The Tuesday Steal: Get Up to 70 Percent Off the Best Spring Menswear at Faherty Brand

Best on-sale spring menswear.

If you’re seeking the best on-sale spring menswear, now is the time to start shopping early and often. That’s what we’re all about here at The Style Guide in today’s edition of The Tuesday Steal, and what a steal it is indeed today: Right now, you can get up to 70 percent off some of the best new menswear at Faherty Brand via the Faherty Sale section. The family-owned and family-founded brand has been a longtime favorite of mine, known for both its super-soft shirts and its hard-wearing outerwear, the type of gear you can rock nearly year-round (especially on cool spring mornings and chilly winter nights).

Faherty has plenty of standouts worth shopping in its rotation at full price, including the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt (one of the best winter shirts for men, mind you), not to mention one of the coolest trucker jackets on the market. There’s no doubt this is a sale worth shopping ASAP, in my book (it gets better — read on).

Faherty Brand review

Within the Faherty Sale right now, you’ll find deals aplenty, like 50 percent off one of the best long-sleeve polos, 35 percent off one of the best shirt jackets for men, not to mention 20 percent off your new favorite flannel shirt. And if it were me, I’d also keep my eyes peeled for 50 percent off a rugged Donegal crew sweater and 53 percent off one of the best linen shirts for men. That’s just a quick look at the best men’s style deals on the market right now via the excellent, fast-moving Faherty Sale — best get shopping right now, my friends.


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