The Sunday Sale: The Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt Is More Than 40 Percent Off

Best flannel shirt for men.

If you know where to look, opportunities abound to save on the best winter menswear — if you know where to look, that is. That’s why we’re here with today’s Sunday Sale, of course: To point you in the direction of companies like Faherty Brand, a longtime favorite of mine with a penchant for selling everything from one of the best winter jackets to the stylish flannel shirt you see above.

Best winter flannel shirt for men.

The shirt in question, of course, is the fan favorite Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt, a rugged yet ultra-soft men’s shirt for winter that wears like an overshirt or a standalone flannel shirt, any way you slice it. And the deal in question? In select colors and patterns (nine of them, to be exact), the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is more than 40 percent off.

That’s one heck of a deal for a casually rugged shirt you can wear virtually every day, be it through more casual days at the office or winter weekend brewery outings or lounge-ready days at home. It’s not all that often that the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt goes on sale with such wide variety available, so hop on this deal while it’s still around. I’ll leave you to it, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: Stay Warm This Winter with the Mack Weldon Merino Fleece Shirt Jacket

Warmest shirt jacket for men.

The time has surely come to revamp your wardrobe for a new year, and I can think of no brand more versatile, dependable and sleek yet stylish than Mack Weldon. The New York City-based, direct-to-consumer upstart is, of course, well-known for making some of the best men’s underwear and basics, and I’ve long been a fan of its comfortable, breathable, performance-minded fabrics and menswear essentials.

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But the real key this winter lies in looking outward — to one of the best shirt jackets for winter, that is to say. And my friends, the Mack Weldon Merino Fleece Shirt Jacket is the durable, dependable layer you’re not going to want to stop wearing this winter, be it for WFH Zoom calls, more casual days back at the office or frosty winter weekend getaways. Whatever’s on your agenda, the streamlined, warm and pleasingly rugged-yet-modern Mack Weldon Merino Fleece Shirt Jacket just gets the job done — let’s find out more, shall we?

Best fleece shirt jacket for men.

Granted, the Mack Weldon Merino Fleece Shirt Jacket might look simple enough on the surface, thanks to Mack Weldon’s signature, crisp Total Eclipse color, but go deeper and find out what’s really in store for you with your new favorite shirt jacket. It’s just the right fabric blend for winter, with luxe Italian fleece meeting performance-focused, breathable merino wool for temperature regulation and warmth in one fell swoop.

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Better still is the fact that the Mack Weldon Merino Fleece Shirt Jacket is built with plenty of utility in mind, especially for your everyday carry essentials — note the chest snap pockets and side hip handwarmer pockets. In fact, you can even wear this hard-working shirt jacket atop, say, a Mack Weldon chambray work shirt for the utmost in both functionality and rugged winter style, just about anywhere the season takes you.

Best men's shirt jacket.

Button snaps make it easy to throw on the Mack Weldon Merino Fleece Shirt Jacket at a moment’s notice (again, to WFH or head to the office), and it should prove warm yet breathable. Sure, it’s pricier than one might expect at $248, but again, this is a shirt jacket made with all the winter utility you need. Thank Mack Weldon for outfitting you from head to toe this winter.

The Thursday Buy: Le Alfre Oxford Shirts Are Some of the Best Men’s Shirts Under $100

Best Oxford shirt for men

It always pays off to be able to score a standout deal on a tried-and-true men’s style essential, like one of the best Oxford shirts — right? If you read this blog on the regular, I’d hope you agree with that sentiment, and I’d hope you’ve given some serious thought to upgrading your selection of the best men’s shirts with New York’s own Le Alfre.

Best men's shirt for the holidays.

Perhaps you recognize the brand from the pages of this blog, where I told you all about how to save 20 percent on your new favorite shirt (a contrast collar Oxford shirt, no less). Now, that deal is getting even better: Stylish men’s Oxford shirts at Le Alfre have now been marked down — for good! — to $98 at the upstart new men’s shirting brand. Founder Brandon Snower decided to keep the same quality and attention to detail while cutting the price for stylish consumers such as yourself, and that’s as good a mindset as any to take when it comes to the best men’s style essentials.

It’s a standout deal you’d do well to shop today, especially if you want one of the best men’s shirts for the holidays. Le Alfre’s shirts are made at one of Europe’s longest-running, family-owned factories, the kind of place with a penchant for making classic shirts with handsome details like Mother of Pearl buttons and soft yet durable, heirloom-quality fabric.

Best Oxford shirt for men.

Le Alfre offers a standout variety of the best shirts for men, and they do so using 100 percent Portuguese cotton done up in cool colors like crisp Blue, eye-catching Gray or even a vibrant Pink. The end result is a nice change of pace for your shirting rotation, especially if you need to find new ways to dress business casual.

These shirts can be worn tucked in with navy chinos or else underneath a tan herringbone blazer, and feel free to wear this classic shirt with one of the best men’s cardigans, too. The key thing to keep in mind? You’re getting handcrafted quality and one of the best shirts for men from a revered European factory, and you’re now getting that for under $100. Shop accordingly right now, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: You Won’t Be Able to Stop Wearing This Buck Mason Corduroy Shirt This Season

Best men's corduroy shirts for fall.

Sometimes when it comes to your collection of the best men’s fall style essentials, you end up getting the best of both worlds. Take the Buck Mason Pinwale Cord One Pocket Shirt. It’s a timeless design that harnesses everything you know and love about Buck Mason men’s shirts — from the classic fit to the expert construction and soft fabric, for starters.

Yet, it does so while tweaking the formula slightly and constructing the shirt from a garment-dyed pinwale corduroy. How’s that for a new twist on one of your favorite shirts?

It’s the kind of subtly cool, stylish men’s shirt for fall you can easily wear with a Buck Mason field jacket or a rugged Buck Mason men’s sweater, or even Huckberry’s famed Waxed Trucker Jacket for a dash of high-low style — to name but a few standout menswear pairings this season. Yes indeed, the Buck Mason Pinwale Cord One Pocket Shirt does just about everything you ask of it, and then some. Let’s carry on, shall we?

Crucially, the Buck Mason Pinwale Cord One Pocket Shirt uses a 5oz. cotton corduroy that’s neither too light nor too heavy — you should be able to layer your new favorite shirt over one of the best men’s henleys or wear it comfortably underneath one of the best cold-weather blazers. This rugged men’s shirt also features a more casual buttondown collar and chest pocket — feel free to wear it untucked with the sleeves rolled up at the office alongside Buck Mason men’s jeans for good measure.

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Plus, you can score the Buck Mason Pinwale Cord One Pocket Shirt in three essential colors, including an off-white Pumice and a deep Grizzly color. Those options might make it worth picking up more than one, and although the price tag of $128 on the Buck Mason Pinwale Cord One Pocket Shirt is a bit splurge-worthy, you know it’ll pay off in spades — it’s your new go-to cold-weather shirt, after all.

Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Guide Shirt – Fall’s Most Refined Shirt Jacket

Best men's shirt jacket for fall

If ever you were looking to strike the right balance between rugged and refined, there’s no time like fall to really take care of business with the best men’s style essentials. And for my money’s worth — as you know if you scour The Style Guide for the best fall style picks on the daily, few designers do that better than Todd Snyder. The Iowa-born designer takes the classics and upgrades them in ways that make them work in both NYC and back in the Midwest, as with the handsome, well-made Todd Snyder Guide Shirt.

It’s the perfect example of the, well, rugged-meets-refined look championed by the brand, and that makes the Todd Snyder Guide Shirt a unique addition to your fall and winter layering. The key is the soft-yet-dependable blend of virgin wool, acrylic, polyester and other fibers (for comfort and stretch) into one seriously cool, stylish fall shirt meant to be layered up as one of the best men’s shirt jackets. And folks, your new favorite fall shirt jacket only gets better from there.

Most rugged men's shirt jacket

The Todd Snyder Guide Shirt also boasts retro elbow patches for a neat and distinctive touch — this rugged men’s shirt jacket is less refined than one of the best fall blazers, to be sure, but no less ready for unique layering. That means you can style your new favorite shirt jacket atop a rugged men’s henley as readily as you can use it as another layer atop one of the best men’s Oxford shirts.

It’s cut with a more full fit for fall and winter layering, too. Plus, color options like a rich Blue-Brown Plaid or the fall-friendly Mustard Multi-Plaid certainly give you options. Beware that this Todd Snyder shirt clocks in at a pricey $268, but as with other Todd Snyder menswear essentials, I’m betting that higher price tag will pay off in spades.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt is a Fall Style Classic

Best fall shirt for men.

Can you feel it in the air? Perhaps a brisk breeze, a touch of a chill and the need to once again layer up with, say, the best fall style essentials from one of your favorite brands? Yes indeed, the time is well and truly upon us, and that’s where one of my longtime favorite menswear companies, Taylor Stitch, boldly enters the fray.

I’m willing to bet you’ve been shopping the brand as frequently as I have lately, be it one of the best fall cardigans or one of the best shirt jackets for men, and today’s blog entry follows in the same vein with the much-loved Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt.

You might say the longtime fan favorite — it’s been in the Taylor Stitch menswear rotation since the brand’s early days — is about as essential as it gets as far as the best fall men’s style picks are concerned. How so? Well, the shirt sits somewhere between a classic flannel, a lightweight shirt and a “shacket,” with the layering versatility and style potential of each of those pieces. You see, the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt is made from a soft, layering-friendly but not overly heavy 9oz. organic cotton chamois, and things get better from there.

Most stylish fall shirt for men.

I’ve worn various iterations of the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt over the years, and it functions perfectly as a top-most layer over a Taylor Stitch henley or a soft merino T-shirt. As I said though, it does indeed get better, and that’s because you can also layer the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt beneath one of the best men’s fall jackets quite comfortably as the temperature drops down into the 30s and 40s (yes, I went there!).

The Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt also boasts two helpful front-button chest pockets for your everyday carry essentials, and the fit is made to be worn untucked. This gives the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt plenty of rugged styling versatility this season, given that it looks quite cool – especially in a rich Timber Shadow Plaid — alongside everything from Taylor Stitch blue jeans to the company’s expertly cut tan chinos.

It’s not every day that you come across a pick as perfectly suited to fall and winter layering as the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt, so I’d say you need to shop this one early and often right now.

Style Pick of the Week: Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt – Best Fall Flannel Shirt for Guys

Best flannel shirt for men this fall

What’s sitting at the top of your list right now as you shop for the best men’s fall essentials? I’ve got plenty of the best fall style gear picks on my mind at the moment as well, but I’d say that for right now, as we move into the season, it’s best to start with a tried-and-true selection: One of the best flannel shirts for men. As with any good seasonal style selection, there’s also a tried-and-true resource you can visit to stock up accordingly, and that resource just so happens to be NYC-based Bespoke Post.

You recognize the brand (I should hope!) for selling everything from affordable Timex watches to the best winter sweaters, and the seriously cool, rugged and affordable Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is but the latest and greatest must-have from them. Seriously, snag this one before it sells out.

Flannel is, naturally, a classic fall fabric, providing warmth, comfort and plenty of throwback appeal on many a casual day this season, and the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt hits all the right notes as you shop for your new favorite shirt (starting with price — it clocks in at just $65 at Bespoke Post).

Best men's flannel shirt

It’s tough to know where to begin with the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt, because it does so many things well — and it does ’em all at a low, sub-$70 price, no less. The Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is crafted from a brushed flannel fabric that just so happens to be a nice, midweight cotton material.

That means the go-anywhere Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is warm enough to layer atop your favorite henley and easy enough to wear on its own (perhaps beneath the best fall blazer, for good measure).

In addition to that easy-to-layer weight, the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt hits the right notes when it comes to fall style (note the four utterly classic plaid color combos) and sizing (it’s available in sizes up to 3XL). And again, it’s certainly worth repeating that the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is a downright steal at just $65. With fall rolling in quickly, you might want to go ahead and pick up more than one of this trusty fall flannel shirt. Good luck out there, my friends.