The Friday Read: New Year’s Menswear Upgrades & The Taylor Stitch x Golden Bear Bomber Jacket

Best classic bomber jacket for men.

My friends, thanks for joining me in this, the first Friday Read of your trusty Brooklyn style blog! It’s been a productive yet more laidback week around these parts as I ramp up my writing properly in 2023 across multiple fronts, from the best new whiskey to yesterday’s feature on Filson’s rugged flannel shirt and an as-yet-unpublished music feature for (to get the full scoop on all of my freelance writing pursuits, click that link).

In the meantime, let’s talk ever-so-briefly about style upgrades for 2023, in a similar mindset to last week’s Friday Read. What are you looking to add to your wardrobe, or refine, or improve upon? I’ve already talked about a cozy new shirt jacket this week on the blog — perhaps ideal for casual WFH style or weekend travel, not to mention one of the best menswear deals from Billy Reid.

My advice? If you need some weekend reading and shopping inspo, check out those features to send you on your way to start this year. I’d of course be remiss to not talk about one of the best new style releases of 2023 to start this week, too: Head over to Taylor Stitch and the Taylor Stitch Workshop to pre-fund the exceedingly cool, expertly crafted Taylor Stitch x Golden Bear Snap Bomber. It’s a style splurge, to be sure, but one that you’ll no doubt have for years — if you’ve tried out the brand’s past collaborations with legendary SF outfitter Golden Bear, you know that much is true.

As for me, well, that’s going to wrap up today’s post: I’m going to enjoy some downtime this weekend, some cold beer & some Michigan State basketball. For good measure, I’m going to take another brief look back at 2022 as I plan for 2023. I hope you do the same! Cheers and thanks, as always, for reading The Style Guide.


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