The Thursday Buy: This Todd Snyder Chore Coat Is Your New Must-Buy Early Spring Jacket

Best men's chore coat for spring

What are we up to this week at The Style Guide? Well, much like yourself, I’m dusting off my spring style gear, checking out some new spring menswear essentials and preparing to step slowly but surely into a new season. The best way to gear up for a new season varies based on where you live, to be sure, but I like to start from the top down (or the bottom up), and one way to revamp your early, early spring dressing this week? One of the best men’s jackets for spring, a downright cool, casual and classic pick from Todd Snyder’s New Arrivals section.

The Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat, in fact, might be one of the best spring jackets you can get your hands on right now, what with its old-school, workwear appeal and the sort of construction that makes it easy to layer for plenty of days and weeks ahead. This style of jacket, as you might have guessed, was first worn by painters and tradesmen in France, the original home of denim.

The earliest iterations of the fabric lent itself to hard-wearing, hard-working silhouettes, best epitomized for the modern man by the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat. It makes perfect sense that the famed American designer would want to offer up his own take on the silhouette, considering he already crafts one of the best canvas work jackets out there.

Best spring chore coat for men.

It’s a handsome workwear jacket that almost functions as a blazer hybrid, what with its hip patch and chest pockets, plus that rich blue color akin to your go-to blazer. But the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat has a few more details going for it that turn it into an eye-catching spring jacket, including the use of imported Japanese indigo and a breezy, unlined 100 percent cotton construction. Note that the indigo dye on the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat will fade over time, so wear it carefully, but get ready to look for wear patterns that tell unique stories all your own.

Best men's chore coat for spring.

After all, with a jacket like the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat — which retails for an investment-worthy $468 — you’re going to want the chance to wear it as often as possible, right? And something with as timeless a design as this handsome indigo blue chore coat offers plenty of style potential.

To wit: Team the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat with a heather grey T-shirt, tan stretch chinos and brown leather chukka boots for a nice mix of high-low style (just like wearing a lightweight blazer over a T-shirt!). Beyond that, look to pair up the Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat with a grey Oxford shirt and dark brown chinos or five-pocket pants, all the better for 9-to-5 style and beyond. No matter how you choose to wear it, just know that every guy should have a touch of workwear style is in his rotation this spring, and the standout, investment-level Todd Snyder French Blue Chore Coat is the one to buy now.


See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket is Your New Favorite Jacket

Best Harrington jacket for men.

The process of developing a wardrobe filled with menswear essentials should be fun, you should learn something along the way and yes, it also involves a bit of foresight. So, although we’re still squarely in February right now, you should certainly be thinking about stocking up with one of the best men’s jackets for spring, when things get a bit warmer out.

And the ideal time to do that is, in fact, right now — and perhaps the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket could be your next prime menswear move. Just like the classically rugged yet modern Taylor Stitch Field Jacket, this durable waxed cotton canvas jacket takes a timeless style and updates it seamlessly for today’s man on the go (that’s you!).

It’s the kind of jacket you can wear just about every day, especially if your day-to-day wardrobe leans a little more casually rugged. That’s because the new Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket plays off of the classic Harrington jacket, a style with a stand-up collar and a raglan-sleeve design popularized by style icons like Steve McQueen and first worn across the pond on blustery British days (check out my Fatherly guide to the best Harrington jackets for more insight!). And crucially, the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket has all of those same bells and whistles, plus a few touches well-suited for this year (and beyond).

Notably, the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket now features a two-way YKK zipper for a more customizable fit: Use the zipper to add more mobility and ease of movement around your waistline, as Mr. McQueen might have done when riding a motorbike. You’ll find the tough yet flexible waxed canvas moves well and stands up to temperate spring or even late winter breezes and rain, while the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket is also lined in organic cotton twill.

And for ease of movement when layering up over Taylor Stitch shirts, the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket features sleeves lined with recycled nylon (so your sleeves don’t catch). Perhaps the coolest part of the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket? That’d be the Blackwatch plaid color, a design found in the U.K. and one that looks seriously sleek with just about any other color in your wardrobe. Think well ahead right now, secure your new favorite piece of spring outerwear with the Taylor Stitch Flint Jacket — it’s as good as it gets for bolstering your wardrobe.

See Now, Buy Now: This Todd Snyder Canvas Jacket is the Rugged Workwear Staple You Need Now

Best workwear jacket for men.

The best rugged menswear for the job comes in all shapes and sizes, and from some unlikely spots, too. Take Todd Snyder. The famed American menswear designer turned back the clock to his Midwest roots with the seriously cool, tough Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket, which has the potential to become one of the best workwear jackets in your arsenal.

Think of it like that trusty Carhartt jacket you wore decades ago, just made modern. Workwear style really is all the rage these days, no matter how much or how little time you spend out in the field. And to this Brooklyn style writer, it’s nice to have well-made, reliable style staples that exude casually rugged style — in fact, in today’s climate, I could see this cleaned-up workwear jacket fitting in well just about anywhere (aside from an overly formal office, that is). So, think the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is right for you? Let’s dive on in and see what might make this your new favorite workwear jacket.

The silhouette of the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is subtle and uncomplicated: A turndown corduroy collar and cuffs for warmth, subtle style and protection against the wind, complete with side-slant hip pockets. It’s not unlike your favorite Carhartt or Dickies jacket, yet the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket has the stamp of approval of one of the country’s best menswear designers. The midweight cotton canvas is sturdy and abrasion-resistant, yet easier to move around in compared to a jacket that’s been waxed.

Best canvas jackets for men.

And helpfully, the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket has a slimmed-down, modern fit: Consider this rugged workwear jacket as a replacement for a blazer with olive chinos and a white Oxford shirt, or go timeless and style the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket with a chambray shirt and black jeans. Note that it’s unlined, so the ever-reliable Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket functions better on more temperate days (not during winter blizzards).

Either the clean Natural color or a rich shade of Tan are also versatile, pleasingly rugged style options — and of course, since it’s Todd Snyder we’re talking about here, the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is pricier at $398 (thanks to the Japanese cotton canvas fabric), but given that you can wear this jacket easily in three seasons, it’s one of the best workwear jackets for men. Shop accordingly right now, my friends.

The Friday Read: New Year’s Menswear Upgrades & The Taylor Stitch x Golden Bear Bomber Jacket

Best classic bomber jacket for men.

My friends, thanks for joining me in this, the first Friday Read of your trusty Brooklyn style blog! It’s been a productive yet more laidback week around these parts as I ramp up my writing properly in 2023 across multiple fronts, from the best new whiskey to yesterday’s feature on Filson’s rugged flannel shirt and an as-yet-unpublished music feature for (to get the full scoop on all of my freelance writing pursuits, click that link).

In the meantime, let’s talk ever-so-briefly about style upgrades for 2023, in a similar mindset to last week’s Friday Read. What are you looking to add to your wardrobe, or refine, or improve upon? I’ve already talked about a cozy new shirt jacket this week on the blog — perhaps ideal for casual WFH style or weekend travel, not to mention one of the best menswear deals from Billy Reid.

My advice? If you need some weekend reading and shopping inspo, check out those features to send you on your way to start this year. I’d of course be remiss to not talk about one of the best new style releases of 2023 to start this week, too: Head over to Taylor Stitch and the Taylor Stitch Workshop to pre-fund the exceedingly cool, expertly crafted Taylor Stitch x Golden Bear Snap Bomber. It’s a style splurge, to be sure, but one that you’ll no doubt have for years — if you’ve tried out the brand’s past collaborations with legendary SF outfitter Golden Bear, you know that much is true.

As for me, well, that’s going to wrap up today’s post: I’m going to enjoy some downtime this weekend, some cold beer & some Michigan State basketball. For good measure, I’m going to take another brief look back at 2022 as I plan for 2023. I hope you do the same! Cheers and thanks, as always, for reading The Style Guide.

See Now, Buy Now: Save 30% Today Only On This Rugged Filson Jacket

Most rugged jacket for men.

My friends, we aren’t quite done yet with the best Cyber Week menswear deals from plenty of your favorite brands, including revered retailers that rarely offer up styles for sale. One such revered retailer might be Filson, longtime Pacific Northwest gear purveyors, and a brand that doesn’t run all that many sales (try two a year).

Milled in Scotland for a lifetime of wear.

That’s what makes today’s deal on one of the best jackets for men so essential, and so short-lived. So, here goes: Today only, get 30% off the Filson Vintage Wash Moleskin Work Coat. Yes, that’s right: Today only, and 30% off up for grabs.

Best men's rain jacket.

Oh, and that’s not all. You can also score 30% off the Filson All Season Rain Coat in Root, a wise choice if you need one of the best rain jackets for a more temperate climate (check out that jacket above). Once again, that stylish men’s rain coat (made from the brand’s rugged, weather-ready Shelter Cloth) is 30% off as part of Filson Cyber Monday deals, and you can only get it today.

Most rugged men's work jacket.

If you ask me, those are two seriously rugged wardrobe upgrades worth making, especially the Filson Vintage Wash Moleskin Work Coat, what with its pre-washed construction, hard-wearing yet soft cotton build, cool Dark Navy color and four everyday carry pockets. Heck, why not buy two new Filson men’s jackets right now, ehh?

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

So, to sum it up quickly so you can get back to shopping Filson Cyber Week deals: Save 30% today only on two of Filson’s best jackets. Good luck out there, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: Filson’s Lineup of Rugged Wool Jackets Are As Classic and Warm As It Gets

Alright, my friends. I’m going to keep today’s post brief, functional, stylish and highly rugged. That means I’m going to recommend you shop the impossibly cool, classic and dependable lineup of Filson wool jackets to layer up for fall and winter. The Pacific Northwest gear purveyor has quite the pedigree when it comes to the best cold-weather gear, as you know if you read the blog, and that includes a whole lineup of durable wool jackets, from the Lined Mackinaw Wool Jac-Shirt to the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket. These jackets are burly, dependable, super-warm and even a touch stylish for days off the grid and back in town. Prices start at under $300 for the collection, so give these heirloom pieces a look ASAP.

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Waxed Bond Peacoat – The Coolest New Jacket for Fall

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

My friends, just as “James Bond will return,” so too, will the much-loved Billy Reid Bond Peacoat. The now-iconic style (named for Reid’s Bond Street store in NYC and worn by 007 himself in Skyfall) is back in stock for 2022 and features some seriously cool new details, to boot. Of note, the famed Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is now, well, the Billy Reid Waxed Bond Peacoat. That’s right: Where the much-loved and fast-selling Bond Peacoat was once made of heavy, warm Melton wool — like classic peacoats from days gone by — the new iteration of the style features weather-resistant Scottish waxed cotton from legendary mill Halley Stevensons.

It’s a major step up that turns the Billy Reid Bond Peacoat into a jacket you can reliably wear in fall and winter — and spring, for that matter — with the specs and high-quality design to match. Making some of the best jackets for men is just one specialty of Mr. Reid, based in Alabama and a favorite of the blog for making seasonal staples like one of the best men’s henleys, too.

The soon-to-be-legendary (IMHO!) Billy Reid Waxed Bond Peacoat ups the ante in a major way. The original version of the Bond Peacoat already featured luxe details like a back-collar leather lining and genuine horn buttons and the Billy Reid Waxed Bond Peacoat also features standout details. In this case, that means your new favorite peacoat also features a warm quilted lining with an engineered stripe as an added style detail.

Best men's winter peacoat

For good measure, the impressive Billy Reid Waxed Bond Peacoat even features leather tabs at the waist pockets, plus those same durable horn buttons. This jacket is both rugged and yet luxe and sleek, the sort of coat you can wear on blustery fall and winter days aplenty without missing a beat — while drawing compliments all the while, I’d bet. Of course, the Billy Reid Waxed Bond Peacoat is an investment at just under $700, but it’s an impressive jacket you’ll have for years to come — Bond himself approves.

Style Pick of the Week: Iron and Resin Revival Jacket – The Coolest Lightweight Summer Jacket

Best summer jacket for men.

There comes a time in every guy’s life — especially in the summer months — when he’s got to gear up to hit the road with only the essentials in tow, and that’s where one of the best lightweight jackets for summer enters the equation. In fact, it’s coming at you courtesy of a brand that knows all too well how to outfit guys for the road in rugged situations aplenty: That’d be Iron and Resin, and of course, they’re stocked and sold right now by the great folks at Huckberry. I’ve lately sung the praises of Huckberry for selling summer gear like some of the best sunglasses for men, and you should certainly add the durable, very well-made Iron and Resin Revival Jacket to the list.

It’s part of the latest and greatest crop of Huckberry New Arrivals, the sort of gear that’ll have you ready for the open road in no time. What makes the Iron and Resin Revival Jacket worthy of your hard-earned cash and time this season? Reader, I’m glad you asked. It’s modeled after classic 1950s service station jackets, giving it a sense of old-school cool that you can’t find everywhere these days.

Best lightweight summer jacket for men.

The Iron and Resin Revival Jacket is also made with the kind of durable-yet-lightweight fabric you need on breezy summer days and nights, especially times when a T-shirt simply won’t cut it. Button flap chest pockets make it similar to your favorite trucker jacket, while the cool aloha-print lining on the Iron and Resin Revival Jacket is a nice throwback touch, too. It’s unique, durable and timeless jacket made to be worn on all your summer adventures — act accordingly and add one of the best men’s lightweight jackets to your wardrobe ASAP.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket is the Best Early Spring Jacket for Men

The best early spring jacket for men.

It’s one heck of a time to be searching for one of the best men’s jackets for early spring, and that’s why we’re gathered here today. In fact, I’d wager you already recognize the brand in question making your new favorite jacket, and that’s the perfectly balanced, rugged-yet-refined style purveyors at San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch. Hopefully, you recognize the brand from the blog over the years, seeing as they’re one of my favorite brands — and seeing as they can do it all in the world of menswear, from one of the best winter blazers for men to the carefully crafted Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket, the durable and hard-wearing coat seen at the top of the page. You also likely know the brand from other layers, including one of the best shawl cardigans, but as we roll through March and you pore over Taylor Stitch reviews, it’s best to lighten things up just a bit.

It’s just about time you swapped out your sturdy winter parka for something lighter yet no less durable and substantial, and the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket checks all the right boxes in that regard. It starts with the silhouette, modeled off old workwear jackets and yet streamlined for today’s modern man: It’s the right blend of a field jacket and a chore coat, with nicely sized hip pockets and one chest pocket for storing your everyday carry essentials on and off the job. It only gets better from there, of course, when it comes to the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket.

The best workwear jacket for men.

The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket, crucially, really is made to be worn and lived in this season, crafted from 100 percent organic cotton that’s also been washed for a soft feel right out of the box. The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket is almost like the perfect hybrid between a blazer and chore coat, with sturdy front buttons that can be buttoned all the way up or worn more casually (with only two or three buttons done up, for instance), and that versatility also makes it one of the best jackets for men. The Washed Charcoal color is yet another marker of versatility and utility when you consider the rugged appeal of the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket — you can wear this jacket with your favorite pair of blue jeans, with Taylor Stitch chinos and perhaps even with the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants for quick, casually polished weekend outings.

But when you really need a jacket that can get the job done — even if that job happens to involve everything from daily meetings to site visits — the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket is the right way to go. Layer it up over an Oxford or chambray shirt to drive home its classic styling potential, or pair it with your favorite henley for a go-to laidback weekend look you can wear from day to night. The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket should prove a hit in matters of style and functionality, and that’s about the best you can ask for from one of the best spring jackets for men.

The Thursday Buy: Bundle Up for Winter with This Rugged Belstaff Jacket from UNCRATE

I’ve talked a lot lately about the search for one of the best men’s jackets for winter. ‘Tis the season, right? If that sentiment rings particularly true with you today, then I can assure you that you’ll love the jacket in question we’re talking about from UNCRATE Supply and Belstaff. You see, the rugged and hard-wearing Belstaff Patrol Jacket goes above and beyond what you might have in your closet currently, and it does so in a big, big way. It’s one of the best men’s winter jackets for good reason, made with all the heritage and history you know and love from the famed British brand — this is very good news for your current collection of jackets, because it’s going to amp things up in a hurry.

It also makes sense that you’re able to score this luxurious yet hard-wearing jacket from UNCRATE, which has already proven a reliable source for the best boots for men and the best winter menswear, to name but a few standout offerings. Yes indeed, you’d do well to ensure the Belstaff Patrol Jacket graces your shoulders the next time you step out the door this season. But why, precisely? I’m glad you asked, my friends.

The remarkable Belstaff Patrol Jacket is, first and foremost, a remarkably rugged and exceptionally well-made jacket, and one that’s inspired by the open road. The waxed cotton build is tough as nails and resists water and wind, crucial as you hit the road and hit the trail this season. And the Belstaff Patrol Jacket also gets the details right, down to the quilted lining for extra warmth and the iconic corduroy collar. Black hardware gives this jacket a sleek and versatile look, the kind you can pair with some of the best blue jeans for men and some comfortable yet durable leather boots.

Now, you don’t get all this versatility and dependable style without a bit of an investment, and the Belstaff Patrol Jacket clocks in at a higher price tag than other jackets in your rotation. It retails for $850 at UNCRATE, but when you consider the fact that this jacket is finished off with a quilted winter lining for all-day warmth, it’s certainly worth investing in the Belstaff Patrol Jacket. Belstaff, most importantly, doesn’t cut corners when it comes to next-level quality and design, and that’s part of what makes the Belstaff Patrol Jacket such an essential piece of winter outerwear. Layer up accordingly, folks.