The Tuesday Steal: Save 20 Percent on the Best Lightweight Sweater From Taylor Stitch

Best lightweight sweater for men.

Although we’re currently in the throes of a heat wave (at least in my neck of the woods), there’s some relief in sight — at least, there’s relief in sight as some very, very early fall menswear picks start to pop up online here and there. I’m of the opinion that it’s never too early to start preparing for the best season in menswear, hence today’s critical Tuesday Steal: One of the best lightweight sweaters, currently up for grabs via an early pre-funding deal in the Taylor Stitch Workshop.

If you’ve read the blog over the years, you know that San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch is a consistent favorite of the blog, offering up a variety of the very best menswear — shirting, blazers, sweaters, chinos, you name it — that toes the line between classic and modern quite easily and stylish. And that’s where the Taylor Stitch Hugo Sweater comes into play, and it’s up for pre-funding right now for 20 percent off.

The real key here is the use of 100 percent cotton in an alternating weave — as seen above — which gives it some pleasing texture and makes it easy to retain its shape, thanks to the ribbed collar and cuffs. On that note: Trust me, you’re going to want to wear the Taylor Stitch Hugo Sweater plenty this fall, be it with Taylor Stitch selvedge denim or stylish, trim Taylor Stitch chinos.

Here’s another key to keep in mind: You’ll have to wait until October to get your hands on one of the best lightweight sweaters for men, but with its versatile color, distinctive stitching and wear-with-anything crewneck design, it’ll be well worth the wait.


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