The Sunday Sale: Filson’s Ranger Tee Is a Steal for Under $40

When the time comes to hit the road, hike a trail or head to the beach this summer, you should already have a solid idea of what you’re wearing: Make it some of the most rugged menswear on the market from the heritage outfitters at Filson. Better still, make it gear you can truly keep wearing — and wearing, and wearing — for a downright steal, which is why we’re here in today’s Sunday Sale. Specifically, let’s talk about a basic you won’t be able to go anywhere without as the mercury rises.

To wit: There are going to be certain style essentials you pick up time and time again this season, like one of the best men’s T-shirts, and it’s all the better if you can combine affordability and a rugged appeal. Meet the Filson Ranger Tee, one of the most well-made, best T-shirts for men — done in only a way Filson can, no less.

Best graphic T-shirt for men.

The Filson Ranger Tee is seemingly simple on the surface, but delivers some serious bang for your buck for under $40 — not unlike the quality-meets-value equation you find when you pick up one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts for summer from the very same brand. The real key here is the use of 3.5 oz. jersey cotton for durability and a substantial-yet-breathable feel. That makes it a tee you can wear with stretch active shorts on a day hike or park stroll, or with breezy chino shorts and white canvas sneakers for weekend beers.

Best of all? That sub-$40 price tag, which turns it into a downright steal. Make sure the Filson Ranger Tee ends up in your wardrobe ASAP — what’s Sunday shopping for, after all? Here’s to summer, my friends.


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