The Thursday Buy: Filson’s Double Layer Henley is the Best Base Layer for Fall

Keep your rotation well-stocked for fall when it comes to the best menswear for fall, and you’ll never run out of the right gear to rock. Start with your base layers, like the Filson Double Layer Henley, and things only get better from there. It’s part of the outstanding and perfectly fall-minded Filson New Arrivals section, one that’s worth scouring for hours on end in its own right. But it’s one of the best men’s henleys that you’re really going to need these days, especially as the weather turns colder and you add other outfit essentials atop the ever-so-rugged Filson Double Layer Henley. Filson says you can wear this shirt all by itself or as that always-critical base layer, which is just the beginning when it comes to its list of standout features.

Get ready for fall with Filson’s New Arrivals

The heritage retailer has you covered

And when it comes down to it, one of the best henleys for men is just a staple piece that every guy looks good wearing. The multi-button placket provides more visual interest than just a crewneck T-shirt or sweatshirt, making it an easy contrasting layer beneath, say, a rugged Filson flannel shirt. In fact, you can wear this shirt buttoned all the way up or unbuttoned slightly to regulate airflow. Henley shirts were worn originally for athletic pursuits (rowing on the River Thames in Great Britain), and they needed to function as both a warm base layer and a sporting shirt, and the Filson Double Layer Henley carries on that lineage nicely (no matter if you’re not much of a rower — neither am I!). The Filson Double Layer Henley checks all the right boxes in terms of fabric and fit, too.

Let’s start with the fabric when it comes down to one of the best henleys for men. Filson is using a jersey cotton blend in a double-knit design with both cotton and polyester. It’s also made with rib knit cuffs and collar, meaning you can customize the sleeve length to your liking as you layer underneath the Filson Mackinaw Jacket or the aforementioned rugged Filson flannel shirt. And because it’s Filson, you also get variety in matters of style: Take your pick between four colors, each wearable with plenty of other Filson style staples (the Dark Navy or Fir might be my personal favorite).

Whether you wear it under a waxed jacket for a fall day hike, on its own for a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning or layered underneath a chambray shirt for a day in the yard, the Filson Double Layer Henley is your new go-to fall henley (that’s saying quite a lot in a crowded market). It’s just the Filson way.

See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Western Flannel Shirt is One of the Coolest Fall Shirts to Layer Up With Now

Where to turn to when you need a rugged, dependable and warm layer for fall, like one of the best men’s flannel shirts? That’s easy, and if you’ve ever had any experience with today’s featured brand, you’re surely aware that they can deliver the goods when it comes to essential fall shirting. I’m talking, of course, about the Filson Western Flannel Shirt, a stellar new offering from the famed Pacific Northwest heritage retailer. Hopefully, you’ve done your fair share of shopping in recent weeks from places like the well-stocked Filson Last Chance Sale section, but if not, here’s your chance to dive into Filson’s New Arrivals in full force, because the Filson Western Flannel is one of the most rugged and well-made shirts you’re apt to find on the market right now. It’s everything you could want from a fresh take on the classic Western shirt, especially considering Filson’s long-standing commitment to both style points and hard-wearing construction.

Stock up on fall flannel now

Filson has the best men’s shirts on the market

The Filson Western Flannel is a perfect happy medium between other shirts in your closet: It’s not as formal or buttoned-up as an Oxford shirt, it’s got an in-between weight compared to a shirt jacket, and yet, it can work comfortably in most any style situation or fall pursuit. That goes for road trips and days around town in equal measure, because the Faded Black color is perfectly cool to throw on with, say, a pair of Filson indigo denim for day-to-night style. Of course, because it’s Filson, the ultra-dependable Filson Western Flannel packs in a whole lot of functionality, too.

The Filson Western Flannel Shirt stands apart from other flannel shirts in your rotation thanks to the use of 6.2oz. brushed cotton twill flannel, a substantial, sturdy and yet not too heavy fabric that’s ideal for wearing on its own or layering atop a rugged Filson henley, for starters. You also get the sort of Western detailing that’s both throwback-inspired and surprisingly of the moment, with curved and pointed front and back yokes, just like Western shirts in days gone by. The Filson Western Flannel Shirt also amps things up a notch with faux-horn buttons for distinctive contrast against the faded black cotton twill flannel.

The Filson Western Flannel Shirt has plenty going for it in terms of style points, with the right sort of weight to be layered atop a graphic T-shirt or a Filson thermal shirt most of the time. And then, when temperatures really start to plummet, the Filson Western Flannel can be worn beneath a Filson waxed jacket for warmth and weather-ready style. The potential mileage in terms of wearability is nearly limitless when you really step back and look at the quality and the durable build of this Western flannel shirt. It all gets better when you also step back and look at the relatively fair price tag ($135 at Filson). Considering this could quickly become a go-to flannel shirt, it’s pretty clear to me that you need the Filson Western Flannel in your closet ASAP.

The Thursday Buy: Filson Has Crafted the Best Field Jacket for Men This Fall

When building your fall wardrobe packed with men’s style essentials, you’ve got to have certain pieces you can count on in the clutch. Luckily, Filson makes plenty of pieces you can count on in the clutch, and the Pacific Northwest outfitter has been doing that for 100-plus years. There are rugged outdoor staples aplenty in the Filson lineup, but its newer releases pass muster, too. And if there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to the exceptional Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket, it’s that it won’t let you down in matters of functionality and style in extreme conditions through fall and winter. That sounds like an ideal place to start if you want to stock your wardrobe with the best fall outerwear, does it not? It’s a jacket designed for all manner of outdoor pursuits, but it’ll particularly appeal to hunters, or anyone who spends a ton of time in the field. In fact, look at it like this: This Filson field jacket is just about the most versatile, hard-wearing and durable field jacket you’re apt to find this fall.

It’s made the way only Filson can dream up a piece of outerwear, starting with the kind of fabrication you’re not going to get anywhere else. This isn’t an overly flimsy rain poncho, nor is it a puffer jacket that’s too hot to carry you through the sometimes unexpectedly balmy and rainy weather of early fall). It’s one of the best men’s field jackets, made with 100 percent nylon featuring a breathable waterproof membrane, a crucial touch designed to keep you cool in the field and on the go. Three layers here separate it from other rain jackets, including the polyester tricot backing for a bit of added warmth in the field and on the go. Long story short: The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket is going to keep you warm and dry on fall adventures aplenty.

Get the perfect field jacket for fall

Layer up right now with Filson

As with every piece of gear from Filson, the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket is made to exacting standards: It’s fully seam sealed, ensuring no water gets out or in. That’s another added level of versatility: It’s both a rain jacket and a traditional field jacket (note the front hip patch pockets with gussets for added storage space). Interior pockets add even more storage potential for all your everyday carry essentials while also keeping ’em dry at the same time. And like traditional field jackets, the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket features an adjustable hood and Velcro cuffs to truly customize your fit. It’s the kind of jacket that’s going to perform admirably in, well, the field.

And yet, you can also wear the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket in casual style situations across the city. Try it with some Filson men’s denim, one of the best Oxford shirts and rugged Filson leather boots for high-low style suited for an outdoor beer garden or a weekend coffee date. And be sure you’ve got the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket close at hand for weekend tailgates and fall road trips, because it offers all the utility you need from sunrise to sunset. And when you want to trek out into the field wearing, say, Filson Dry Tin Pants and a Filson thermal shirt, you’ve got the perfect piece of outerwear in your rotation already. What are you waiting for? Go score one of the best men’s field jackets now.

SHOP: The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket

The Sunday Sale: Get 60 Percent Off Rugged Fall Gear in the Filson Last Chance Section

Filson | American Heritage Outerwear, Clothing, Bags & More

There are all kinds of ways to stock up and save on the best new gear for fall right now, be it a classic men’s sweatshirt, some new men’s grooming essentials or, well, the rugged menswear up for grabs right now in the well-stocked (but fast-selling) Filson Last Chance Section. I’ve got no doubt that the best fall menswear is also up for grabs elsewhere on the Filson site, naturally, but if you want a hard-to-find deal from the famed Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter, then you now know just the place to go. While the Filson New Arrivals section is certainly well-stocked, it always pays to save some dough, especially when you’re planning for fall road trips, concerts or festivals, right? No doubt about it.

I’ll keep things fairly brief today in this edition of the Sunday Sale, because there are plenty of picks to shop when it comes down to the best on-sale fall menswear. Chief among them, I love the utility of the Filson Kitsap Work Shirt, which is the ideal layer to throw on atop a Filson henley through chilly fall weather on tough days when you’ve got to get the job done. Of course, the ultra-warm and super well-made Filson Acrylic Watch Cap Beanie is a perfect fall and winter accessory as well, and it’s on sale right now for one heck of a deal. It’s tough to go wrong when you can get 60 percent off at the Filson Last Chance Section, so be sure to take your time sorting through the best fall menswear sale out there. Happy shopping, my friends.

Shop the best Filson sale gear right now

Stock up for fall early with stellar deals

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Denim Work Shirt – The Most Rugged Fall Work Shirt

Early fall inches ever closer, and with it comes the promise of all the very best things in life: Crisp fall breezes, Oktoberfest beer, lilting folk songs, rugged denim overshirts… wait, denim overshirts? Of course, and this isn’t a game where one of these things isn’t like the others. A durable denim work shirt, kind of like the rough-and-tumble Filson Denim Work Shirt, is a stellar fall layer to buy right now, and then wear as often as you can. You’ll even get a pass if you break it out before Labor Day around a bonfire, trust me. That’s what I’d do, but then again, that seems to be the goal with most of the rugged menswear produced by Seattle’s Filson: These are pieces made to explore, to get work done, and to layer up time and time again.

And of course, if you’re like me and are merely looking for a sensible, stylish overshirt to wear on waterfront strolls and brewery visits, the classic Filson Denim Work Shirt is still a safe bet. It’s part of the always-epic and durable Filson New Arrivals section, which is a harbinger of things to come in the months ahead. What exactly lies ahead from Filson? More of the best early fall menswear, and that’s an understatement. But back to one of the best work shirts for men in the meantime.

SHOP: The Filson Denim Work Shirt

You know you can trust the specs on any Filson workwear piece (the brand has more than a century’s worth of experience making ’em, after all), and the Filson Denim Work Shirt lives up readily to that illustrious billing. It’s made from the brand’s heavy-duty cotton denim, the kind to develop a nice patina the more you wear it. At 14.5oz., it’s heavy and tough, most likely heavier than any selvedge denim you own. Filson, as it turns out, also makes some of the best men’s jeans, should you be in the market.

The point is, the Filson Denim Work Shirt with metal wreath buttons and tough rivets at the notched and slotted chest pockets, is tough as nails, but made to break in over time. Those two chest pockets are enough to hold crucial EDC items, which Filson also happens to do a bang-up job at crafting. The Filson Denim Work Shirt layers up atop a favorite fall henley on a cool morning, it wears easily over a classic pocket tee once the day’s work is done, and it’ll certainly work as hard as you do. Try it and see for yourself.

SHOP: The Filson Denim Work Shirt

The Friday Read: Filson New Arrivals, Aether Apparel’s Sale & A Michigan Getaway

My friends, welcome back to another edition of The Friday Read, your guide to the latest and greatest menswear and gear for your weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly got rugged menswear top of mind this weekend, and for a couple reasons. In dealing with the heat in NYC and Michigan (as part of a family vacation I’m taking Up North!), I’ve been adding some items from the Filson New Arrivals section to my wish list — I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely coveting some of the best fall menswear right about now. Do you have any favorites from the venerable Pacific Northwest retailer?

Shop Filson’s New Arrivals

Rugged fall gear awaits you

That brings me to another point, and one that’s especially fitting given the Filson heritage of making durable outdoor gear. I’ve got some essentials packed with me this weekend to head “Up North,” as we call the northern Lower Peninsula of my home state of Michigan. It’s my first time back in a year, and quite a bit has changed since on, well, all fronts. I can’t wait to see family (and some college friends prior to that!), and I’ll be outfitted the right way all the while (head to Filson to outfit yourself for the season ahead, while we’re here). Beyond that, I’ll highlight a few of my favorite seasonal picks below. And one last word to the wise: If you prefer your menswear shopping with a side of music and craft beer, as I do, then I’d head over to my music-menswear-craft beer newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, which features a bit of all three (and Saturday’s will take a look at the new album from The Killers. one of my favorite bands, in particular). The choice is all yours, but I don’t think you can go wrong. In the meantime, here’s the rest of your Friday Read. Cheers!

The List: Shop for the Best New Spring Style Essentials from Aether Apparel  | The Style Guide
  • Now, it’s not every day that one of the best menswear sales comes around. And it’s not every single day that Aether Apparel, makers of some of the best rugged performance menswear out there, drops a sale that’ll make you sit up and take notice. The brand, which I talked about here in a piece on the best men’s gear for spring, is offering up to 60 percent off jackets, sweaters, vests, tees, pants, bags, and more for men (and women), now through August 15th. It’s a sale packed with quality essentials that’s truly not to be missed. Start shopping!

Shop the Aether Apparel End-of-Season Sale

Score great deals on the best menswear
  • Speaking of great deals on great gear, how’s this for one of the best new menswear collections around? Just as we talked about earlier with Filson, it’s high time to start planning, slowly but surely, for early fall. Head over to Grayers, makers of classic chinos, tailored Oxford shirts and super-soft flannel shirts, to get some of the best early fall gear right now. It’s hard to pass up rugged henleys, easy-to-layer shirting and timeless chinos, right? There’s no wrong way to go with Grayers New Arrivals, in my opinion.
  • Speaking of rugged henleys, here’s yet another way to outfit yourself in style this season. Over at Fatherly, a really great parenting and lifestyle site for new dads and guys of any age, I wrote all about the best henleys for early fall from some of my favorite brands, including Buck Mason and seven other standout favorites. Shop accordingly, my friends.

Get yourself a Buck Mason henley now

Add a prime fall layer to your closet

So, that’s where we’ll leave things in today’s Friday Read — that gives you more than enough time to shop for the weekend, does it not? I’ll give you one last recommendation before Friday kicks off in earnest. You’re going to want to keep your grooming on-point from summer into fall, and you should do that by checking out my guide to the best natural deodorant from American Provenance over in this blog post. Keep it classy and sharp, folks. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week!

The Sunday Sale: Get the Best Men’s Gear on Sale at the Filson Summer Clearing

My friends, the best menswear sales like this one don’t come around very often, so pay close attention: You can get up to 50 percent off at the Filson Summer Clearing Sale, but not for long. Not for very long indeed, in fact, so be sure to shop the best deals on the best men’s outdoor gear right now. Earlier this summer, I alerted you to another exceedingly rare sale: The Taylor Stitch Peak of Summer Sale, which came and went in a flash. And with that being said, I’ll keep today’s post nice and brief, all the better to give you more time to shop one of the best sales on men’s outdoor gear right now.

SHOP: The Best Men’s Outdoor Gear in the Filson Summer Clearing Sale

As you know if you read the blog, Filson specializes in durable, heritage-quality gear for all seasons, from the best short-sleeve shirt for summer to durable, multi-season work pants. More than a few of these favorites are on sale for standout deals right now, including the Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt (36 percent off) and the Filson Ultralight Vest (34 percent off). These deals won’t stick around for very long, so do yourself a major favor and gear up right now with the Filson Summer Clearing Sale. OK, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Happy shopping, folks!

SHOP: The Best Men’s Outdoor Gear in the Filson Summer Clearing Sale

See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt is the Most Rugged Shirt for Summer

It’s really hard to go wrong with a brand like Filson, right? Even when it comes to making one of the best chambray shirts for men, yes? That second part might seem a little odd — after all, doesn’t Filson have a heritage and a knack for making some of the best outdoor gear for men? In that case, what do chambray shirts have to do with it? Well, actually, they’ve got more to do with it than you might think. Filson‘s reputation as a Pacific Northwest outfitter with more than 100 years of rock-solid production is quite admirable, and that’s led to some innovations, twists and turns along the way. Filson certainly makes some of the best men’s gear for summer, and some of the best lightweight short-sleeve shirts for seasonal adventures aplenty. And on top of that, they make reliable, durable and surprisingly stylish off-duty gear, like the Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt. Unexpected? Sure. But no less well-made than any other piece of Filson menswear, right? That’s 100 percent correct, my friends.

When you want to go with something more rugged than refined, something with more guts and grits than wearing your favorite polo shirt, a chambray shirt is just the way to go. The textured weave of a chambray shirt makes it harder-wearing and better-suited for use in, say, a workshirt, which is exactly what sets this Filson long-sleeve shirt apart from the pack. And this certainly isn’t any old, flimsy shirt either (hey, not all chambray shirts are created equal).

SHOP: The Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt

No sir, Filson makes “unfailing goods” (the brand’s famed tagline) for a reason. Now, the Light Indigo Chambray iteration of the Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt has been a hot seller, but who says you always have to go with blue shades of chambray? Opt instead for the Oxford shirt-esque, yet extremely rugged, White Chambray version of the Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt , then reap the rewards. The 5oz. cotton chambray is a nice mid-weight that should provide protection from the elements on your camping trip or in your garage, and it should also still prove easy to layer atop a classic Filson men’s T-shirt. The open chest pocket and button-down collar are also style moves that make the Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt more akin to an Oxford than a workshirt. But since it’s Filson, you can wear your new favorite shirt any way you please this summer. That’s the Filson way, and the brand doesn’t offer up anything less than the best.

SHOP: The Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt

The List: Gear Up for Summer with the Best Style Essentials from Filson

Filson | American Heritage Outerwear, Clothing, Bags & More

There are certain brands I’d definitely call essential, especially for outdoor adventure, and one of those brands is the iconic and legendary Filson. The Pacific Northwest heritage outfitters are a favorite of the blog for pieces like the Filson Feather Cloth Shirt and the brand’s rugged workshirts, to name but a few. They’re also well-suited for stocking up on the best style essentials for outdoor adventures in the summer sun. Be it day hikes, upstate trips, park strolls, brewery visits or nearly anything in between, it’s just a fact that Filson makes some of the best gear for men, period. Whatever might be on your summer to-do list, Filson has something for you. Without further ado, let’s dive on in, shall we?

The Best New Gear to Buy From Filson This Summer

Filson Washed Short-Sleeve Feather Cloth Shirt — $78

The Filson Feather Cloth line of shirts really is the best of both worlds. We’re talking lightweight-yet-durable short-sleeve shirts to wear with everything from chino shorts to light wash jeans, and in a range of colors. Pick up more than one and wear ’em as often as possible.

Filson Granite Mountain 6″ Shorts — $85

On the hunt for a pair of the best men’s outdoor shorts to wear with, say, your Filson Feather Cloth shirt? These pleasingly rugged shorts are the ones to buy, made with stretch cotton-blend fabric for maximum durability.

Filson x Danner Trail 2650 Hiking Boots — $198

That’s right: Filson and Danner teamed up on a pair of the best hybrid hiking boots for men. These fast-selling trail hikers pack in loads of versatile style and lightweight performance. Wear ’em all day long this season.

Filson Smokey Bear Pioneer Graphic T-Shirt — $55

The iconic Filson x Smokey Bear Collection returns, and it’s back in a big way with one of the best men’s T-shirts for summer. This tee is sturdy and substantial, and it certainly won’t be the last Filson men’s T-shirt we talk about today.

Filson Large Rugged Twill Duffle Bag — $425

It’s time to get geared up again for summer travel with one of the best duffle bags for men, yes? I should think so, and the iconic Filson Rugged Twill Duffle is a great way to go about packing up in style.

Filson Lightweight Waxed Anorak — $250

Hey, every guy needs one of the best outdoor jackets for summer, right? After all, hitting the trail isn’t all fun and games. The Filson Lightweight Waxed Anorak helps you stay dry and cool in style, to say the least.

Filson Dry Tin Cloth 5-Pocket Pants — $135

If you want a pair of durable men’s pants you can wear hiking, or out to a job site, or even as you homebrew (to name but a few), you want these essential Filson Dry Tin Cloth Pants, They’re a stone-cold classic as far as work pants go.

Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt — $125

Team your Filson Dry Tin Cloth Pants with an equally rugged and essential men’s shirt for summer. Made with a lightweight, pre-washed cotton twill, the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt is an easy grab-and-go layer atop a classic Filson tee. Speaking of…

Filson Pioneer Pocket T-Shirt — $50

See, I told you this wouldn’t be the last time we talked about a Filson men’s T-shirt today, and I meant it. The durable and hard-wearing Filson Pioneer Pocket T-Shirt is a stone-cold style classic you can wear in any situation, any day of the week.

Filson Tin Cloth Smokejumper Wallet — $70

It wouldn’t be a rundown of the best men’s gear to buy at Filson if we didn’t talk about the rugged EDC essentials you can get from the famed brand. Upgrade your wallet in a hurry right now with Filson.


Favorites from this list of gear are surprisingly easy to come by when you really dive in and start browsing the stellar wares at Filson, agreed? What’s your top choice from the list above? Perhaps you want to go with some rugged EDC essentials in the form of a new wallet, or maybe a pair of the best men’s outdoor shorts is more your speed? If I had to pick one favorite, I’d certainly scoop up the iconic Filson Rugged Twill Duffle to get around in style this season. Be sure to head over to Twitter and give me a follow to tell me all about your essential purchases from this lauded brand. Alright, with that being said: Let’s gear up and get out there!

See Now, Buy Now: This Filson Feather Cloth Shirt is the Perfect Shirt for Summer Adventures

Filson Feather Cloth Shirt

If you want one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer adventures, well, folks, you’ve come to the right place. The shirt in question today is the Filson Feather Cloth Short Sleeve Shirt, a shirt that’s both rugged and well-built, yet breezy and lightweight. Yes, it can do all of that at once, which makes it one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men at this moment. It’s especially handy if you value a shirt you can wear from sun up to sun down without missing a beat (more on that in a second). Now, if you read the blog, you know that Filson doesn’t settle for anything less than the best, whether that involves crafting the best summer travel jacket or one of the best workshirts for men on the market. That’s also the case, as you might expect, with this Filson Feather Cloth Shirt.

 Think of this dependable, lightweight short-sleeve shirt as the perfect style move if you want something buttoned-up (literally), yet also breezy and casual. It’s the sort of rugged shirt you can throw on to head out on a day hike or wear as you pack up the cooler to head out of town. And even when it’s brutally hot outside, the Filson Feather Cloth Shirt is going to be the light-as-air shirting option you can turn towards time and again.

SHOP: The Filson Feather Cloth Short Sleeve Shirt

Filson men's shirts

The magic of the Filson Feather Cloth Shirt lies in the, well, feather cloth fabric that Filson uses. It’s but one of the many standout fabrics the legendary Pacific Northwest retailer has made its own through the years. In this case, it’s lightweight 100 percent cotton that clocks in at just 3 oz., all the better for plenty of dependably breezy style. It’s also heavily pre-washed, giving it an even lighter, more comfortable feel. Throw in the fact that it’s made with two handy front-button chest pockets — for your everyday carry essentials — and you’ve got a rugged short-sleeve shirt that you can wear all day long, even atop a T-shirt.

 It’s also available in a range of fun summer colors, including the colorful Green and Gold Plaid option shown at the top of the page. When you want a dependable shirt to wear all summer long on adventures aplenty, consider the Filson Feather Cloth Shirt your new go-to move: It’s as dependable as it gets, no matter how high temperatures climb.

SHOP: The Filson Feather Cloth Short Sleeve Shirt