See Now, Buy Now: Mott and Bow Is Making Some of the Best Black Jeans for Men

Best men's black jeans.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you’re searching for ways to subtly switch up your style without veering too far from the path of your established style favorites, like a pair of the best jeans for men. The classic jean, with its five-pocket design and timeless roots, is, of course, a well-established, everyday go-to, but what about when you want to step things up a touch from your favorite pair of blue jeans without overdoing it?

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Well, I’ve got just the ticket: Head over to Mott and Bow, the DTC masters of some of the best jeans for men, and search instead for some of the best black jeans on the market. If you’ve read any of my Mott and Bow reviews over the years, you know they make some of the best lightweight jeans and other styles in a range of crisp colorways (and they also excel at buttery-soft T-shirts, sweatpants and more!).

Best black jeans for men to wear now.

That being said, it’s the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans in Midnight that have really caught my eye as of late, with a polished Slim fit and a deep, inky black color that’s both edgy and cool, yet ever so slightly ready for business casual looks. Yes indeed, if you’re wondering “Can you wear jeans to the office?” I’d say you certainly can — as long as that pair fits well, doesn’t have any noticeable distractions (goodbye, trendy ripped jeans!) and comes in dark, versatile colors.

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Again, the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans in Midnight are just the ticket. They’re made from a midweight 10oz. cotton denim blend, rounded out with elastane for crucial stretch. Beyond that, the fabric itself within the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans in Midnight is a comfort stretch fabric that moves with you reliably all day long. Plus, plenty of sizes and three inseams are available, which should work for most body types.

And the Midnight shade of your new favorite pair of black jeans should retain its deep color over time, minus some slight fading in parts that receive heavy wear. Above all though — and considering the agreeable $129 price tag — the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans in Midnight have the potential to be a stylish, slightly edgy yet versatile pair of go-to, must-buy jeans. Make your next style switch-up today.


The Sunday Sale: Save 30 Percent and More at Mott and Bow’s First-Ever Winter Sale

Mott and Bow men's jeans

What’s a guy to do if he wants an upgraded set of the best blue jeans for men? For now, the answer is easy: Head over to NYC denim upstart Mott and Bow and shop the brand’s long-awaited, first-ever online sale. Yes, that’s right: The brand that makes some of your favorite jeans is running its first-ever sale, and it just so happens to dovetail nicely with a stylish start to 2023.

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If you’ve read the blog over the years, I’m a big fan of Mott and Bow’s lightweight denim (and I’ve said as much in my Mott and Bow review posts!), and if you give the brand a chance when it comes to the best men’s jeans, I think you’ll start to feel similarly as you dive into the Mott and Bow Winter Sale.

Best men's blue jeans.

Think of it this way: If you’ve been on the fence about picking up some new denim and want an easy and hassle-free way to do just that, the Mott and Bow Winter Sale is a perfect place to start. For one, there’s the brand’s free home try-on program, and beyond that, the fact that the Mott and Bow Winter Sale delivers stylish men’s jeans for at least 30 percent off is mighty handy, too.

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Of course, the Mott and Bow Winter Sale also offers up discounts on stylish Mott and Bow sweaters, classic and comfortable Mott and Bow French terry sweats and a wide array of jeans for men in plenty of colors and fits. Even better is the fact that as of now, the Mott and Bow Winter Sale should have a range of sizes available in some essential styles when it comes to the best jeans for men. And yet, the Mott and Bow Winter Sale won’t stick around forever, so shop smartly to upgrade your jeans in the new year. Cheers, my friends!

See Now, Buy Now: Mott and Bow Is Now Making One of the Best Men’s Polos On the Market

Best men's polo shirt.

There are some menswear releases that catch you by surprise at first, but make a ton of sense when you get right down to it – like the idea behind the brand that makes your favorite jeans releasing one of the best men’s polo shirts. That’s precisely what Mott and Bow has set its mind to as of late, and the NYC-based, direct-to-consumer denim brand continues to build off its high-quality jeans — all in an effort to slowly take over your wardrobe, of course.

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Perhaps you’re well-acquainted with the fact that the brand already makes some of the best lightweight jeans and the best classic blue jeans on the market, but the new Mott and Bow Jersey Polo goes above and beyond what you might expect. It’s made from a soft 100 percent cotton that’s been brushed for extra softness, not unlike how Mott and Bow T-shirts are also ultra-soft and comfortable.

Most stylish men's polo.

Helpfully, the Mott and Bow Jersey Polo features some unique touches that separate it from a crowded and competitive market for the best men’s polo. It’s made using a fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose, but the best feature on the Mott and Bow Jersey Polo might be the curved hem — it’s a flattering touch that helps this stylish new polo look great on every body type.

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Plus, this polo is available in sizes up to XXL, and the Mott and Bow Jersey Polo comes in a range of timeless, wear-with-anything colors, including Navy, Dark Grey and a crisp White. Best of all is the combination of quality and price.

The Mott and Bow Jersey Polo will set you back $75, a fair price to pay for a stylish men’s polo you can wear with everything from Mott and Bow denim to stylish stretch chino shorts and, of course, Mott and Bow men’s chinos. Consider picking it up to round out your end-of-summer wardrobe, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans – The Best Lightweight Jeans for Spring

The best lightweight jeans for spring.

Spring is an ideal time to lighten things up in your wardrobe in terms of color, sure, but it’s an even better time to embrace comfortable, lightweight stretch fabrics, a la the best lightweight jeans for spring (or, hey, the best lightweight sweater for spring). But back to the task at hand. Thanks to the good folks at Mott and Bow — NYC-based masters of some of the best men’s jeans for about a decade now — a new pair of the perfect lightweight denim for spring and summer is well within your reach, and that’s no exaggeration. The brand already makes some of the best light wash jeans in stretch cotton denim, and the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans — especially in a Slim cut and a spring-friendly color like Apricot — are some of the best jeans for men you can buy right now.

If you’ve read the blog over the years, you know that I’m a fan of the Mott and Bow experience from A to Z, be it their free home try-on process or the wide range of sizes in both waist and inseam lengths. Beyond that — as most Mott and Bow reviews point out — you can snag your new favorite jeans in Straight, Slim or Skinny cuts. That well-designed experience, combined with a new run of fresh spring color options, is what makes the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans your new go-to spring jeans (not to mention your new favorite denim brand).

Best new men's jeans for spring

The great thing about shopping Mott and Bow men’s jeans is the fact that the brand makes it so easy to find a pair you love, especially like the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans. And because colors like dusty Apricot are definitely a change of pace from some of the best men’s blue jeans, it’s nice to have the option to try them on and send them back, is it not? I’d call that a menswear bingo. The specs on the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans — no matter which color you buy, be it Burgundy, Cadet Blue or Clay — are also impressive. Think: Comfort plus ease of movement, thanks to a 10oz. denim weight (neither too heavy nor too flimsy), plus the blend of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent elastane found within the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans.

Even the small details, like the lightly distressed rivets and the custom Mott and Bow button and back logo patch, have the potential to make the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans your new go-to pair of denim. And again, because you’ve got plenty of options in terms of color, it makes the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans a reliable style move with other straightforward spring basics, like your favorite T-shirt and a pair of the best men’s high-top sneakers. In the world of men’s style, especially in the breezy world of menswear, it’s never a bad thing to have options, and that’s what the Mott and Bow Mercer Jeans give you. Make them your next denim purchase ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The Mott and Bow Laight Jeans are the Best Men’s Light Wash Jeans

The best men's light wash jeans.

The spring season is all about lightening things up, be it in the way you get back outside for patio beers or day hikes, or in the way you start dressing for warmer temperatures with the best light wash jeans for men. Of course, a pair of light wash jeans like the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans is but one way to shake up your spring and summer wardrobe. Think of them like a much-needed change of pace from thick selvedge denim or the hard-wearing inky blue pair you rocked through winter. If you’ve read the blog over the years, perhaps you know where this is going. The direction we’re headed? It’s all about comfort, style and an agreeable price for one of the best pairs of men’s light wash jeans, courtesy of the fine folks at Mott and Bow.

As past Mott and Bow reviews have pointed out (including on this very blog!), the brand specializes in ultra-fine washes and premium cotton denim made the right way, all at prices that aren’t overly high for some of the best men’s jeans — period. The Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans are as fine an example as it gets when it comes to checking all the right boxes.

The best slim light wash jeans for men.

Of note, the variety in the direct-to-consumer Mott and Bow lineup is second to none, ranging from some of the best men’s grey jeans to, again, the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans. They hit the right style notes for spring, when you want to reach for breezy, vibrant colors and fabrics as the weather warms up. These stylish light wash jeans are made from a medium-weight, 12.4oz. cotton denim, which won’t prove too stuffy or stiff in warmer climates. Mott and Bow also notes that the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans are a true pair of comfort stretch denim, with crucial 16 percent elasticity. Best of all, the fit on the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans should prove neither too baggy nor too tight.

As far as styling potential is concerned, there’s plenty with these light wash jeans. A lightweight, unlined stretch cotton blazer and a grey merino T-shirt can serve as a breezy casual office or date night look, whil light wash jeans are a reliable bet to wear with your favorite pair of boots and a rugged short-sleeve henley, too. When in doubt, don’t overthink it (and you won’t have to overthink the price, either — they’ll run you just $118 for a premium pair of men’s jeans). In short, if you want a pair of jeans to step back comfortably into spring without missing a beat, the Mott and Bow Slim Laight Jeans should be your new go-to pair.

The Tuesday Steal: Get One of the Best Merino Sweaters for Men for Under $100 at Mott and Bow

The best merino sweater for men.

I’m of the opinion that a guy can never have too many of a good thing, like one of the best sweaters for men. Or rather, to get even more specific, I’m of the opinion that nothing beats one of the best merino sweaters for men, a versatile “wonder fabric” that offers plenty of wearability and style points. That’s epecially when made the right way by the good folks at Mott and Bow. The NYC-based E-commerce brand, founded in the early 2010s with a focus on making superior denim at great prices, now makes all manner of other casual menswear staples, including the Mott and Bow Lucas Merino Wool Crew.

Now, plenty of Mott and Bow reviews will note that the brand does a standout job at making some of the best jeans for men, with classic looks and crisp colors like blue, grey and black on offer. I’ve been a fan of the brand for years for this very reason, and they’ve since expanded into making some of the coolest men’s sweatpants — not to mention the polished, seriously cool Mott and Bow Lucas Merino Wool Crew. It’s also the perfect time of year to buy a lightweight sweater — as we move from winter into spring — and that’s just one of the reasons to get one of the best sweaters for men for under $100.

The best men's sweater for early spring.

The Mott and Bow Lucas Merino Wool Crew, priced nicely at $99, comes in a sharp crewneck design, the kind you can wear over a Mott and Bow T-shirt or an American-made Oxford shirt just about anywhere — to the office, out to coffee or on the road. It’s a fast seller for that very reason, with loads of style points, and it’s also available in a V-neck design. You can (and should!) team the Mott and Bow Lucas Merino Wool Crew with the best Mott and Bow jeans, too. And the great news is, you can rock that combo any day of the week, anywhere. Now, this sweater (along with other Mott and Bow menswear staples) is selling mighty fast, so I’m going to let you get on with your shopping. Stay stylish, my friends!

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See Now, Buy Now: The Mott and Bow Stone Jeans are the Grey Jeans You Didn’t Know You Needed

Best grey jeans for men.

Just when you think you’ve got your wardrobe of everyday menswear essentials figured out, I’m here to ask you if, well… what if there’s something else you might consider adding? Something like the best grey jeans, which are every bit as reliable as your favorite blue jeans, not to mention other pairs of the best jeans for men in your wardrobe, be they olive or tan or black. This is where NYC-based Mott and Bow, a consistent favorite of the blog — and of shoppers, at least according to Mott and Bow reviews — should be your go-to source. A quick business note, though: First-time Mott and Bow customers can get 10 percent off with the code beau10, if you feel so inclined to dive into a pair of the best grey jeans (or, again, any other pair of jeans or chinos from the brand). Why grey jeans — like the Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans — and why now?

Well, that’s a great question, and that’s why I’m here, after all (I’ve been wearing Mott and Bow jeans since 2015, believe it or not). As I’ve mentioned, Mott and Bow makes some of the best classic blue jeans, and yet, they’ve nearly got the market cornered on soft, high-quality Italian cotton denim in a range of other colors, too. The Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans fall right in line with the brand’s other styles in terms of comfort and quality, in a color that’s just different enough.

Best straight leg jeans for men.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans feature a classic fit — not too baggy, not too slim — that’ll work on most body types. But beyond that, the three shades of grey offered here (Light Grey, Medium/Dark Grey and my personal favorite, the straightforward Medium Grey) are not all that far off from wearing blue jeans. They’re also more readily wearable than black jeans, especially if you’re not the type of mix black jeans and brown boots, for instance. The Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans feature a 17 percent stretch rating, through the use of 2 percent elastane and 98 percent cotton.

I’ve found that Mott and Bow men’s jeans stretch and move with you, without losing their shape. These jeans should prove extremely soft, according to the brand, and quite ready for daily wear at the office and into the weekend. I’d pair up your new Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans with the classics this winter, like a stylish brown leather watch, a rugged shawl cardigan for added warmth and a timeless henley. That being said, the Mott and Bow Straight Stone Jeans also work well with office-ready picks, including a stretch dress shirt and a lightweight stretch wool blazer. When you’re looking for comfort and style that’s just different enough from the ordinary, get yourself some slick grey jeans — your wardrobe looks even better already.

The Thursday Buy: The Mott and Bow Staple Jeans Are a Classic Men’s Style Pick for the New Year

As we roll into the new year, do you have any New Year’s style resolutions for 2022? Maybe? Maybe not? Or rather, not quite yet? If you’re just getting yours in order, or if you already know that you want to start the new year in classic style, might I suggest the Mott and Bow Staple Jeans. They’re as sharp a pair of men’s jeans as you’re apt to find, for starters. No matter how long you’ve been interested in upgrading your style (and especially if it’s a new focus for you this year), then the best men’s classic blue jeans are always a solid bet to get things started. Mott and Bow already makes plenty of the most versatile men’s jeans, and the Mott and Bow Staple Jeans are just the latest in a long line of do-anything, go-anywhere style picks. Heck, Mott and Bow also makes some of the best sweatpants for men, if it’s particularly laidback style you need, but let’s focus on some crisp, timeless blue jeans, shall we? The list of positive attributes when it comes to the Mott and Bow Staple Jeans is quite long, starting with the fact that you can get ’em in three reliable fits (Skinny, Slim and Straight).

Of course, the Mott and Bow Staple Jeans also come in three highly wearable shades, from a razor-sharp Dark Blue (ideal for wearing to the office with a herringbone blazer and an Oxford shirt this winter) to a more casual Medium Blue iteration. The secret behind these jeans, though, is the fabric. It’s been a key focus since Mott and Bow launched nearly a decade ago, and in this instance, they’ve used Italian cotton denim with dynamic stretch for a highly comfortable yet crisp fit and feel. The overall fabric weight on the Mott and Bow Staple Jeans is 11.5oz., which is solid yet feels more lightweight thanks to the stretch factor (2 percent elastane and 6 percent polyester). For the Straight Fit Mott and Bow Staple Jeans, waist sizes run up to 42, with inseam sizes up to 34 at the time of this writing.

The great thing is, the Mott and Bow Staple Jeans are available with free shipping and returns, so you can try out the best size and fit for your wardrobe and body type. And they wouldn’t be the best jeans for men without the sort of wear-with-anything versatility you won’t find with just any brand. Wear the Dark Blue pair with everything from a merino T-shirt to your favorite henley, and then dress ’em up with a Mott and Bow crewneck sweater for perfectly casual Friday office style. The Mott and Bow Staple Jeans check all the right boxes to start the new year, especially if you want style that’s as good as it gets.

Style Pick of the Week: Mott and Bow Mosco Jeans – The Season’s Most Versatile Jeans for Every Occasion

We’ve talked a lot on the blog about the best jeans for men, and namely, about how the good folks at NYC-based Mott and Bow are making some of the best men’s jeans for fall. That trend isn’t likely to die down anytime soon, as the brand continues to offer up an array of fits (from Straight to Slim and Skinny) at agreeable prices for some of the best men’s jeans, and in an array of washes and fabrics. And there’s never been a better time to upgrade your rotation of versatile, go-anywhere men’s jeans. Whether you’re returning to the office in business casual style, where dark blue jeans wear nicely with a crisp Oxford shirt and a tan herringbone blazer, or whether you’re on the hunt for laidback holiday attire, Mott and Bow has you covered. Holiday attire, you say? Yes indeed, and that’s where the Mott and Bow Mosco Jeans enter the fray.

There’s no denying the applying of a classic, crisp pair of blue jeans, especially in one of the brand’s agreeable fits (even the Straight-cut jeans at Mott and Bow are more tailored, not baggy). And the Mott and Bow Mosco Jeans exemplify perhaps the dictionary definition of an ideal pair of jeans, seeing as they’re made with 98 percent cotton and 2 percent stretch, yet delivered in a deep, dark wash. This makes the Mott and Bow Mosco Jeans uniquely dressy among other pairs of denim, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg as to what makes ’em so essential.

For starters, the Mott and Bow Mosco Jeans are about as timeless as it gets in terms of the denim itself and the detailing. The fabric should break in nicely over time, yet it’ll feel comfortable right out of the box thanks to that hint of stretch. These aren’t a pair of stiff selvedge jeans, and while there’s a time and a place for those, it’s sometimes nice to step into comfortable stretch denim without missing a beat — the Mott and Bow Mosco Jeans are the right way to go, folks. And the contrasting gold stitching, which also calls to mind timeless Levi’s jeans, is another small touch that makes these visually appealing when worn anywhere from the office (remember, business casual!) to a holiday party — ideally, paired up with a Mott and Bow merino wool sweater.

Because of the tailored, smart fit and easy-to-wear stretch, the Mott and Bow Mosco Jeans are cut out for holiday gatherings (best paired with a cozy shawl cardigan and stylish leather dress boots) and even a day on the road, if you feel like stepping things up a notch. And naturally, the Mott and Bow Mosco Jeans have another thing going for ’em: They’re priced at $96, a downright steal if you’re searching for premium jeans without the premium price tag. Plus, Mott and Bow offers free home try-on and delivery, another bonus if you want to test out multiple pairs in multiple colors. The next time you get dressed for a winter occasion, consider jeans from Mott and Bow — you might be surprised at how much you enjoy them.

The Friday Read: The Huckberry Undercover Sale, The Best New Boots for Men & Fall’s Best Jeans

Men's Chelsea Boot - Handmade Calfskin and Suede Leather | The Chance

Do yourself a favor and step into the weekend with some of the best boots for men on your feet, especially as we roll through late November, yes? And the boots in question you should be shopping come from one heck of a place: That’d be Tecovas, makers of the stylish leather Chelsea boots you see above, plus a whole bunch of both traditional and on-trend Western boots for men. I’ve gotten to know the brand over the past year-and-a-half or so, and consider this an early endorsement for your weekend: They’re absolutely a brand to know and shop, first launched by founder Paul Hedrick and focused on cowboy boots. These days, the Austin-based company goes just beyond cowboy boots and really does make some of the best boots for men (those Chelsea boots shown above in particular!). In short, you can expect to see a lot more of them on the blog going forward, but you’d do well to add to your rotation of stylish leather boots right now in the meantime.

It’s fitting that I’m kicking off today’s Friday Read talking about Tecovasas we speak, I’m actually in western Mexico (the famed city of Guadalajara, to be exact!) on a press trip with famed tequila brand Jose Cuervo! I’m visiting Guadalajara and Tequila to learn about the process behind making Jose Cuervo tequila, going out into the agave fields themselves and exploring the city and region in the meantime. There’s also an exciting Jose Cuervo announcement in the works, but I can’t quite share details on that yet. For now, how about you do yourself a favor and get some Jose Cuervo delivered for happy hour later via Drizly? I’ll be sure to report back on the trip, but for now, you can follow along on Instagram to get the full scoop. I’ll be enjoying my fair share of Jose Cuervo this weekend before trekking back to the States (negative COVID test in hand!), and with that being said, do yourself a favor and settle in to read about my top style, shopping and reading picks this weekend. Cheers!

Gifts | Huckberry
  • It’s never too early to start shopping for the best holiday gifts, is it? Of course, there’s one place I recommend above all others, and that’d be Huckberry. The Huckberry 2021 Gift Guide should be of particular interest this weekend, because now through November 21st, you can shop the Huckberry Undercover Sale to get the best deals on the site’s best-selling items (especially ones done up in all-black to fit with that undercover theme). Beyond that, it’s also an ideal time to shop early and often to get the best gifts for the rugged outdoorsman, the style lover and more in your life. What’s not to love about Huckberry’s Gift Guide and the Huckberry Undercover Sale, ehh?
A New Denim; Mott & Bow – MaleCritique
  • I’ve talked on the blog in recent weeks about the best men’s sweatpants to buy for cozy holiday lounging – those would be from Mott and Bow, of course — but what about if you need something with some more polish? In case you needed a reminder (and especially ahead of the holiday season, where you need jeans you can wear with anything), Mott and Bow is giving first-time customers 10 percent off with the code beau10. If you’ve already tried out the brand’s classic blue jeans, then I can’t recommend enough that you return to the well again, so to speak, and shop more Mott and Bow.
  • I wear a lot of hats in terms of my menswear writing, including writing plenty of guides to the best menswear for The Manual. That being said, I think it pays off to have style resources at your disposal, and that’s why I love personal styling service Stitch Fix. You can also shop the brand’s Stitch Fix Freestyle program, which allows you to shop entire outfits at once. All that being said, my latest dispatch for The Manual covers the best outfits to buy now at Stitch Fix, and there’s something for everyone. Complete your profile, answer your style quiz and get started on finding the best men’s style essentials for you.

That’ll nearly wrap things up in my latest Friday dispatch, but I’ll leave you with one more style pick as I head into a weekend of tequila tasting (beyond recommending that you shop some of the best boots for men at Tecovas). Yes indeed, in addition to that, consider shopping one of the most affordable men’s shirt jackets right now at another Austin-based brand, Howler Brothers. Now, while that shirt jacket has sold quite fast, it’s always worth shopping the Texas purveyors of rugged gear made for adventures and good times. With that, I’ve got some tequila to drink. Enjoy the weekend and happy shopping!