pair of light wash jeans like the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans is but one way to shake up your spring and summer wardrobe. Think of them like a much-needed change of pace from thick selvedge denim or the hard-wearing inky blue pair you rocked through winter. If you’ve read the blog over the years, perhaps you know where this is going. The direction we’re headed? It’s all about comfort, style and an agreeable price for one of the best pairs of men’s light wash jeans, courtesy of the fine folks at Mott and Bow.

As past Mott and Bow reviews have pointed out (including on this very blog!), the brand specializes in ultra-fine washes and premium cotton denim made the right way, all at prices that aren’t overly high for some of the best men’s jeans — period. The Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans are as fine an example as it gets when it comes to checking all the right boxes.

The best slim light wash jeans for men.

Of note, the variety in the direct-to-consumer Mott and Bow lineup is second to none, ranging from some of the best men’s grey jeans to, again, the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans. They hit the right style notes for spring, when you want to reach for breezy, vibrant colors and fabrics as the weather warms up. These stylish light wash jeans are made from a medium-weight, 12.4oz. cotton denim, which won’t prove too stuffy or stiff in warmer climates. Mott and Bow also notes that the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans are a true pair of comfort stretch denim, with crucial 16 percent elasticity. Best of all, the fit on the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans should prove neither too baggy nor too tight.

As far as styling potential is concerned, there’s plenty with these light wash jeans. A lightweight, unlined stretch cotton blazer and a grey merino T-shirt can serve as a breezy casual office or date night look, whil light wash jeans are a reliable bet to wear with your favorite pair of boots and a rugged short-sleeve henley, too. When in doubt, don’t overthink it (and you won’t have to overthink the price, either — they’ll run you just $118 for a premium pair of men’s jeans). In short, if you want a pair of jeans to step back comfortably into spring without missing a beat, the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans should be your new go-to pair.


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