The Thursday Buy: The Filson Oil Cloth Tin Duffle Is an Investment-Worthy Summer Getaway Bag

Best duffle bag for men to buy now.

Hitting the road this summer? I’d wager you’re not the only one (I’ll See You Out There!), but before we can both pack up to hit the road, it’s worth taking stock of what exactly you’re bringing with you. Or rather, it’s worth taking stock of the rugged duffle bag you’re packing up.

Fear not: If you’ve not quite got the proper bag to meet the moment, then you’ll like what’s in store today. In my experience, one of the best duffle bags for men can start your trip off on the proper foot even before you hit the road. After all, if the bag you’re hauling doesn’t quite offer enough space or utility, well…that’s just no good, my friends.

Rugged duffle bag for men.

To get a touch more specific: That’s where the Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle amps up your everyday carry in a major way. I’ve long been a fan of Filson, the Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter with a penchant for delivering uncompromising, unfailing goods — including luggage like the Filson Large Rugged Duffle.

And if you’ve tried out the brand — as I have over the years — or if you read the blog on the regular, then it should come as no surprise that the Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle more than passes muster.

Rugged Filson duffle bag for men.

The specs on the seriously cool, investment-worthy Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle fall right in line with other heritage-quality Filson men’s gear, especially the brand’s durable-as-can-be Tin Cloth waxed canvas. That canvas stands up to wear and tear, bumps and abrasions, weather and more, and it gets better with age each time you pack up to hit the road.

Plus, the Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle is accented with iconic Filson touches, including Bridle Leather handles and a shoulder strap that will also break in handsomely over time. Even the brass zipper is rustproof — how’s that for a touch of rugged appeal?

And for good measure, the colorway of this particular Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle is a limited-edition offering. In my experience, limited-edition Filson goods tend not to stick around forever, and that’s reason enough to add another rugged Filson men’s bag to your EDC.

How about it? If you end up packing up the Filson Oil Finish Tin Cloth Duffle to hit the road this summer, let me know in the comments below.


See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Eagle Harbor Trunks are a Rugged Summer Adventure Essential

Best new swim trunks for men.

Every so often, I like to scour the market for something with both a touch of retro appeal and modern functionality, sort of “what’s old is new again” approach that works especially well for plenty of menswear essentials. Especially as we roll into the summer months, that approach could apply quite well to your new favorite pair of swim trunks. And believe me when I say you can find those swim trunks at a heritage-minded brand, as surprising as that might sound. Yessir, Filson is making your new go-to swimsuit for the summer. Or rather, it’s a hybrid between a swimsuit and hiking performance gear, and that’s also a solid find to keep handy.

In my experience, the best men’s summer shorts are becoming a bit more retro, with a more streamlined cut and a more stylish approach than the baggy cargo-style swim trunks of my youth. That’s certainly on display with the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks, which certainly call to mind throwback swim trunks while delivering a dose of modern, rugged utility.

How’s that for some of the most versatile men’s shorts to shop now, ehh? And since it’s Memorial Day, perhaps you’ve had your eye on a new pair of swim trunks or hiking shorts — well, consider these as fine an option as any. What separates the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks from the pack?

They’re a touch unconventional, for one, which is never a bad option to have on hand — especially if your summer pursuits are less about hanging out by a pool and more about rafting, hiking, camping or some combination of all three.

Heck, even if you only wear the Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks to your local lake, they’ll still perform as well as any pair on the market. Of course, as with any number of Filson menswear essentials, this newfound warm-weather staple is built to last. The Filson Eagle Harbor Swim Trunks are made from sturdy waxed cotton that’ll break in nicely over time, so they’re almost a hybrid between swim trunks and hiking shorts (the fly is even gusseted like old-school boxing shorts for ease of movement).

Plus, that cotton construction resists water absorption, while the pockets are made from mesh for water drainage. You can even wear them out of the water, back on the trail with one of the best Filson short-sleeve shirts, too. If versatility and rugged appeal is the name of the game, Filson is the heritage brand you need to shop this summer.

The Thursday Buy: This Filson Short-Sleeve Shirt is a True Summer Style Essential

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer

Even in the heat of summer, cutting corners is no way to go about building your menswear wardrobe. What does that mean for you? Well, it means that there’s a way to look polished yet casually cool, even when the mercury rises, and you can do that by opting into brands you can trust. Head towards a brand like Filson, which just launched the Filson Warm-Weather Shop, featuring an entire lineup of rugged-yet-breezy, heirloom-worthy summer men’s style essentials.

Whether you find yourself on the trail or back in town, visiting a log cabin or touring a brewery, staying cool in style is the name of the game: The Filson Short-Sleeve Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt is firing on all cylinders, and it’s time you picked one up. This stylish short-sleeve shirt boasts a super-lightweight 4oz. cotton twill construction, but better still is the fact that it’s garment-washed for plenty of additional softness out of the box.

Of course, it’ll only get better the more you wear it, and you’re going to want to wear the Filson Short-Sleeve Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt a whole lot this season. The two large front button chest pockets provide EDC storage space, but the sharp plaid pattern makes it ideal to wear more casually alongside your favorite chino shorts or a trusty pair of light wash denim.

When the time comes to stay cool in style this season, the Filson Short-Sleeve Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt is your new go-to menswear move.

The Sunday Sale: Shop The Last Day of Filson’s Spring Sale

Filson Spring Sale 2023

Folks, as I often say, building out your wardrobe of rugged style essentials sometimes comes down to a few crucial reminders. Those reminders today? Be sure to shop early, shop often and shop with efficiency in mind — and specifically, be sure to shop the last day of Filson’s Spring Sale right now.

Now, we talked about this over on the blog as recently as Friday, but again, it’s worth jogging your memory when the rare chance comes through to save 30 percent at Filson. Deals like this certainly don’t come around that often, and better still is the chance to save on gear you can actually wear right away, like the Filson Ranger Anorak.

Best spring rain jacket for men.

That jacket is very likely one of the best spring rain jackets — for your commute, for adventures off the grid and for everything in between. And yes, that rugged spring rain jacket is 30 percent off, dropping it below $200. Yes indeed, there are deals aplenty to be had at Filson’s Spring Sale, but I’ll say it one more time: Today’s the last day to shop! Go forward and amp up your spring wardrobe now, my friends.

The Friday Read: The Weekend’s Best Menswear Sale at Filson and The National’s New Album

Filson 2023 Sale

Folks, welcome back to another momentous Friday Read — and I truly mean “momentous,” because there’s plenty going on around these parts. For starters, there’s the deal promised in today’s headline: Filson is running a 30 percent off sale now through Sunday (an exceptionally rare occurrence), one that I talked about yesterday on the blog.

Of course, a reminder is always in order when it comes to the best menswear deals, and you’ll find plenty up for grabs right now from the legendary Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter. I can think of no better way to start the weekend than by saving on rugged Filson menswear — can you?

Well, perhaps there’s one other way I’d recommend you start the weekend: Cruise on into the days ahead with some fresh new tunes, courtesy of a new album from my favorite band: Ohio-born indie rock heroes The National. “First Two Pages of Frankenstein” is the group’s first full-length LP in four years, one I’ve been hotly anticipating for weeks on end (of course!).

I’ve talked about the band plenty on this site over the years — and you’ll surely recognize them if you follow me on Instagram. And four years ago this very weekend, I trekked out to Los Angeles to see the band play live (as good a reminder as any that I need to get back to L.A. sooner rather than later!).

In the meantime, the emotion, the passion and the introspective nature of The National helps guide me in my own life and in my many freelance writing pursuits, and for that, I’m undoubtedly grateful. I’ll even be writing up a review of The National’s new album over at Atwood Magazine this weekend, so stay tuned for my full take on what promises to be another outstanding record.

For now, I’ve got some new tunes to play, and of course, some shopping to take care of over at Filson’s Spring Sale. Stay stylish, stay plugged in and thanks for reading, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: Save 30 Percent On the Best Menswear At Filson

Best spring rain jacket for men.

As I’ve talked about often here the past few weeks, building out your menswear wardrobe — even for the enthusiasts among us — still requires a bit of advance preparation. After all, by the time spring rain rolls into town, you’re hopefully already outfitted with one of the best spring rain jackets, right?

And how does one best prepare for spring’s worst? By shopping the best menswear deals early and often, and from brands you can trust — a brand like Filson, which is running a true rarity these days: The Filson Spring Sale. Sounds too good to be true, right? Bear with me, my friends.

Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter Filson, rather incredibly, is offering 30 percent off some of the best heritage menswear, now through Sunday. Yes indeed, that’s right: Now is the time to shop and save on Filson men’s style essentials, the likes of which haven’t quite seen discounts in some time (if ever!).

The great thing is, this sale — again, through Sunday! — includes plenty of current in-season essentials, from the downright useful Filson Swiftwater Rain Jacket to the summer-friendly Filson Dry Tin Cloth Shorts. While there are some exclusions (like the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket), there’s more than enough on hand when it comes to the best spring menswear to justify jumping wholeheartedly into the Filson Spring Sale.

Best spring work pants for men.

You’ll find picks both more easygoing and more rugged, like the essential Filson Dry Tin Five-Pocket Pants, which are more than suitable for yard work or going off-grid, yet cool enough to wear back in town (if they’re clean, that is). It’s also tough to pass up a deal on Filson bags and accessories, including 30 percent off the go-anywhere Filson Dryden Briefcase.

And one last thing: There’s no real catch when it comes to the Filson Spring Sale, other than that the sale ends this Sunday (April 30th!), and that inventory in some key styles is moving fast. Either way, you’ve got your sights set on high-quality wardrobe upgrades while saving a few bucks in the process. Go to it, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Ranger Anorak – Spring’s Best Rain Jacket for Men

Best men's rain jacket for spring.

Well, my friends: We aren’t quite yet out of the woods in terms of spring rain and foul weather, so that’s where some of the best men’s spring gear is going to come in mighty handy. If you read the blog, you’re well aware of the fact that a heritage outfitter like Filson is the place to go for the best spring style essentials, picks that will serve you well even if you deal more frequently with a city commute than days in the backcountry.

Either way, a pick like the rugged, rough-and-tumble Filson Ranger Anorak is sturdy, substantial and tough yet easy to wear — and it’s all part of the jam-packed Filson New Arrivals section, here just in time to outfit you for whatever spring adventures are still on your list.

Helpfully, the Filson Ranger Anorak carries on all the hallmarks of the brand you’ve come to know and love, whether you recently shopped the Filson Warehouse Sale or whether you’ve had some trusty Filson gear on hand for years now. With the Pacific Northwest outfitter, fabric is everything and the water-resistant waxed cotton of the Filson Ranger Anorak gets the job done, and then some.

Inspired by, as the brand says, vintage Arctic gear, this rugged anorak streamlines and lightens things up a bit, with design inspiration also coming by way of mountaineering and WWII-era artic smocks.

Best anorak for men to wear now.

Colors like Dark Navy and Olive Drab give the Filson Ranger Anorak a classic look and feel, but the Expedition Orange colorway (with contrasting white detailing) is also a standout touch if you like your outerwear with just a touch of flair on drab days. There are helpful touches like a front snap-button pouch pocket, plus a front kangaroo-style pocket, while the drawcord waist offers maximum coverage in rainy, windy conditions.

Plus, the double-layer back on the Filson Ranger Anorak adds durability, while the large drawcord hood turns this hard-wearing anorak jacket into a true foul-weather companion. For good measure, the Filson Ranger Anorak offers room to layer other essentials you need on a brisk day, from a rugged Filson henley to your favorite lightweight flannel shirt.

Luckily, Filson has each of those picks in spades, but it’s the Filson Ranger Anorak that’s going to offer up supremely effective coverage this season. Act accordingly and shop now, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Shop the Filson Warehouse Sale to Save 50 Percent off the Best Rugged Menswear

Filson Warehouse Sale 2023

Filson, that famed Pacific Northwest heritage retailer with a penchant for making some of the most rugged gear for guys, just keeps knocking it out of the park (at least in my humble opinion). That’s the case with some of its new spring layers, like one of the best men’s hoodies, but the rest of the famed brand’s inventory more than delivers the goods, too.

As Filson says, after all: “Might as well have the best,” and when given the chance to shop and save, I’d urge you to hop right on it. That’s because we’re in the midst of the Filson Warehouse Sale, a rare opportunity to save on the best rugged menswear out there.

The scoop? It’s more than ideal if you want to refresh your wardrobe for early spring, with more than 500 items (yes, 500!) knocked down 50 percent off. Yes, you read that correctly: The Filson Warehouse Sale gives you 50% off more than 500 items, and some of these picks are quite simply heirloom-quality and true seasonal style essentials.

Now, granted, that’s plenty of stylish on-sale essentials to sort through, so I’m going to wrap this one up early today. A word to the wise, though? Picks like the Filson Unlined Denim Cruiser Jacket and the Filson Field Flannel Shirt are downright steals at the moment in terms of style and quality (to name just two picks). Do yourself a favor and ramp up that wardrobe for a hefty discount this season at the

See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Prospector Hoodie is the Casually Rugged Layer You Need This Spring

Best men's hoodie for layering.

It might seem like casual, off-the-clock menswear is one area you can treat as a bit of an afterthought, right? After all, we’re talking about hoodies (like the Filson Prospector Hoodie, shown above!) and tailored joggers. But if the pandemic and the changing of the seasons has taught us one thing, it’s that your laidback, off-duty garb could soon become daily wear (especially if you’ve got to brave the elements and could use an extra layer or two). Don’t just take my word for it, though: Invest in some of the best spring menswear essentials with a new hoodie from Filson, one of the hardest-working, hardest-wearing brands on the market.

But it’s just a hooded sweatshirt, right? Guess again, my friends. A pick like the Filson Prospector Hoodie is an indispensable workwear piece for those who value cozy warmth and functionality, and it can do just as much for your casual wardrobe, too. In fact, I’ve got some great news for you about the category in general.

There are absolutely companies, like American Giant, making one of the best men’s hoodies with an added level of quality and attention to detail top of mind, and if you ask me, that’s very goods news for your off-duty wardrobe — very good news indeed. And of course, as one might expect, Filson is leading the charge in that regard.

Best men's hooded sweatshirt for spring.

The Filson Prospector Hoodie ups the ante in every regard as far as rugged dependability and durability is concerned: This isn’t any bargain-bin hooded sweatshirt, and it’s got the price tag ($115) to match. If it’s anything like my past experience with Filson menswear however, it’s going to live up to that lofty price tag — and then some. Crucially, the Filson Prospector Hoodie is made with what the brand calls a thick cotton-blend fleece, all the better for insulating warmth when layered beneath a Filson waxed jacket or atop a rugged Filson thermal henley.

The Filson Prospector Hoodie should prove remarkably warm as a mid-layer (try it beneath a Filson vest) or a grab-and-go top layer for casual style situations aplenty. The drawstrings and eyelets feature a metal finish for added reliability, too. Crucially, t’s shrink-resistant, with a wide rib-knit hem and cuffs to deliver a snug fit and extra coverage.

Plus, Filson has designed the fabric to resist pilling, and that’s a good thing – whether you select the deep Redwood version or the workman-like, highly visible Laser Green color for extreme conditions, the Filson Prospector Hoodie is sure to become a new essential, casual spring layer. Invest in your new favorite hoodie now, then reap the rewards all spring long.

The Thursday Buy: Filson Just Launched A Rugged New Jac-Shirt

Best shirt jacket for men.

It’s like I tend to say these days: When the going gets tough, the tough layer up with Filson. Or something like that. The Pacific Northwest outfitter has a long heritage of making remarkably tough gear for all sorts of inclement weather, from the trail to the slopes to the high seas to, well, hijinks around town. Perhaps you even picked up the iconic Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket earlier this winter, but here’s another option from one of the best online menswear brands out there: The Filson CPO Wool Jac-Shirt. Stick around to find out why, ya hear?

Yessir, when you want to layer up in one of the best men’s shirt jackets and belly up to the bar to grab a cold beer, Filson delivers. Of course, the Filson CPO Wool Jac-Shirt delivers in plenty of other categories beyond just rugged style (namely, warmth and durability), but it’s nice to have one of the best men’s shirt jackets to check off more than one box. Within, you’ll find all the characteristics of a truly great, stylish men’s shirt jacket, including remarkably warm 16oz. wool.

The Filson CPO Wool Jac-Shirt also boasts a relaxed fit, ideal for layering over a Filson flannel shirt or a Filson thermal when it’s especially brisk out there. Natural horn buttons provide durability, while the oversized front chest flap pockets deliver crucial space for your everyday carry. Of course, the history of the CPO jacket (given to senior Naval officers) makes ideal for all sorts of wet and windy conditions, and the Filson CPO Wool Jac-Shirt insulates even when wet. The next time you need a rugged winter layer to get you out the door wherever your day (or night) takes you, make sure it’s the Filson CPO Wool Jac-Shirt you’re wearing.