See Now, Buy Now: Get these Timeless Leather Chukka Boots from Veldskoen for Spring

Best chukka boots for men.

It’s time, at least for now, to leave behind your sturdy, heavy winter snow boots and instead embrace spring with a pair of the best leather chukka boots for men. Perhaps you’re already a devout fan of the chukka boot, that ever-versatile two or three-eye shoe with a high ankle cut and a sturdy, yet soft, gum rubber sole. If you’ve read The Style Guide, you know I’m a longtime advocate for the best men’s chukka boots, and if you’ve been reading especially closely, you know that I’m all about Veldskoen leather chukka boots — there’s no time like the present to upgrade your footwear rotation. Veldskoen chukka boots have history in spades, not to mention easily wearable modern style. Even better, the surprisingly rugged new boots you see above — the Veldskoen Eight Feet Chukka Boots — mix things up just enough to stand out from the pack.

Veldskoen’s roots run deep, back to South Africa and back to its role as one of the pioneering brands producing desert or chukka boots. Clarks chukka boots brought the style to the masses, but similar styles Veldskoen in its earliest iterations were worn hundreds of years ago. That brings us forward into the present day, where the Veldskoen Eight Feet Chukka Boots are now an extremely well-made, lightweight yet durable spring footwear pick. That South African heritage is on full display with these handsome boots, made in partnership with the four Du Toit Brothers (known as Eight Feet), with close ties to the South African National rugby team.

Best leather chukka boots for men.

The Veldskoen Eight Feet Chukka Boot hits on the classic style details of the chukka boot, from the two-eyelet upper to the open lacing to the aged leather atop a rubber sole. But look closely and you’ll spot the sort of touches that make the Veldskoen Eight Feet Chukka Boots some of the best men’s chukka boots. Take the water-repellent leather upper, plus made-in-South-Africa construction that prioritizes attention to detail and quality materials. Next, note the recyclable rubber sole with a treaded ripple design for added traction. Last but not least, pay close attention to the fact that the Veldskoen Eight Feet Chukka Boots also use a high-density memory foam sole technology to mold to your feet over time.

These stylish leather chukka boots are just about as well-designed as it gets for boots made from that materials — the water-repellent quality is a nice added design feature that not too many leather chukkas have. The versatile brown leather will age well over time, and the color is wearable with everything from your favorite light wash jeans to stretch olive chinos — to name but two ways when it comes to how to wear the best leather chukka boots for men. The next time you’re seeking a durable, hard-working and yet easy-to-style pair of spring boots, consider the Veldskoen Eight Feet Chukka Boots — they’re worth the price ($229.99), and they’ve got quite the story to tell.


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