Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts – The Best Shorts to Wear This Spring and Summer

Best spring and summer shorts for men.

You know what I always says: It’s never too early to stock up on the best seasonal style essentials, especially when it comes time to stock up on a pair of the best men’s shorts. We’re in the depths of a breezy spring right now, but when the sun does finally peek through the clouds, you’ll already have your new favorite shorts in hand. And those shorts, my friend, have a lot in common with your favorite weekend pants. That’s because today’s Style Pick is none other than the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts, which take some crucial DNA from the best lounge pants for men (the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants, of course). Sounds like we’re off to a pretty great start, right?

Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts are something special indeed, made from garment-dyed 6oz. 100 percent organic cotton for a soft feel right out of the box, the kind that makes you think you’ve had these shorts for years. As styles continue to get all the more relaxed and laidback, that’s not a bad thing in the slightest. The Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts also feature an easygoing elastic waist with drawcord tips that have been dyed to match the breezy Natural colorway. These shorts hit all the right notes between throwback and modern — let’s keep diving in, shall we?

Best casual spring shorts for men.

The Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts have plenty going for them, including that vintage, lived-in look and an on-trend, shorter inseam (of 6 inches). A 6-inch inseam is likely too short for the taller guys out there, but even your humble Brooklyn style writer (Roster height: 6’2″) would consider wearing the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts. Slash front pockets and back button pockets — finished off with a nice pair of horn buttons — add some handy storage space on the go, although the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts aren’t the kind of shorts you’re going to want to load down with gear like the cargo shorts you once wore. In short, you should look to keep the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts as breezy and effortless as can be, and that goes for how you wear them and where you wear them, too.

If I were you, I’d start out by wearing these stylish men’s shorts with laidback essentials, like one of the best men’s merino T-shirts for easygoing moisture-wicking style and functionality in the heat. To level things up a bit, consider rolling up the sleeves on one of the best men’s Oxford shirts (also from Taylor Stitch, naturally), or team the Taylor Stitch Apres Shorts with a slub polo and subtle canvas sneakers. With shorts that sit comfortably in between throwback looks and the present-day, you can style them just about however you want. That sounds like a pair of shorts worthy of adding to your closet — and all for the agreeable price of $88. Head to Taylor Stitch and scoop ’em up now.


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