The Sunday Sale: Filson’s Ranger Tee Is a Steal for Under $40

When the time comes to hit the road, hike a trail or head to the beach this summer, you should already have a solid idea of what you’re wearing: Make it some of the most rugged menswear on the market from the heritage outfitters at Filson. Better still, make it gear you can truly keep wearing — and wearing, and wearing — for a downright steal, which is why we’re here in today’s Sunday Sale. Specifically, let’s talk about a basic you won’t be able to go anywhere without as the mercury rises.

To wit: There are going to be certain style essentials you pick up time and time again this season, like one of the best men’s T-shirts, and it’s all the better if you can combine affordability and a rugged appeal. Meet the Filson Ranger Tee, one of the most well-made, best T-shirts for men — done in only a way Filson can, no less.

Best graphic T-shirt for men.

The Filson Ranger Tee is seemingly simple on the surface, but delivers some serious bang for your buck for under $40 — not unlike the quality-meets-value equation you find when you pick up one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts for summer from the very same brand. The real key here is the use of 3.5 oz. jersey cotton for durability and a substantial-yet-breathable feel. That makes it a tee you can wear with stretch active shorts on a day hike or park stroll, or with breezy chino shorts and white canvas sneakers for weekend beers.

Best of all? That sub-$40 price tag, which turns it into a downright steal. Make sure the Filson Ranger Tee ends up in your wardrobe ASAP — what’s Sunday shopping for, after all? Here’s to summer, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Dry Falls Shorts – The Best Active Shorts To Wear This Summer

Best active shorts for men.

For as much as certain brands are known for doing one thing well (extremely well, at that), it’s refreshing to see a heritage brand like the good folks at Filson step outside of its comfort zone to produce lightweight, summer-friendly gear. Specifically, it’s cooler now than ever before to see a Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter like Filson step right up and deliver some of the best men’s shorts for summer.

You already know all about the fact that a brand like Filson makes one of the best men’s chambray shirts, not to mention equally rugged gear like the toughest winter workshirt, but thanks to the launch of the Filson Dry Falls Shorts, you can get some of the best shorts for men from your favorite rugged outfitter.

Lest this seem too good to be true, consider the rugged appeal of picking up some shorts from Filson: Especially for outdoor adventures, the brand is famed for using tough-yet-pliable fabrics, the kind that get better with age — they’ve certainly done the same thing with the Filson Dry Fall Shorts (more on that in just a second).

Most versatile shorts for men this summer.

The key with the Filson Dry Fall Shorts starts, of course, with that famed Filson fabric and attention to detail. In this case, it’s a durable and tightly woven cotton with a hint of stretch for ease of movement. The 7-inch inseam on the Filson Dry Fall Shorts should hit above the knee for most guys, another crucial design detail if it’s easygoing movement from the trail to the watering hole that you seek.

They’re also incredibly lightweight, and Filson bills the drawcord waistband on the Filson Dry Fall Shorts as another helpful touch that helps you eliminate a belt that might slow you down (they’re absolutely correct, too!).

The Filson Dry Fall Shorts feature reinforced pockets and front stitching, another crucial touch in terms of durability, while the rear pockets are even made with Velcro flaps to ensure your everyday carry stays in place on the go. They also work for more casual pursuits — backyard beers and brewery visits come to mind — while the range of colors offers up something for every palette (my personal favorite? The eye-catching Dark Moss). Make the Filson Dry Fall Shorts your new favorite everyday summer shorts: You won’t regret it.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Feather Washed Short-Sleeve Cloth Shirt – The Best Short-Sleeve Summer Shirt

When it comes to gearing up for a new season — be it spring right now or the impending warmer months of summer, I say stick with what you know. That’s where Filson, the legendary Pacific Northwest gear outfitter, enters the equation (and your wardrobe). You know the brand makes highly durable gear for the colder months, from the best winter workshirt to a multi-season chambray shirt, but the brand’s warm-weather style staples are worth a look, too. Let the Filson Washed Short-Sleeve Feather Cloth Shirt take center stage, available in a plethora of colors and made from the brand’s lightweight Feather Cloth fabric.

It’s got all the hallmarks of a truly timeless shirt you can wear just about anywhere adventure calls this season, be it the trail, a BBQ, a camping trip or even a more laidback day in the office (perhaps with tailored chinos and brown leather moc shoes for a bit of carefree summer style). Yes indeed, the Filson Washed Short-Sleeve Feather Cloth Shirt checks all the right boxes if you want a laidback-yet-polished, rugged and adventure-ready shirt made to keep you cool in style.

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

The Filson Washed Short-Sleeve Feather Cloth Shirt comes in a wide array of seasonally friendly colors to suit every palette, including the engaging plaid combo up for grabs right now — so it doesn’t skimp on style points either. That 3oz. cotton fabric has also been heavily pre-washed, so it feels soft and doesn’t require any break-in time right out of the box. Filson also calls out this shirt as especially useful to wear on camping trips or any time you’re going to be in the sun and moving around — it’s clear the Filson Washed Short-Sleeve Feather Cloth Shirt belongs in your summer style rotation, yes?

The brand also calls out “a durability that belies its light weight,” never a bad go-to for a day when the thermostat climbs. This is one you need in your closet now.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Chambray Button-Down Shirt – The Best Men’s Chambray Shirt

The best men's chambray shirt for spring.

Has there ever been a better time to shop the best new men’s gear for spring from Filson? Not quite, if you ask me — it might only be early spring, and you very well might be experiencing one last winter storm, but stocking up on one of the best men’s shirts, to start, is a great way to get the ball rolling with a seasonal wardrobe refresh. Hopefully, you’re well-acquainted with what Filson brings to the table (and to your closet) — they already make one of the most affordable men’s workshirts, not to mention rugged work pants and plenty more, but the Filson Chambray Button-Down is cut from a different cloth, literally and figuratively. It’s a more casual, yet still rugged and functional, clothing option from the famed Pacific Northwest retailer, and in a new, breezy spring color like Rust Chambray, it blends modern good looks with classic style. It’s also a nice addition to Filson’s current lineup of rugged denim, from shirting to hard-wearing indigo selvage.

The Filson Chambray Button-Down checks all the right boxes if you want a versatile men’s shirt with, as Filson says, a “heritage of toughness” — chambray was a fabric, after all, found in workshirts and worn much like denim pants back in the day. Now, you can wear it with everything from tan chinos to indigo jeans — and it gets better from there.

The best chambray shirt for men.

The Filson Chambray Button-Down also comes in neat colors like a throwback-minded Navy Hickory Stripe, all the better to add some vintage style to your spring wardrobe (think of the old shirts and jackets worn by railroad engineers, for instance). Made from a midweight 5 oz. cotton chambray, it’s lightweight enough to wear on its own underneath your favorite chore coat or atop a rugged pocket tee or henley without overheating. It’s still March after all, so temperatures won’t be out of control quite yet. That gives you all the more reason to rock the Filson Chambray Button-Down from now on into summer, especially with the sleeves rolled up on a hot day.

In the meantime though, the Filson Chambray Button-Down is the right move to step into early spring, given the mid-weight design and its utility — it can be worn as a true workshirt, or more casually at the office underneath a spring-like blazer. And yet, when winter rolls around again, the Filson Chambray Button-Down is ready to be worn in proper, rugged fashion with one of the best shawl cardigans for men. You won’t regret picking up this go-anywhere, wear-with-anything shirt for the start of a new season, to say the very least.

The Tuesday Steal: The Best Winter Workshirt Is Under $100 From Filson Right Now

The most extreme conditions require the best gear on the planet, which is where Filson frequently steps in to save the day with, among other things, a full lineup of the best men’s shirts for winter. Such is the case with today’s Tuesday Steal, the Filson Field Flannel Shirt. Simply put, it’s one of the best men’s shirts under $100 on the market (it’s ($98 at Filson), and if you act quickly enough, it can be on its way to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Of course, it’s just part of what’s up for grabs right now at Filson, including one of the most rugged shirt jackets you can find, along with an incredibly affordable beanie cap for winter. In short, there’s little you find at Filson that isn’t overbuilt (in a great way), and yet surprisingly accessible in terms of price — when you consider how much wear you can get out of these pieces, that is.

The Filson Field Flannel Shirt is particularly exceptional in terms of its design, affordability and performance, all of which you should come to expect from the lauded Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter. It also seems to be a hot seller among the entire rotation of Filson men’s shirts, which is no surprise either. To wit: The Filson Field Flannel Shirt is billed as lightweight yet tough, easy to layer and yet warm when worn the right way. It only gets better from there, especially if you seek a reliable layer for outdoor winter pursuits.

Product lifestyle image

Crucially, the Filson Field Flannel Shirt uses a medium-weight 7oz. cotton flannel that’s been garment-washed for softness (and to prevent shrinkage — this is much-needed if you’re layering it over, say a rugged Filson thermal shirt). Two large front-button chest flap pockets provide critical space for your everyday carry essentials and small tools, turning the Filson Field Flannel Shirt into a true workshirt, as opposed to just a casually rugged flannel shirt (never a bad thing to have on hand, either). The Filson Field Flannel Shirt‘s affordability is a big bonus, given that you can wear it with everything from Filson’s indigo blue jeans to work pants and hard-working leather boots.

The Filson Field Flannel Shirt also comes in different colors beyond just your typical flannel shirt, including an eye-catching Legion Blue color (this Brooklyn writer’s personal favorite). Pick it up in one of two different lengths depending on your needs, but know that the Filson Field Flannel Shirt can be worn tucked in or untucked with work pants, some of the best men’s chinos or the aforementioned Filson men’s jeans. Whatever you need to get done this season, the affordably priced, well-made Filson Field Flannel Shirt belongs in your closet — all at a low price considering the versatility you’re getting.

See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants are the Winter Pants You Need Now

As crazy as it might seem, there are times you need to level up your winter menswear even further beyond what you might have previously planned — this is where Filson enters the equation with some of the best men’s pants for winter, of course. Long a trusted heritage gear purveyor (and one of my long-running favorite brands, as many a Filson review indicates), Filson continues to amp things up when you need it the most. This goes for staple pieces like a winter-ready down shirt jacket, and of course, the Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants. It’s practically the perfect point in winter to wear these extremely rugged, hard-working pants, as you very well might be in the throes of a polar vortex right now. Here’s where the remarkable Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants can help you out in a big way, especially if snow shoveling or the rest of your outdoor-centric to-do list just can’t wait.

Perhaps you’re already well-aware of the durability and hard-wearing benefits of the Filson Dry Tin Pants, which are truly unstoppable in most conditions. The key here is both the 100 percent dry finish Tin Cloth cotton, which is then souped up with 8-ounce Alaskan Guide Flannel fabric on the interior. It’s the best of both worlds, turned into a pair of the best men’s pants for winter.

Now, the Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants have proven a surprisingly hot seller despite a higher price tag than other pairs of Filson men’s pants, including the excellent Filson Rail-Splitter Jeans. They retail for $225 at Filson, a fair price when you consider they’re a durable pair of work pants designed to take on snow and wet conditions. The flannel lining of the aptly named Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants should add another layer of comfort and warmth, especially if you wear them in frigid conditions with, say, a Filson merino base layer. You very well might not need it with these tough Filson work pants, though — they’re just that exceptionally well-made.

Particularly when the conditions call for it, like a day in the field or the garage, the Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants are going to work exactly as hard as you need them to work. But if you feel like adding a bit of casually rugged style to your off-duty pursuits, you could even team these flannel-lined pants with a thermal henley and a waxed trucker jacket for a casual night out on the town grabbing beers at your local watering hole. And if the day involves everything from a wintry park stroll to an afternoon coffee, then I say you should give the Filson Flannel-Lined Dry Tin Cloth Pants a shot, even moreso if you’re wearing dependable Filson leather boots. Winter days are going to be a whole lot more manageable with your new favorite pair of winter pants — trust me.

The Friday Read: The Filson Winter Clearing Sale, New Gear at UNCRATE & Deals on Myles Apparel

Winter Clearing | Take 40% Off Select Filson Goods

My friends, welcome to a holiday Friday and New Year’s Eve, if you can believe it or not! I’m ever so grateful you’ve taken time out of your holidays — and your work day, and your weekend — to read this blog throughout the year and particularly today. When I started this blog back in college eight years ago, I had no idea where it would help take me (I.E. New York City for fashion PR and freelance writing). I could go on and on, but for now, thank you and Happy New Year! Let’s close out the year the right way. For me, that means keeping a weather eye out on the best menswear deals, especially the deal at the top of the page: The Filson Winter Clearing Sale, a rare chance to get 40 percent off select goods through January 17th at one of the best online menswear stores. A sale like this doesn’t come around very often, to be sure. Of course, my Filson reviews have covered the brand’s legendary array of hard-working goods, and these offerings are no different. How’s that to close out one year and start the next, right? Sounds pretty ideal to me.

So, you’ve got a menswear sale to shop. What’s on your the rest of your agenda today for New Year’s Eve? If your plans include a safe seasonal gathering to end the year, you might want to check out my guide to what to wear on New Year’s Eve for The Manual, particularly if your plans involve a refined evening party. Time to suit up, folks! Before the evening rolls around though, I’ve got just a few more picks for you to read about and shop today as we close out 2021. Here’s to an “onward and upward” start to 2022, and here’s to a safe, happy and healthy New Year’s Eve. Cheers!

Men's Style | Uncrate
  • In search of one of the best watches for men to start the new year, or really, are you on the hunt for any of the best men’s gear right now? I’ve talked about this resource before, but undoubtedly, the UNCRATE Supply Shop is my recommendation for covetable, drool-worthy and investment-level menswear in each and every category you can dream up. Consider this another reminder as we start the new year that UNCRATE serves up the coolest gear for men.
Myles Apparel | Activewear | Workout Clothes, Shorts, Shirts, Joggers
  • Let’s dive into one more winter style pick to send you off into your weekend, shall we? The naval-born peacoat, a staple of the high seas, is one of the coolest and best men’s jackets for winter you can buy, with all the warmth and style you could dream up. With that being said, I wrote about the best peacoats for men over at Fatherly, featuring an appearance from a personal favorite, the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. Time to bundle up, folks!

Well, my friends, that’s all I’ve got for you as we (incredibly) close out 2021 and look towards a better and brighter 2022. Thanks so much for reading, for shopping the blog and for supporting my work — again, it means the world! And with that being said, here’s but one more reading item for you to peruse as we roll into a new year. The best leather boots for men, especially a pair from HELM, come in mighty handy in all situations, especially this blustery winter season. I wrote all about the Austin-based brand, making footwear that’s assuredly part of stepping into a new year in style. Once again, Happy New Year and here’s to a stylish 2022!

The Thursday Buy: The Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt is the Warmest Jacket to Buy for Winter

The search for one of the best winter jackets to wear as you fight the cold just got a little quicker and easier, if you ask me. That’s because the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt has just hit shelves at the revered heritage outfitter, and it’s here just in the nick of time to change up all of your rugged winter layering. It’s one of the best winter jackets for men for a myriad number of reasons, a veritable laundry list of positive attributes that only a brand like Filson — with a century’s worth of high-quality gear production — can bring to the table. It takes both your favorite puffer jacket and your favorite flannel shirt and blends them together in a way that’s performance-minded, up for anything and as reliable as it gets for winter weather.

The Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt is rooted in the past in terms of extreme warmth in extreme conditions, and yet ready for the present day with a relatively streamlined fit and next-level insulation. In fact, to hear Filson tell it themselves, they say that the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt is “virtually weightless and boasting the warmth of a parka.” How’s that for one of the best men’s winter jackets, right?

And it’s not hyperbole when it comes to the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt, either. The water-resistant 2oz. nylon (yes, only 2 ounces) is super-lightweight, yet treated to resist water, so rain, sleet and snow don’t stand a chance. Responsibly sourced and traced goose down gives the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt a ton of warm (yet still lightweight!) insulation, and this rugged shirt jacket should offer up a classic fit that’s easy to layer over one of Filson’s flannel shirts or another extremely warm piece, one of the best henleys for men from Filson. It’s like getting multiple jackets in one, since you can wear it over a flannel shirt and a thermal, or you can ditch the flannel and replace it with a crewneck sweater for even more winter warmth.

The Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt also looks surprisingly cool and stylish, thanks to the contrasting snap-front closure hardware and richly crafted colors like Dark Tan. Think of it like a more casual replacement for your puffer jacket, then feel free to wear it with slim dark blue jeans and rugged leather boots for casual style scenarios. Of course, the Filson Lightweight Down Jac-Shirt can also handle plenty of rough-and-tumble work when the going gets tough. For $250 at Filson, it’s a downright steal and one of the best men’s winter jackets to shop now. Here’s to the season ahead, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Watch Cap Beanie Is the Best Winter Hat to Shop Now

Product lifestyle image

When the weather turns especially treacherous this winter season, there’s one brand that’s going to come through in the clutch above all others, and that’s Filson. The Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter has long excelled at outfitting plenty of outdoorsman for rugged pursuits aplenty, and that includes stylish guys like yourself, even if you’re more inclined to dress for the city than the country. Enter the Filson Watch Cap Beanie, one of the best winter hats for men and an unstoppably warm yet surprisingly stylish and utterly classic men’s winter hat meant for just about anything. It’s got plenty of quality design and a reputation that precedes itself, plus it’s priced under $50 — for an investment-level winter hat you’ll have for years, that’s not a bad thing at all. It also doesn’t hurt that the this essential, no-nonsense winter hat falls right in line with the rest of the brand’s famously well-made style picks, like the best winter coat to the best thermal henley for men. It also helps that the Filson Watch Cap Beanie is a prime way to top off a winter ensemble that’s already heavy on Filson gear to fight off the cold.

The Filson Watch Cap Beanie checks off all the right boxes at every turn, from the use of USA-sourced wool to the thick knit and the agreeable price (again, the Filson Watch Cap Beanie is priced at under $50, a downright steal if you pick up the versatile Olive option that you can wear most every single day).

The Filson Watch Cap Beanie is a bestseller for the brand for a reason, chiefly because it protects so astutely against the cold, from blizzards to blustery days and beyond. You can extend or reduce the coverage on your noggin thanks to the adjustable cuff, akin to the old-school fisherman beanie caps that served seafaring explorers so well. You can also snag the Filson Watch Cap Beanie in a more vibrant Flame color if you’d like to wear it for pursuits in the field, like hunting or fishing. But back in town, the Filson Watch Cap Beanie also looks pretty neat when you wear it to top off a waxed trucker jacket and your favorite pair of blue jeans. When you find a winter accessory that’s both rugged and casual, I recommend you lean into picking it up as soon as possible (remember, the Filson Watch Cap Beanie retails for under $50!). That sure sounds like one of the best men’s winter hats, does it not?

It’s the type of hat made to last through both everyday wear and adventures in the field, as you’ve come to expect from Filson. And the fact that it’s both affordable and yet high-quality should provide a serious upgrade from other winter hats in your rotation. In fact, if I had to guess, I’d say the Filson Watch Cap Beanie is going to be the last winter hat you buy for a long time. If you end up trying it out, let me know in the comments below. Cheers and stay warm out there!

The Sunday Sale: Buy the Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Men Under $100 at Filson

Filson: The Filson Holiday Gift Guide Is Here | Milled

The clock is surely ticking if you want to stock up on the best Christmas gifts for guys, particularly the best Christmas gifts for the man who appreciates rugged style in spades. This, my friends, is where the Filson Holiday Gift Guide should prove especially handy, and consider this a helpful reminder if you still need to round out your shopping for the man who appreciates heritage style (and at prices your wallet can appreciate, too). There’s a wide range of men’s gifts under $100 at Filson, from watch caps to rugged thermal henleys, to name but two categories. Now, you should certainly act quickly if you hope to get your gift or gifts under the tree in time for the big day next weekend, but Filson’s got you covered with variety and again, critical and rugged style in spades. Knit gloves, warm socks and even a cool trucker hat and a durable, seasonally friendly log carrier are all up for grabs via the Filson Holiday Gift Guide, believe it or not. In the interest of giving you time to shop and save, I’ll leave you with this directive: Go give Filson a good look right now to get gifts every rugged guy will appreciate this season. Happy shopping, my friends!