The Sunday Sale: The Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch is the Best Watch Under $200 On Sale Now

If you’ve kept up with this blog over the years (all the way back to 2013!), then you know that I’ve long sung the praises of designers that consistently do reliable work time and time again — like Todd Snyder, one of the country’s foremost menswear designers. He’s got a way of reinventing the classics and making them modern and fresh, like the Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch shown here — it’s one of the best watches under $200 that you can buy right now, making it a perfect candidate for today’s Sunday Sale entry.

The design details are super clean and crisp, from the classically sized 38mm case diameter to the Horween leather strap — this is a watch you can easily dress up or dress down.

The designer has worked with Timex since 2016 to breath new life into archival styles, putting his own spin on the classics — as with his ongoing Todd Snyder + Champion partnership, too. The Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Watch checks all the right boxes if you want an affordable, stylish, subtle, simple and yet truly timeless watch (in terms of looks — it tells the time just fine otherwise!).

The Timex + Todd Snyder partnership has proven fruitful, highly fashionable yet classic, and just simply plain… cool. And the fact that you can snag it right now for just under $200? That’s a watch worth shopping in my book.


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