The Friday Read: The Best Fall Jackets, Rugged New Boots & A Luxury Old Fashioned

Thanks for joining me, my friends, on another fine fall Friday. It’s the perfect time of year to gear up and hit the road with, say, one of the best duffel bags and perhaps, a rugged fall jacket from the good folks at Filson, as I’ve been talking about so frequently as of late. There are certain brands that are just uniquely well-suited to the demands of the season, and I’ve been testing out Filson menswear whenever I get the chance on brisk Brooklyn days. How about yourself? Be sure to let me know in the comments if you have any favorites from the famed retailer.

Now, onto business. In my neck of the woods, I’m actually deviating from the norm in terms of fall style and hitting the road for a family trip to the sunny confines of Turks and Caicos (keep up with all the fun on my Instagram!). From there, I’ll be preparing for Thanksgiving (crazily enough!) and taking some time off — how about yourself? Before we roll into the weekend, be sure to check out a few of my picks for the best fall menswear and some choice fall reads.

Best men's boots for fall.
  • Much like the best Filson menswear, there’s never been a better time to shop and save on some of the best men’s boots for fall. On that note, I’ve been a big fan as of late of Austin-based HELM Boots, which uses handsome, rugged leathers and the right mix of dressy design and durability in crafting some of the coolest boots for men. Give the brand a look the next tine you’re ready to score a pair of your new favorite boots.
  • Ready for fall layering with one of the best men’s sweaters? Not quite? If you still need a quick and easy wardrobe upgrade at a nice price, check out my latest blog post on one of the most affordable, stylish men’s sweaters out there this season (via Bespoke Post). Cheers!
  • If you, like me, enjoy a nice dram or cocktail during happy hour, my latest for Maxim is going to be of particular interest. I wrote about Sunday’s Finest, the Chicago company shaking up the “Ready-To-Enjoy” cocktail market with a luxe Old Fashioned in a bottle. Kick back, pour up a dram and read all about it.

That’ll bring the curtain down on my latest edition of the Friday Read — hopefully, you’re feeling just a bit more ready for the weekend and the rest of the season ahead. As always, cheers and thanks for reading!

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