The Friday Read: Back in Brooklyn & Manhattan’s Best Haircut

Taylor Stitch shirt review.

Well, folks — here we are again rolling into another weekend, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m back in Brooklyn and back in the New York groove after a quick yet relaxing, sunny Florida vacation. It was just the break I needed before powering back up my freelance writing pursuits (although I stayed plenty busy with writing for and Maxim in Florida all the same!).

Satchel and Page

Of course, returning to Brooklyn has me thinking about the changing seasons and some new (early, early) spring style essentials… like the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt as seen above. Is it too early to think about shopping spring menswear essentials? Folks, if you ask me, it’s never too early — hop to it with some time ahead of you this weekend.

And before I send you on your way this weekend, I want to spotlight another way to refresh and recharge, especially if you find yourself in New York City. That old adage that a fresh haircut can change your perspective is certainly true in my book. Yes indeed, there’s no reset quite like a new look, especially if that new look comes complete with an extensive, impressive and ultimately, very relaxing experience like that at NYC’s Pisterzi in Soho.

Best men's grooming essentials.

I recently had the chance to sample the Italian luxury grooming atelier’s entire lineup of products and services, including essential men’s grooming items that really amount more to a work of art than a typical grooming experience. The atelier boasts just two private salon booths at its Soho location (all the better for a more customized experience). Each is handsomely appointed with blue leather and sleek furnishings, and each is ready to deliver everything from a classic haircut to a beard trim.

The space also offers product and styling consultations, and I found my 90-minute experience (La Dolce Vita) to be nothing short of blissful. Unwind with a deep cleansing, soothing facial and beard treatment (plus a haircut and beard trim), and relish the experience of multiple hot towels and the company’s rejuvenating cleanser and Face and Eye Guard Treatment. The even better part?

If you’re not in New York City itself, you can still get the Pisterzi experience from home by ordering its standout lineup online. Would I call it the best haircut in Manhattan? I certainly would, and I encourage you take the weekend to dive more into the atelier’s next-level, luxurious men’s grooming treatments. For now, here’s to a Brooklyn weekend — cheers, my friends!


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