Style Pick of the Week: Shinola Canfield Messenger Bag – Best Bag for Your Everyday Carry

Best leather messenger bag for men.

As the new year dawns, perhaps you’re like me and enjoy taking stock of those style essentials you can’t live without — and for this Brooklyn writer on the go, that means one of the best leather messenger bags is a must-have. But let’s get more specific on this, the last day of 2022: Let’s talk about the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger, one of the best bags for your everyday carry and a very worthwhile upgrade to your daily haul as we head back into the office next year.

It’s coming at you courtesy of Detroit-based Shinola, long one of my favorite brands — and for much more than just the best leather goods or one of the best watches for men (period!). Yes indeed, the all-American company has built a true lifestyle brand in every sense of the word, and that extends beyond just your wrist and right down to the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger as you transport your daily gear from point A to point B.

Best everyday carry bag for men.

Crucially, the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is all about durability, starting with its Wisconsin leather from Seidel Tannery. Known as Navigator leather, that material means the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger will only get better with age (and hey, don’t most leather goods look just a bit better with a bit more wear on ’em?).

This stylish leather messenger bag boasts two interior pockets, one for your phone and one for other EDC valuables, and only gets more useful from there. The Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger also boasts a padded laptop sleeve and a card pocket for, perhaps, a stylish Shinola leather wallet.

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

Beyond that, it latches with a magnetic closure for ease of access on the go, while the gunmetal brass hardware on the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is a cool, refined touch. The shoulder strap adjusts with ease (and can even be removed if you so choose), turning the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger from a bag fit for work into a bag fit for, well, a little bit of everything. To head back to the office and hit the road in 2023, make sure the Shinola Canfield Leather Messenger is right by your side.


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