The Tuesday Steal: Save 30 Percent On this Breezy Taylor Stitch Tee for Spring

Best T-shirt for men this spring.

Sometimes, the best spring style essentials for men are the moves that are seemingly simple on the surface. Take the tried-and-true combination of classic jeans and a T-shirt. It doesn’t get much more simple, right? Well, here’s the catch: There’s a right way to get dressed casually this spring, and it starts with finding one of the best T-shirts for men.

And if you can do that on the cheap, say in the Taylor Stitch Last Call section, well, that’s all the better. And that brings us to the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee, a relatively new modern classic from everyone’s favorite San Francisco brand.

With the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee, it all starts, of course, with the fabric itself. The 5oz. 100 percent organic cotton should prove breezy and comfortable, yet it should also drape nicely (thank the brand’s use of chest sizing measurements for that). And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee is on sale right now for 30 percent off, does it? That knocks the price of this stylish striped T-shirt down to $38, a nice steal for a high-quality tee.

Best men's T-shirt to buy now.

Crucially, the Seagrass Stripe pattern on the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee is flattering and just a touch retro, the sort of T-shirt that looks perfect with, well, a pair of Taylor Stitch jeans. The crewneck design is easygoing and versatile enough to wear underneath a denim jacket or all on its own, especially with a pair of laidback lounge pants.

And the price of this tee is so agreeable, you very well might want to load up your cart with other picks from the Taylor Stitch Last Call section — I’ll leave that up to you, but your shopping session should start with the Taylor Stitch Organic Cotton Tee, no questions asked.


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