Style Pick of the Week: Filson Tin Cloth Jacket

Filson Tin Cloth Work Jacket

A new go-to work and casual jacket with all the proper style points you need.

Well, my friends: If your New Year’s style resolutions included a commitment to buying less but buying better, and a commitment to focusing on heritage-quality gear including the best men’s winter jackets, you’re in luck. The Filson Tin Cloth Jacket is a perfectly rugged, tough-as-nails and winter-ready jacket to help you kick off 2021 in style, and that’s just a fact. We’re big fans of Filson here on the blog, makers of pieces like the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket and of course, some of the best men’s gear around. That’s where the Filson Tin Cloth Jacket comes into play, because it’s been around the Filson line for years and years (with the rugged construction and great looks to prove it). The Filson Tin Cloth Jacket gets it right from the get-go as far as taking on tough weather: It’s made from the Seattle brand’s rain-repellent, abrasion-resistant Tin Cloth fabric, the kind that’s been helping adventurers, explorers and commuters face the elements for more than a century. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you. This jacket is made to hit below the hip for more coverage on the go, and it helps that the back is cut so you can move around with ease.

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Filson Tin Cloth Jacket

An utterly dependable, classic and tough jacket you can mix up with some classic Filson accessories.

This rough-and-tumble jacket really has the capabilities of multiple jackets, especially when you consider that you can team it with Filson liners for extra warmth in chilly winter weather. Because the Filson Tin Cloth Jacket retails for nearly $300, you’re going to want to get as much wear out of it as possible. By that, I mean you should wear it with everything from a denim shirt, faded black jeans and a rugged Filson henley (off-duty) to a thermal shirt and some Filson Dry Tin Pants the next time a grueling outdoor project calls. If you order yours alongside a Filson wool liner, you’ve got a virtually unstoppable outdoor jacket with plenty of room to layer. Sounds more than ideal for tough conditions out there, does it not? Snap front buttons are made with classic Filson hardware for rugged performance, while a front chest pocket offers some space for critical EDC essentials. When it gets really chilly out there, flip up the virgin wool collar for even more protection in the great outdoors. When it comes to the Filson Tin Cloth Jacket, don’t delay picking it up as you start off 2021 in classic, heritage-ready style.


See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt is An Unstoppable Winter Shirt

Pick up a tough Filson shirt that you’ll have for years and years.

Folks, we sit here on the cusp of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself, so the window of opportunity has likely closed to get in those very last-minute gift orders. And yet, perhaps you’ve got an inkling that a gift card is in your future, or a nice cash gift, or what have you … and that’s what this post is for: To help you gear up for the rest of winter in style with one of the best men’s winter shirts. To get right down to the nitty gritty of it all, in fact, the Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt is one of the toughest and most rugged shirts on the market, a stone-cold classic that gets the job done in fine style. It’s been part of the ever-well-stocked Filson Holiday Gift Guide this season, so perhaps you’ve already gone ahead and bought it for yourself (or someone else!), but if not, now’s the best time to stock up on what could be your new favorite shirt.

SHOP: The Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt

Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt

One of three timeless color options in which you can snag this moleskin shirt.

Heck, Filson men’s shirts really are legendary, bringing forth more than 100 years of history and heritage into the modern age. That’s great news if you could use a shirt that wears like a jacket, or a shirt you can layer atop a rugged henley or a thermal shirt. The Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt checks all the right boxes, from a range of classic color options to the fact that it’s wind-resistant and durable. Consider it the perfect workshirt for early winter mornings, or else take it for a spin in between now and the new year (or else, into *gulp* winter 2021). When you want uncompromising quality and dependable style, you want a shirt from Filson: That’s just a fact.

SHOP: The Filson Moleskin Seattle Shirt

The List: Here’s The Most Rugged, Best Gear to Buy From Filson ASAP This Week

Exactly how your Filson gear should look if you get the most out of it — which you will!

Alright, my friends. These past couple weeks, we’ve taken the chance to dive into one specific brand during each weekly edition of The List (from Huckberry to  Buck Mason), so before we get into Black Friday madness, we’re going to focus on just one brand once again: That’d be the all-American gear purveyors at Filson, makers of the best darn equipment and menswear for outdoor adventures for more than a century. I’ve long been a fan of this Seattle brand, as you know if you read the blog, and can’t recommend picks like the Filson Dry Tin Pants enough (as but one example). With that being said, here’s the best gear to buy right now at Filson for the rest of fall … and the start of winter.  Keep in mind, these are assuredly investments that’ll pay off — and look great while doing so. Cheers and happy shopping!

Filson TIn Cloth Short Lined Cruiser Jacket — $395

Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket

A tough-as-can-be jacket from an iconic brand.

Yes indeed, we’re kicking this post off the right way: With a look at one of the best men’s jackets for fall and winter, an iconic number from Filson: Of course, it’s the Filson Tin Cloth Cruiser Jacket. Cheers, my friends!

Filson 24-Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase — $395

Filson 24-Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase

Pick up your new favorite getaway bag this season ASAP.

I’d be remiss not to mention the iconic Filson 24-Hour Tin Cloth Briefcase in this roundup of the best Filson gear, and it’s with that in mind as I check it off the list. It’s perhaps the best bag for fall and winter getaways (of the quick variety!), no doubt.

Filson Ultralight Jacket — $195

Filson Ultralight Jacket

A lightweight-yet-durable jacket to wear this season.

If you live in a more temperate climate, or one where temperatures can dip unexpectedly, then the Filson Ultralight Jacket, with its packable design, nylon shell and warm insulation, is the right way to go, seeing as it’s one of the best fall and winter jackets.

Filson Dry Tin Cloth Utility 5-Pocket Pants — $165

Filson Dry Tin 5-Pocket Pants

Dependable five-pocket pants that can mimic jeans or work pants based on what you need this season.

As mentioned above, the Filson Dry Tin Pants are some of the toughest men’s pants on the market, with the kind of style that’s right at home as you kick back on the porch in the morning or head out to take care of some fall and winter yard work.

Filson Beartooth Camp Jacket — $250 

Filson Beartooth Jacket

A tough-as-nails jacket that looks great with jeans or chore pants and a henley in equal measure.

A new addition to the latest line of Filson coats and jackets, the rugged Filson Beartooth Camp Jacket is classically designed and perfectly suited for, say, winter mornings at your cabin or on the road.

Filson Long-Sleeve Henley — $85

Filson Long-Sleeve Henley

An unstoppable henley to wear on its own or layered up.

What pairs up very well with everything from the Filson Dry Tin Pants to the Filson Beartooth Camp Jacket, all at once ? Why, the Filson Long-Sleeve Henley, of course. Consider it a casual and cool weekend base layer, whether your weekend involves spinning records with coffee in hand or tackling some intense yard work.

Filson Watch Cap Beanie — $45

Filson Watch Cap Beanie

One of the most reliable winter hats on the market, folks,.

So, you’ve got your Filson Long-Sleeve Henley for chilly mornings at home and on the road … now, get one of the best winter hats for men via this well-made Filson Watch Cap Beanie.

Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt — $350

Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt

A cool, rugged and easy-to-layer shirt jacket for inclement fall and winter weather.

If you check out the blog regularly or subscribe to my newsletter, you recognize the perfectly durable, highly stylish shirt jacket that is the excellent Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt. Shop accordingly this fall and winter.

Filson Service Boots 2 — $395

Filson Service Boots 2

Rugged and durable boots from Filson for adverse conditions anywhere.

The best boots for fall and winter — or, possibly some of the best boots, I should say, — could just be the rugged and highly dependable Filson Service Boots 2. Lace ’em up, my friends.

Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater — $350

Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater

Quite possibly your new favorite sweater for fall and winter.

Let’s keep it rolling with one of the best sweaters for men this winter, and it’s here not a moment too soon. The Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater is one of the best of the best around, made to keep you warm and cozy no matter what. Wear it for winter mornings aplenty, and it helps that it’s naturally rain-repellent, too.

Filson Northwest Wool Shirt — $165

Filson Northwest Wool Shirt

Layer this classic wool shirt atop a henley for excellent fall and winter style that won’t miss a beat.

This durable Filson wool shirt is the kind of shirt to wear on cold fall and winter days and nights the whole way through, preferably with a pot of coffee on and your favorite record playing. How about that?

Filson Bridle Leather Bi-Fold Wallet — $135

Filson Bi-Fold Leather Wallet

Perhaps the only leather wallet you’ll need to buy for years to come.

Last but certainly not least: You’re absolutely investing in the best when it comes to this rugged leather wallet from Filson, the kind of everyday carry essential you’ll have for years and years … and years.

OK, folks. I know it’s always a tough, tough call to sort through the best Filson menswear out there, especially when the brand has such a storied pedigree, but what’s your top pick from the above list? As for me, it’s hard to choose between something like the Filson Crew Neck Guide Sweater or the Filson Service Boots 2 … or perhaps, the Filson Mackinaw Jac-Shirt. See, a total toss-up! Let me know your top picks over on Twitter, and be sure to comment below if you’ve got any particular favorites. Again, thanks for reading and happy shopping!


Style Pick of the Week: Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket

A rugged jacket patented more than 100 years ago.

Folks, let’s be honest. Does Filson need any introduction? Furthermore, does the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket need any introduction? Probably not, and yet here we are, so rest assured that today’s post gets right down to business, and it’s anything but spooky (Happy Halloween!). No sir, the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket is the kind of rugged jacket you buy now and wear, well, forever, and that’s why the lauded, century-old Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter is among the best menswear brands out there. They’ve of course got plenty of history helping explorers and frontiersmen, woodsmen and the like with gear to get the job done, but pieces like this one prove that they’ve got an eye toward heritage style for the modern man (that’s you and me both). The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket is  a burly, tough jacket, crafted from the brand’s famed wool, the type that just so happens to be naturally water-repellent. That alone makes it one of the best men’s jackets for fall, but there’s so much else that it’s got going for it. Now, if you read the blog or subscribe to my newsletter, this jacket might look familiar but if not, consider this your lucky day.

SHOP: The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket 

Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser

Details really do make the difference when it comes to this epically cool jacket.

The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket really does have all the bells and whistles you need, whether or not you tackle a ton of yard work and projects in the field, or are just looking for the right jacket to wear on a fall day hike. It’s quite possibly your new favorite casual jacket, with plenty of styling potential alongside, say, a Filson henley and your favorite pair of jeans, and that alone makes it worth considering. It’s also the type of classic jacket you can throw on and forget about — it’ll stand up to the elements, it’ll more than keep you warm, and it’ll look truly great all the while.

And for those who value versatility, you can pick it up in colorways like a bold Buffalo Check or a classic Forest Green. Plus, you’ll have the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket for years and years — and years — to come, and that’s something worth investing in now. Are you sold yet? If you end up picking up this rugged, iconic jacket, be sure to let me know on Twitter. We’ll see you out there, folks.

SHOP: The Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket 

See Now, Buy Now: Filson’s Dry Tin Pants are the Best Outdoor Pants for Fall

Filson pants

Tough-as-can-be work pants from Filson – they’re the best pants for fall.

I’ll come right out and say it: The Filson Dry Tin Pants are assuredly the rugged men’s pants you need this fall, especially if your season entails everything from early morning yard work to day hikes to brewery visits (wear a mask!) and beyond. Whether you want to think of them as the best work pants for men, or as just a darn fine pair of pants for a casual fall weekend, they won’t do you wrong. Similar in nature to, say, the Taylor Stitch Chore Pants, these rugged Filson pants are a stone-cold classic from a brand that knows how to make the best workwear for men, including some of the best men’s work pants and jackets. It all starts, as you might expect, with the fabrication and construction. In the case of the best outdoor pants for fall, the secret weapon is abrasion-resistant cotton Tin Cloth fabric. This durable fabric just so happens to be ready to take on the toughest projects and gnarly conditions aplenty this fall, and the five-pocket design offers plenty of space for your everyday carry.

SHOP: The Filson Dry Tin Pants 

Filson Dry Tin Pants

Reinforced work pants for tough seasonal style.

The Filson Dry Tin 5-Pocket Pants aren’t just your average pair of work pants, though. They’ve got reinforcement at key stress points, including at the rivets, plus a double-layer rear hem to stand up to tough conditions on the ground. And yet, these aren’t an overly baggy pair of work pants. The cut on these Filson pants should be a straight fit, one that’s easy to move around in on the job and yet looks put together when you head to a distillery or brewery (Filson boots afoot, of course) for post-session pint. How’s that for versatility when it comes to the best outdoor pants for fall — and beyond? If I were you, I’d team my Filson Dry Tin 5-Pocket Pants with none other than a rugged Filson henley, a waxed jacket, and yes, Filson boots. Now, get out there and get to work.

SHOP: The Filson Dry Tin Pants 

The Sunday Sale: Get This Iconic Filson Coat for More than 40 Percent Off at UNCRATE

One of the coolest and most rugged jackets for fall, on sale right now.

My friends, let’s get one thing straight. These days call for one of the best men’s jackets for fall, they call for an iconic jacket that doesn’t cut any corners, and they assuredly call out for you to pick up the Filson Mile Marker Cover Cloth Coat. It’s a jacket that almost needs no introduction, but I’ll provide one anyways. You can get it on sale for more than 40 percent off at UNCRATE, one heck of a deal when you consider it’s one of the best men’s jackets for the season. How so? Well, it’s crafted by blog favorites and Pacific Northwest heritage style purveyors Filson, meaning it’s got  more than 100 years of history going for it.

SHOP: The Filson Mile Marker Cover Cloth Coat at UNCRATE 

Your new favorite jacket for fall? Very possibly, folks.

And any time gear pops up in the seriously cool UNCRATE Surplus Shop, you know you’re getting a great deal on some of the best men’s gear anywhere around. The Filson Mile Marker Cover Cloth Coat doesn’t skimp on the details, from the use of the all-weather Cover Cloth fabric to touches like moleskin-lined pockets and durable hardware. Consider it one of the toughest jackets in your fall wardrobe, wearable with style staples like your favorite henley and a classic chambray shirt. Zippered chest and interior pockets add space for your everyday carry essentials, while the fit should definitely be quite easy to layer with no problem. And hey, once again, did I mention the Filson Mile Marker Cover Cloth Coat is on sale for more than 40 percent off at UNCRATE right now? Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the type of deal you can’t beat, and that’s why you should act now to get your new favorite jacket for fall.

SHOP: The Filson Mile Marker Cover Cloth Coat at UNCRATE 



Style Pick of the Week: Filson Quilted Jac-Shirt

Filson Quilted Jac-Shirt

Whether you’re a skilled banjo player, an explorer or have a tendency toward days at home, this is one of the best shirt jackets for men you can buy.

When you know, you know — when you step outside on a crisp, cool fall morning, you know what lies in store: Fall adventures and of course, the need for rugged fall gear to take on the day. That, my friends, is where the Filson Quilted Jac-Shirt comes into play, one of the best shirt jackets for men this fall (and of course, well beyond). This timeless men’s shirt jacket is tough-as-nails, easy to layer, built for inclement fall weather, and made to last and last — and last. That sounds pretty ideal for the season, right? It’s built to act as a standalone outer layer, thanks to PrimaLoft insulation that’ll keep you toasty on cold fall mornings and days in the field, preferably layered atop a Filson henley. The Filson Quilted Jac-Shirt is built every bit as well as you’d expect coming from Filson, made for Pacific Northwest mornings (or days at home, upstate or in the Midwest).

When the going gets tough, you should assuredly turn toward one of the best shirt jackets for men, seeing as this particular number is made with a tough, 4oz. cotton exterior finished off with a water-resistant waxed treatment. It delivers the goods when you need it, to say the least.

SHOP: The Filson Quilted Jac-Shirt


A reliable, dependable and rugged shirt jacket for fall and winter.

One of the best men’s shirt jackets needs to step up in the clutch, and it helps if it looks darn good while doing it. The Marsh Olive color is a workhorse when it comes to pairing up with grey chore pants and tough leather work boots, yet it also looks mighty fine when worn casually (think slim indigo jeans, a thermal henley and chukka boots to grab to-go brewery beers). Consider the Filson Quilted Jac-Shirt a grab-and-go-type of jacket, one you need to wear when on the trail or camping under the stars (or again, hanging out around your bonfire). And because it’s Filson, all the details are accounted for — the snap front buttons are easy to use even while wearing, say, Filson work gloves. Although the Filson Quilted Jac-Shirt is a bit pricier than your average work shirt, it’s absolutely worth it — it’s a new everyday style staple. If you end up picking it up, let me know on Twitter.

SHOP: The Filson Quilted Jac-Shirt

The List: Shop the Best Rugged New Menswear Essentials for Fall Right Now

The Filson Restoration Department & Workshop | The Filson Journal

Rugged fall boots and gear from the likes of Filson and more awaits.

What does the above rugged Filson bag represent to you? Does it represent the impending start of fall and the promise of (socially distanced) adventures on and off the trail? I sure hope so — that’s why we’re here with another edition of The List today, after all. It’s about time you geared up for the season, so today’s post focuses on the best fall outerwear from the likes of Todd Snyder and Belstaff, plus a Buck Mason henley, a durable field watch and plenty more. All told, the best new gear for fall works as hard as you do, guaranteed.

Filson Service Boots #2 — $368

Filson Service Boots

Remarkably tough, rugged leather boots that can take a beating this fall.

Yes, that’s right. The time is now to consider picking up some of the most rugged leather boots out there. Filson, based out of the Pacific Northwest (as you know) has done a standout job making some of the best leather boots for fall, and that’s just a fact.

Filson Rugged Twill Original Briefcase — $325

Filson Rugged Twill Briefcase

One of the toughest bags for daily use that you’re apt to find.

We don’t often start out The List with two picks from the same brand, but this Filson Rugged Twill Original Briefcase is too good to pass up. It’s one of the best everyday bags around.

Luminox Atacama Field Automatic Watch — $890

A strikingly rugged, stylish field watch for fall excursions.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about the stunning Luminox Atacama Field Automatic Watch here on the blog (and I’ve also covered it in my newsletter), and it won’t be the last. It’s one of the best field watches around, period, and it’s got rugged good looks, to boot.

Topo Designs Mountain Shirt — $89

The perfect shirt for plenty of fall layering needs.

We’ll kick things off by talking about perhaps the best men’s outdoor shirt for the season. Topo Designs excels at taking you off the trail and back into town, and the rugged Topo Designs Mountain Shirt, made from midweight twill flannel, is a fine example of how it’s done.

Master and Dynamic MH40 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones — $249

Master & Dynamic review

Exceptionally well-made wireless headphones for listening to your favorite music (The National, anyone?)

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen these outstanding wireless headphones from Master & Dynamic — I’m quite literally obsessed. They’re some of the best Bluetooth headphones I’ve had the pleasure of trying, and you can even plug them into your record player to listen to your favorite vinyl. Plus, you can take 10 percent off your first purchase when you sign up to get Master & Dynamic E-mails. 

Flint and Tinder CPO Shirt Jacket — $148

Flint and Tinder shirt jacket

Layer up this tough cotton shirt jacket over your favorite henley with ease this season.

How better to accessrize your Filson Service Boots than with this rugged shirt jacket from Flint and Tinder? Made from a cotton-spandex blend to mimic old-school Chief Petty Officer’s Jackets, it’s easily one of the best men’s shirt jackets for fall.

Buck Mason Field-Spec Cotton Surplus Henley — $68

Buck Mason henley

The rugged henley you need this fall and winter, courtesy of Buck Mason.

Yes, we’re here once again with Buck Mason, a favorite of the blog and a brand that does a masterful job at crafting one of the best men’s henleys for fall layering. Find out why ASAP.

Belstaff Fieldmaster Jacket — $595 via Uncrate

An absurdly rugged, stylish fall jacket for men.

Today’s post, as you can imagine, has a theme, and to go with rugged fall gear from places like Uncrate, we’ve also got a particular inclination towards the best men’s fall jackets. Case in point: The exceptional Belstaff Fieldmaster Jacket, one of the best jackets for men — period.

Proof 72-Hour Merino Sweater — $198

Consider this classic merino sweater a modern upgrade to your rotation of fall sweaters, made with anti-microbial and moisture-wicking merino for perfect layering underneath your Belstaff waxed jacket.

Todd Snyder Mechanic’s Jacket in Blue — $228

Italian Mechanic Jacket in Blue

A ruggged, classic-yet-modern jacket for fall from NYC’s Todd Snyder.

Let’s keep it rolling with another rugged fall jacket, shall we? This retro-inspired jacket plays off the classic mechanic’s silhouette with versatile touches and garment-dyed fabric. It’s the best jacket for fall when it comes to casual, cool weekend mornings (and beyond).

Mott and Bow Slim Broome Denim — $128

What does every guy need in his wardrobe for fall? A pair of slim dark denim, like the Mott and Bow jeans seen here. An agreeable price for some of the best men’s jeans? Yessir.

Everlane Classic French Terry Crew — $54

A timeless French terry crewneck that’s going to look great — no matter what.

Do you sense a theme for today’s post? Consider these picks the building blocks when it comes to what to wear this fall, from slim dark denim to one of the best men’s henleys, some rugged leather boots and of course, this classic crewneck sweatshirt from Everlane.

Nomad Base Station Wireless Charging Hub — $125

Nomad wireless charging station.

A handsome way to charge your devices — wirelessly.

Let’s go back to some gear for your home for a second. For plenty of casual fall weekends, ensure you stay plugged in and charged up with this stylish wireless charging hub, ehh?

Gary Gloves Horween Horsehide Work Gloves — $150

Best work gloves for men

Ready for your next big fall project? Of course you are.

We’re getting back into the great outdoors with these rugged leather work gloves, some of the toughest gloves for fall projects that you’re apt to find. Nothing better than that.

Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket in Washed Slate Herringbone — $168

Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket

The best bomber jacket for fall? Very possibly.

If it’s a stylish bomber jacket you seek, look no further than Taylor Stitch. They’ve succeeded in making an ideal transitional jacket for this season, done up in medium-weight organic cotton for casual style atop, say, your Buck Mason henley.

Billy Reid Denim Shirt — $195

Billy Reid Denim Shirt

A rugged denim shirt made for work or play.

A longtime favorite of the blog, Billy Reid makes some of the best American menswear you’re apt to find, and he does it by dialing in the fit and fabric of classic men’s shirting and other pieces. The Billy Reid Denim Shirt just so happens to be a favorite of mine, no doubt.

FRYE Paul Lace Up Boots — $328

FRYE leather boots

Sleek, sharp leather boots to wear for dressier occasions this fall.

The ideal pairing with your Billy Reid Denim Shirt and Mott and Bow jeans? That’s quite easy, really: Make it some stylish leather boots from FRYE (consider these the antithesis of the Filson Service Boots shown above, and make sure you invest in only the best of the best when it comes to care and quality.

American Trench Silver Traveler Socks — $17.50

Silver Traveler Socks – American Trench

Simple, subtly stylish yet seriously comfortable men’s socks.

Alright, folks. What else wears better with FRYE leather boots than with American Trench socks, right? This Pennsylvania-based brand makes some of the best men’s socks out there, with plenty of comfort and quality in mind.

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants — $98

Flint and Tinder 365 Pants

Classically cool, easy-to-style men’s pants for fall.

The much-loved, much-lauded Flint and Tinder 365 Pants are back, this time in a slew of fall-ready colors. Some of the best everyday men’s pants to wear with darn near anything.

Matt Damon Ford v. Ferrari Sunglasses — $319 via Uncrate

The sharpest sunglasses on the block, no doubt.

Did we save the best for last? Well, you tell me. There’s no denying that Matt Damon’s sunglasses in Ford v. Ferrari were pretty darn cool, and it’s even cooler that they’re sold by the good folks at Uncrate. In fact, these Entourage 7 sunglasses could be the coolest sunglasses on the market (and yes, you’ll need ’em this fall).

Jack Rudy Old Fashioned Kit — $45

Jack Rudy Old Fashioned Kit

The easiest way to make the best Old Fashioned might lie in this kit from Huckberry.

It wouldn’t be the start of fall if you didn’t brush up on how to make an Old Fashioned. Better yet, this Old Fashioned Kit as sold by Huckberry makes it seriously cool and easy.

Good & Well Supply Company National Parks Candle Set — $72 via Cool Material

National Parks

As we move into fall, consider swinging by the Cool Material Shop to pick up an essential fall candle set. To harness the energy of the great outdoors, I can think of no better purchase than National Parks candles as sold by my friends at Cool Material.


If you ask me, today’s post certainly covered all the bases, several times over, when it comes to the best men’s gear for fall. From kicking it off with the covetable Luminox Atacama Field Automatic Watch and carrying right on through to essential seasonal layers like he best men’s outdoor shirt from Topo Designs, I’d say the stage was set rather nicely. It’s hard to talk about fall without talking about, say, stylish leather boots from FRYE or a classic crewneck sweatshirt from Everlane, as well. Heck, even the Old Fashioned Kit as sold by Huckberry is pretty darn essential.

If I had to pick just one favorite though, I might call out Buck Mason and the brand’s classic henley as shown above. Or those Ford v. Ferrari sunglasses. I’m not sure. I can’t fully decide. To share your top picks with me, head over to Twitter. Thanks for reading, stay safe & happy fall shopping!

See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Service Boots are the Most Rugged Fall Boots Around

Filson Service Boots

Potentially some of the best boots for fall — heck, the best men’s boots, period — that you can buy right now.

We’re about halfway through September right now — and ever closer to the first day of fall, so it’s high time you continued shopping for (and buying) a pair of the best men’s boots. Where else to go but Filson, assuredly one of the best places to get gear for men? From the Filson Summer Sale on into fall and winter with pieces like the best flannel shirt, they don’t stop — and the Filson Service Boots are as fitting an example of that as any, offering the kind of rugged durability you should certainly demand from your new favorite pair of boots.  On that note, it’s the kind of craftsmanship you’re investing in that really makes the difference (similar to Filson hand-tooled leather goods, ya dig?). But back to these boots.

The great thing is, the Filson Service Boots carry on the sort of rugged, durable-yet-stylish legacy you’d expect from the lauded Pacific Northwest heritage retailer. They make gear that’s made to go off-road and into the field as readily as it can be worn on a winery or brewery tour. And my friends, you can count on the Filson Service Boots to go all of those places and plenty more this fall. The phrase “They don’t make ’em like they used to,” well, it actually doesn’t apply here — that’s because Filson has assuredly succeeded when it comes to these rugged leather boots.

SHOP: The Filson Service Boots

Filson boots

Rugged leather boots made with top-notch construction.

These plain-toe boots draw inspiration from vintage, military standard issue leather boots, featuring oiled, roughout leather construction. That provides durability and toughness when pairing your Filson boots with, say, Filson chore pants in the elements, yet the versatile profile also means these are a pair of boots you can wear with jeans, easily. The Goodyear storm-welted sole also provides additional protection from rain and debris (there’s no way for water to enter the sole), while rust-resitant hardware, triple stitching at stress points, and a Vibram outsole add maximum performance and toughness. These are some of the most durable leather boots to buy for fall, and really … would you expect anything less from Filson? I certainly wouldn’t.

SHOP: The Filson Service Boots

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Scout Shirt

As rugged and dependable a shirt for fall as you’re apt to find.

My friends, thanks for swinging back through for another Style Pick of the Week. We’re here today to close out August, a truly wild feeling that heralds the start of bigger and better things — namely, early fall, and the transition into the best season for menswear out there, helped along by the best gear for men. That means rugged wardrobe additions from … you guessed it … Filson. The Pacific Northwest heritage brand is a longtime favorite of the blog, and it’s not hard to see why: Pieces like the versatile, tough Filson Scout Shirt get right to the point. This year’s edition is one of the best men’s shirts for fall, with the specs and the styling potential to prove it.

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And hopefully by now, you know that Filson men’s gear is tough-as-nails, truly the best of the best — right? If not, we’re here to get you up to speed. Because temperatures aren’t quite close to plummeting rapidly yet, the Filson Scout Shirt is the perfect shirt for the season. Made with a relatively lightweight 4oz. cotton twill, consider it an all-season shirt that just so happens to wear nicely on its own or atop a classic pocket tee or a tough henley — feel fee to start out fall wearing either stylish combination.

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One of several fall-ready patterns in which you’re going to want this classic Filson shirt.

This rugged men’s shirt also nails it on the functionality front. The fabric is yarn-dyed to prevent fading, meaning you can wear it over and over for yard work, day trips, hiking excursions or casual to-go brewery visits without missing a beat. Two front-button chest pockets (surprisingly roomy on most Filson shirts, from my experience) offer space for your everyday carry essentials, while pleated shoulders add excellent range of motion and versatility for plenty of wearing occasions.

The excellent Filson Scout Shirt is also available in some stylish and fall-ready patterns, each of which would wear handsomely with everything from durable chore pants to your favorite pair of jeans and rugged leather boots. And again, you can’t go wrong with a shirt that’s able to be layered up atop a henley, worn all on its own or teamed with a tough Filson waxed jacket. For early fall days when anything can happen weather-wise, that sort of reliability is crucial. Filson really has stepped up to the plate and delivered a classic men’s shirt that you should be proud to wear now, and into the rest of fall … and long beyond that.

SHOP: The Filson Scout Shirt