See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Shawl Jacket is the Perfect Men’s Coat for Winter

Best winter jacket for men.

While there are assuredly some men’s style essentials that are a bit more straightforward, like one of the best shawl cardigans or one of winter’s best blazers, there are other menswear picks that blur the lines between the two — in a way that’s rugged, stylish and seriously cool all the while. Take the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket, a near-perfect mash-up of two standout style picks for men this winter (the aforementioned blazer and shawl cardigan).

You’ll find it, of course, in the Buck Mason New Arrivals section, and it’s here just in time for a little post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s dressing (and well beyond that, naturally). The Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket is the sort of piece that, like the brand’s classic Oxford shirts or timeless blue jeans, sits in both the past and the present, with a wear-anywhere quality that works back at the office, on the road or on a Zoom call from home.

That’s because of the hybrid style, of course, and the high-quality specs (keep scrolling for more).

Best shawl cardigan sweater for men.

You see, the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket manages to be easy to layer — thanks to the brushed back French Terry cotton fabric — as well as relatively warm at the same time. You should certainly be able to layer the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket over one of the brand’s expertly cut and washed shirts, while the shawl collar provides extra protection at the neck (wear it inside the house on drafty days or use it as a mid-layer beneath your favorite peacoat when temperatures plummet).

The Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket also features some more appealing visual details that make it one of the coolest casual men’s jackets out there, like hip patch pockets (similar to a blazer). Double-needle stitching adds a nice dash of durability, while articulated sleeves make it easy to move around even when layered up.

And of course, the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket is nothing if not timeless in terms of color, be it the Classic Grey option or deep Jet. Either would wear well with some Buck Mason men’s jeans or chinos, any day of the week and any time winter weather hits. Your search for a go-anywhere winter jacket is complete, thanks to the arrival of the Buck Mason Interloop Shawl Jacket. You know where to find it, folks.

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