Style Pick of the Week: Filson x Ten Thousand Performance Collection

The right gear for grueling conditions sometimes comes from places you expect — like Filson, the rugged Pacific Northwest outfitters — and other times, from places a bit more unexpected. So, for instance, you might be very well acquainted with Filson‘s penchant for making the best leather boots and the best flannel shirts for men, but what about training gear?

That’s where the Filson x Ten Thousand capsule collection comes into play, bridging the gap between rugged, tough outdoors appeal and the modern innovation for which Ten Thousand is well-known. The brand is trusted by athletes and often also put to the test by the U.S. Special Forces — this is gear that doesn’t cut any corners.

And thankfully, the Filson x Ten Thousand Collection is back online for the second year in a row and back by popular demand, at that, with all of the proper gear you need for grueling conditions, outdoor training sessions and a bit of everything in between.

Crucially, the Filson x Ten Thousand Collection uses tech fabrics, like four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, anti-odor fibers, to really build out essentials like the Filson x Ten Thousand Zip Hoodie and even the durable, dependable Filson x Ten Thousand Training Socks (yes, workout socks are critical to fueling everything from outdoor hikes to city training sessions).

And within the well-curated, four-piece Filson x Ten Thousand Collection, you’ll also find the ever-popular Filson x Ten Thousand Tactical Shorts, a highlight of last year’s offering. No matter how frequently you hit the trail or the gym, the exceptionally well-designed, endlessly tough and fast-selling Filson x Ten Thousand Collection should be part of your next training session — act now before it flies off digital shelves again.

See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Uplander Boots are the Most Rugged Leather Boots to Shop This Winter

Best men's leather boots for winter

By now, you’ve likely realized this winter that the right gear (starting from the ground up) can make or break a day spent in the great outdoors or around town. Lace up the wrong winter boots and you’ll realize it right away, as I like to say. On the other hand, lace up some of the best winter boots for men, and navigating slippery streets might start to even seem… dare I say it… somewhat easy? Or easier than most days, particularly if the Filson Uplander Boots are the rugged leather boots you’ve got on your feet.

Naturally, Filson has a long-running penchant for delivering overbuilt, seriously cool gear for men that works and works — and works, no matter the weather. Of course, Filson wool outerwear and Filson shirt jackets are especially impressive, but the Filson Uplander Boots are worth considering (and investing in), as well.

For starters, note the taller 10-inch shaft height, ideal for winter coverage, and pay special attention to the tongue, which is gusseted with the brand’s famed Tin Cloth fabric for protection against moisture.

Best winter boots for men.

The Filson Uplander Boots are well-built in plenty of different areas big and small, for good measure. The heavyweight full-grain leather is oil-tanned for both supple performance and long-lasting durability, while the seams on the Filson Uplander Boots have been sealed for weather-ready protection. The sole is done up with a Goodyear welt for years of wear (like any great Filson product), and the Filson Uplander Boots are also outfitted with a sturdy rubber lug sole.

Taken altogether, the Filson Uplander Boots perfectly fuse heirloom style and modern performance in a way that looks positively great from day to night. The rich brown leather will fade and break in even further over time, making the Filson Uplander Boots a useful style move with tan chinos (perhaps flannel-lined?) or inky blue Filson selvedge denim.

And yes, the Filson Uplander Boots boast a price tag of nearly $400, but if you’ve tried any gear from Filson lately, you know they’re certainly worth the investment.

The Thursday Buy: Save 30 Percent On the Iconic Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt for Winter

Regardless of how much time you spend off the grid (or wielding an axe!) in the great outdoors, there’s no denying the utility and classically rugged appeal of one of the best men’s flannel shirts, right? Perhaps you share something in common with your favorite Brooklyn style writer (me!) — I simply, seemingly can’t have too many of the best flannel shirts for men in my winter style rotation, and that includes the newly discounted Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt.

It’s up for grabs right now at a mighty fine discount (30 percent, to be exact), the sort of deal that only seems to crop up when the Filson Winter Sale rolls through town. That sale only runs through January 17th, so you ‘d do well to pick up an expertly crafted, timeless shirt made for the great outdoors (or the great “indoors” these days, as it were).

The Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt performs and wears like it’s been in the Filson line for decades, what with its soft and durable cotton twill construction, and things only get better from there.

The Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt is made from a hard-wearing yet soft-to-the-touch 8.5oz. cotton twill that’s been brushed for (as Filson says), “softness and thermal retention.” It’s the sort of tough yet comfortable shirt you can throw on as an overshirt through casual cabin weekends or days in front of the fire at home, yet the Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt should also work reliably as a mid-layer atop a Filson thermal shirt and beneath one of Filson’s legendary jackets.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt boasts double-needle stitching at key stress points, not to mention military-grade melamine buttons. Better still is the fact that the Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt also features two front-button chest pockets, all the more useful when it comes time to store your EDC essentials.

And for good measure, your new favorite flannel shirt comes in seven timeless colors and patterns — and as a reminder, the Filson Winter Sale means it’s 30 percent off right now until January 17th. A stellar deal on a future heirloom shirt? Sounds mighty tough to pass up today, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Save 30 Percent On Select Gear at the Filson Winter Sale

Best Filson menswear

If you read the blog on the regular, you’re never one to pass up the best menswear deals, right? I’d wager that’s particularly true when given the chance to shop some of the best heritage menswear on the market, the kind that doesn’t go on sale all that often. And because it’s Sunday, where we dive into the best sales on menswear out there, it’s high time you hopped over to Filson to shop the Filson Winter Sale from the legendary Pacific Northwest adventure outfitter.

The Filson Winter Sale is one not to be missed, and I don’t say that lightly: You can get 30 percent off select Filson products, including a wide assortment of some of the best, warmest winter menswear and outdoor gear. Again, sales like this don’t roll through town very often, so a word to the wise: You’ve got until January 17th to shop the Filson Winter Sale, so act accordingly right now.

Best Filson menswear to buy now.

What sort of deals are on offer this season at the Filson Winter Sale? Well, there’s more than you can shake a stick at, but I’ve personally got my eye on the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket for a very nice 30 percent off, along with the Filson Field Flannel Insulated Shirt at 30 percent off.

Of course, there are more than 100 items currently available at discounts, with plenty of ’em selling fast through the Filson Winter Sale. And must-haves like the Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt are up for grabs at a discount of 30 percent, and again, these gear picks are selling fast. When you want to save on durable, heritage-quality gear for brisk weather, head over to the Filson Winter Sale ASAP. Cheers to a new year, my friends!

See Now, Buy Now: Save 30% Today Only On This Rugged Filson Jacket

Most rugged jacket for men.

My friends, we aren’t quite done yet with the best Cyber Week menswear deals from plenty of your favorite brands, including revered retailers that rarely offer up styles for sale. One such revered retailer might be Filson, longtime Pacific Northwest gear purveyors, and a brand that doesn’t run all that many sales (try two a year).

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

That’s what makes today’s deal on one of the best jackets for men so essential, and so short-lived. So, here goes: Today only, get 30% off the Filson Vintage Wash Moleskin Work Coat. Yes, that’s right: Today only, and 30% off up for grabs.

Best men's rain jacket.

Oh, and that’s not all. You can also score 30% off the Filson All Season Rain Coat in Root, a wise choice if you need one of the best rain jackets for a more temperate climate (check out that jacket above). Once again, that stylish men’s rain coat (made from the brand’s rugged, weather-ready Shelter Cloth) is 30% off as part of Filson Cyber Monday deals, and you can only get it today.

Most rugged men's work jacket.

If you ask me, those are two seriously rugged wardrobe upgrades worth making, especially the Filson Vintage Wash Moleskin Work Coat, what with its pre-washed construction, hard-wearing yet soft cotton build, cool Dark Navy color and four everyday carry pockets. Heck, why not buy two new Filson men’s jackets right now, ehh?

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

So, to sum it up quickly so you can get back to shopping Filson Cyber Week deals: Save 30% today only on two of Filson’s best jackets. Good luck out there, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Gear Up and Hit the Road with Filson’s Large Rugged Duffle

Fall is a prime season for many things, chief among them gearing up in rugged fashion to hit the road in style. I’m a big fan of fall road trips through the Northeast and beyond, and if you happen to feel the same way, then I’ve got just the bag for you to shop on this crisp fall day. One of the best men’s duffle bags in question comes from Filson, the famed Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter we’ve been talking about quite a bit on the blog. It’s a legendary piece in its own right — that’d be the Filson Large Duffle — with the sort of pedigree and functionality that nearly speaks for itself (not unlike some of the best men’s wool coats from Filson, for instance).

The Filson Large Duffle carries forward the sort of utility and style you’d expect from a brand that’s been making nothing but the best outdoor gear for more than a century, with both the specs and style to live up to the name. Filson boasts that this hard-wearing duffle bag is made from industrial-strength fabric that’s been lightly waxed, all the better to stand up to rain, wind and more.

Best fall travel bag for men.

For good measure, the ridiculously well-made Filson Large Duffle features tough yet handsome bridle leather by way of reinforced handles and extra durability at key stress points. Of course, the Filson Large Duffle also boasts crucial carrying capacity for long weekends and well beyond, by way of 75 liters of volume to haul everything from Filson flannel shirts to your new favorite hiking boots.

And because it’s a famed brand we’re talking about here, the Filson Large Duffle doesn’t skimp on style points, either — note the Otter Green color, all the better to nicely complement any travel outfit, especially one featuring, say, Filson indigo denim. The next time you hit the road this fall and winter, make sure it’s the Filson Large Duffle you’re packing up.

See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Alaskan Guide Shirt is One of the Warmest Flannel Shirts to Wear Right Now

Best men's flannel shirt to buy now.

If you’ve been following the blog as of late, you might recall that it’s what I now like to refer to as, well, “Filson weather” — the time of year where it’s ideal to wear one of the best men’s flannel shirts, one of the best men’s wool jackets, and plenty of other rugged gear designed to keep you warm in style.

Right now, there’s one category in particular that’s worth your time and hard-earned cash, and that’s the shirt on your back. Specifically, look to the legendary Pacific Northwest brand to get the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt, one of the warmest flannel shirts to wear right now (and one of the most classic, at that).

The Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt checks all the right boxes as you look for reliable style and rugged performance, to say the least. As far as Filson flannel shirts are concerned, it strikes the right middle ground between the spring and summer-friendly Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt and the brand’s heavier shirt jackets, with an 8 oz. cotton flannel build made from brushed cotton twill for soft comfort right out of the box. And I’d wager you’ll definitely want to wear the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt out of the box, even if you’re not in the Great White North. It’s sturdy but comfortable, and impossibly classic — but it only gets better from there.

Color options like Bottle Green or the timeless Red-and-Black design of the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt work in any style situation, especially more casual winter affairs when worn with Filson indigo denim or tan chinos (yes, Filson makes some of the best jeans for men, too). Plus, the oversized front flap chest pockets on the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt, along with its classic fit, make it easy to layer as an overshirt with room for your everyday carry in extreme conditions.

Style the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt as a mid-layer underneath a Filson waxed jacket for good measure, or wear it as a comfortable shirt jacket to grab some toasty winter beers. The possibilities are nearly endless with a shirt as well-made as the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt — make sure you add one to your wardrobe ASAP.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Hiker Boots – The Best Fall Hiking Boots for Men

Best hiking boots for men

Sometimes, it takes the perfect menswear partnership to make you think differently about a certain category. Take the best men’s hiking boots, for instance. Hiking boots are certainly functional, but they’re not often all that sleek, stylish or rugged, and not often all three of those things at once — until the advent of the Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Hiking Boots, that is. Think of them like your new favorite pair of hiking boots, and an ideal partnership between Portland-based Danner and legendary Pacific Northwest heritage retailer Filson. Does it get much better than that? Certainly not in my book.

After all, the good folks at Filson definitely know how to outfit guys with the best rugged gear for men, from warm wool jackets to dependable denim and of course, A-plus footwear (not limited to just the Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Hiking Boots, of course). The two brands have, of course, teamed up on the best early fall boots, and this partnership returns just in time for you to get off-trail — or at least get to a cabin getaway — for brisk seasonal adventures. Let’s look more at what makes ’em tick, shall we?

Best fall hiking boots for men.

The Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Hiking Boots are reliable in all the right ways from the ground up, starting with the flexible, lightweight-yet-grippy Vibram outsole for springy comfort on muddy, slick trails. Plus, the Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Hiking Boots are fully waterproof and inspired by the spirit of the great outdoors connecting the two brands — think of them like the perfect blend of throwback Filson style and modern Danner footwear performance. The end result? Easily some of the best hiking boots for men.

Leather and textile GORE-TEX uppers are blended with mesh for breathability while still keeping that crucial waterproof performance intact. They’re the ideal hybrid design to meet the demands of the trail and the town (the Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Hiking Boots are certainly more like sneaker boots than traditional hikers, for starters).

You can wear these stylish, reliable hikers with Filson’s Tin Cloth Pants or with stretch jeans, and of course, the Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Hiking Boots wear nicely with Filson flannel shirting or your favorite henley. The right mix of performance and style is yours for under $220 with this exceptional pair of collaborative boots.

The Thursday Buy: Filson’s Lineup of Rugged Wool Jackets Are As Classic and Warm As It Gets

Alright, my friends. I’m going to keep today’s post brief, functional, stylish and highly rugged. That means I’m going to recommend you shop the impossibly cool, classic and dependable lineup of Filson wool jackets to layer up for fall and winter. The Pacific Northwest gear purveyor has quite the pedigree when it comes to the best cold-weather gear, as you know if you read the blog, and that includes a whole lineup of durable wool jackets, from the Lined Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt to the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket. These jackets are burly, dependable, super-warm and even a touch stylish for days off the grid and back in town. Prices start at under $300 for the collection, so give these heirloom pieces a look ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Scout Shirt Is the Most Rugged Men’s Shirt for Fall

Best men's fall shirt

When the going gets tough, the tough layer up with the best fall gear from Filson. That’s how your humble Brooklyn style writer feels, anyway, and there’s never been a better time than right now to get one of the best men’s shirts for fall — just in time for chilly weather and changing leaves, of course. I’d wager that you don’t need me to tell you that the Filson Scout Shirt checks all the right boxes, from rugged functionality to dependable style, especially when worn with menswear classics like Filson blue jeans and rugged leather boots.

I’ll keep it brief today, because this shirt, what with its durable, yarn-dyed fabric, classic, easy-to-layer fit and hard-wearing design, is worth shopping now — as I like to say, “See Now, Buy Now” with the best fall menswear from Filson.