The Tuesday Steal: Save 60 Percent On this Rugged Workshirt from Huckberry

Best workshirt for men.

If you read the blog, you know that sometimes, opportunity is everything, and timing is crucial when it comes to stocking up (or restocking up on) the best men’s style essentials for spring and summer. I do my best to stay on top of on-sale menswear, of course, and some deals are just too good to pass up — that’s particularly the case when it comes to the Huckberry Sale section, long a personal favorite of mine.

And while breezy summer style is all the rage right now, there are times when you’ve got to get down to business, quite literally, and times when you still can use one of, say, the best workshirts for men. The good news is, today’s stylish workshirt is a whopping 60 percent off. Yessir, 60 percent off. Of course, Huckberry is as reliable a place as any to get rugged menswear designed to go the distance, and that’s certainly true with the hard-wearing, made-for-anything Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt. After all, would you expect anything less from ’em? That’s what I thought.

Now, you might have your eye on one of the best summer shirts for men in terms of lightweight style, but be it on a camping trip or during a backyard bonfire, one of the best men’s workshirts can still come in mighty handy.

Best workshirt for men this summer.

And in terms of durability, style points and utility (sometimes a tricky combination to nail down), the Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt delivers the goods. It starts with the custom-developed fabric, a uniquely Huckberry touch, and in this instance, it’s a looseweave flannel that should prove soft and easy to layer, yet remarkably tough. It’s almost like wearing a blanket, which makes the Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt a warm option on breezy spring summer nights.

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Beyond that, the Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt is triple-needle-stitched at key stress points, with crossback construction across the shoulders for added dependability and mobility. Oversized fisheye buttons are a crucial workshirt detail designed to provide easy access, especially if you wear this flannel workshirt atop one of your favorite T-shirts or a Huckberry henley.

And again, it’s worth repeating that you get all of this rugged style and toughness for an astounding 60 percent off right now. That drops the Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt down to under $60, a terrific price to pay for your new go-to summer workshirt.


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