The Thursday Buy: Get the Best New Sunglasses from Huckberry For Under $100

Just when you thought you had your wardrobe all squared away with the best style essentials for men, allow Huckberry to re-enter the fold and deliver the accessory you didn’t know you needed this early fall. The accessory in question? Why, that’s easy: Some of the best sunglasses for men, from a new in-house brand developed by the hard-working folks at one of the best online menswear shops.

Walden Sunglasses hit all the right marks in terms of style, functionality, price and design — how’s that for going four-for-four to close out summer? Make no mistake, you still need a pair or two of the best men’s sunglasses even as summer draws to a close — heck, you can make the argument you need to wear your favorite pair of sunglasses all year long, even in winter. Luckily, Huckberry’s Walden Sunglasses make it easy on you in every way possible. Let’s dive in, yes?

Best new sunglasses for men

Walden Sunglasses draw from vintage design inspiration (like the 1950s inspired Walden Woods Sunglasses, or the classic square look of the Walden River Sunglasses), and in the process, they strip away “unnecessary details in favor of simplicity,” as Huckberry says.

This, my friend, is great news for you. Along the way, the Walden Sunglasses use sturdy, durable and eco-conscious materials, like a recycled steel internal frame, nylon lenses made from materials like fossil carbon, and external frames made from bio-based content.

It’s an impressive approach to design that only gets better when you consider that these pairs are under $100, and they’re made to wear well with, say, plenty of Huckberry Bestsellers. If it seems like Huckberry thought of everything when designing your new go-to sunglasses, it’s because, well, they did. Secure your pair now for effortless early fall style, folks.


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