Style Pick of the Week: Wills Wrinkle-Free Short-Sleeve Shirt – The Perfect Summer Weekend Shirt

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

Sometimes, simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to summer style essentials. After all, you assuredly want to beat the heat, first and foremost, and yet, you still want to look polished. An easy way to do that? Reaching for one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, and ideally, one from the fine folks at Huckberry. The Austin and San Francisco-based brand dreamed up the perfect way to stay cool and look great.

That’d be the Wills Wrinkle-Free Short-Sleeve Shirt, a worthy choice when you want more polish than a standard crewneck T-shirt and yet, a touch more comfort than a classic Oxford shirt, which might prove too hot on some days.

The key here is the breezy linen blend fabric, plus a classic fit that should prove flattering and not too constricting. And as Huckberry says, you can team the Wills Wrinkle-Free Short-Sleeve Shirt with everything from chino shorts to light wash jeans without missing a beat, and it comes in a range of cool, versatile color options. Yessir, looking great even in the heat just got a touch easier, thanks to this stylish short-sleeve shirt at Huckberry. Cheers, my friends.


See Now, Buy Now: Bonobos Is Making One of the Best Linen Shirts for Summer

Best linen shirt for men.

Folks, what’s a guy to do to beat the heat in the summer months? All the while looking polished while dressing for the office, perhaps wearing one of the best men’s shirts for summer? In my experience, it’s no easy task — not in the slightest, but that’s why I leave it to the menswear experts at Bonobos. The brand has been a longtime favorite of mine, especially for its exceptionally well-fitting jeans and chinos, not to mention a full lineup of some of the best men’s shirts — is there anything the NYC brand can’t do?

Well, I’ve tried out a little bit of everything from the brand over the years, and I’m just not sure there’s an area in which they don’t have you covered in terms of menswear essentials.

Witness the latest and greatest from the brand, the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt. It lives up to its billing as a comfortable, ultra-breezy and yes, easygoing shirt, exactly the kind you need to stay cool while looking polished. If it sounds too good to be true, rest easy that, well, it’s not: It’s the Bonobos way, after all.

Stylish linen shirt for men.

Crucially, the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt boasts largely the same fit options as the rest of the brand’s well-tailored, classically designed shirts. Choose from Slim or Standard, then select from one of three shirt lengths to nail that optimal fit. But the real key when it comes to the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt might be that all-important fabric. A blend of cotton and linen gives this shirt both a lightweight, breathable feel and yet some nice shape to it. Beyond that, the use of cotton in the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt means that shirt won’t wrinkle quite as easily.

The rest of the details are on point: The Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt boasts a point collar you can wear with or without a knit tie this summer at a seasonal shindig, and the style itself should look polished and appropriate worn tucked or untucked. And the best part about the Bonobos Easy Linen Shirt? Of course, you can wear it with ease alongside practically any pair of Bonobos men’s pants or jeans, from light wash denim to stretch chinos. How’s that for staying cool in the heat this summer? Go forth and get to it, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt – Spring’s Best Men’s Overshirt for Rugged Layering

Best shirt jacket for men.

As I often say here on the blog, building a stylish wardrobe of menswear essentials is a bit like looking into the future: You need to be ready for just about anything, and that’s particularly true during the blustery days of spring. That means, to me, that if you leave the house on a sunny day wearing one of your favorite pocket T-shirts, you very well might need to layer up as the afternoon goes on and the day gets a bit more blustery.

What’s a guy to do? That’s easy, at least in my book. Shop one of the best men’s shirt jackets early and often, and do it from a brand you can trust: A brand like Outerknown, of course.

The company, founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater, has plenty going for it, including eco-friendly production through every step of the process. That goes for sustainable menswear essentials like one of the best crewneck sweatshirts, and it carries onward into today’s featured Style Pick, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt. It’s notably part of the Outerknown New Arrivals section, which is always worth a look if you want rugged, durable and versatile gear with a sustainable touch.

Most rugged shirt jacket for men.

What makes the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt such a winner in my book? There’s plenty, of course, starting with the fabric itself. It’s made from an organic cotton twill for a soft yet durable feel, the kind that wears easily as a shirt jacket atop a super-soft Outerknown T-shirt. It’s also not too far off from the much-loved Outerknown Blanket Shirt, which is one of my favorite shirts on the market. But of course, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt has plenty of character all its own, including eye-catching buttons made from nuts, plus a fit that’s easy to layer.

Notably, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt also comes in nine versatile, dusty colors, each of which have a pleasingly vintage look to them. This is the kind of rugged, durable shirt jacket you can toss on over your favorite henley for a day hike or a casual afternoon at your favorite brewery, and yet the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt is well-suited for everything from camping trips to cool evenings around the bonfire.

The chest pockets also turn the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt into a highly useful workshirt, and with its wrinkle-fighting design, the brand notes that it’s one of the best travel shirts for men, too. When you want eco-friendly design and plenty of durability to go along with it, opt for the essential Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand Tried And True Shirt – An All-Time Style Classic

Best men's denim shirt for summer.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you appreciate menswear styles that stand the test of time, that tend to look good from season to season and year to year, and even era to era. Take one of the best denim shirts for men — or in this case, one of the best indigo shirts for men, made from an innovative, modern fabric blend.

The shirt in question today is the Faherty Tried and True Shirt, released to celebrate the easygoing, coastal style-meets-rugged-classics appeal of the New York City brand’s 10th anniversary. And if you ask me, this shirt (a new favorite and possibly one of the best men’s shirts for summer) lives up to its name, and then some.

Faherty seems to rise to the occasion in multiple seasons, be it making a breezy knit shirt as one of the best men’s shirts for spring, or else going a touch more rugged with waxed outerwear, or a touch more versatile with stylish stretch chinos. And quite literally true to its name, the Faherty Tried and True Shirt is another fine addition to the brand’s stable of casual, laidback yet crisp shirts, shorts and chinos.

It starts with the light blue Vintage Indigo color, but the aforementioned modern fabric — a blend of Tencel and linen for stretch and breathability — helps things along quite nicely.

Best denim shirt for men.

Four-hole urea buttons add a touch of contrast to the Faherty Tried and True Shirt, but it’s that soft wash that’s going to make all the difference this summer. It should prove comfortable enough to wear on its own, sleeves rolled up alongside your favorite pair of chinos at the office, but the Faherty Tried and True Shirt really excels in more easygoing yet classic situations.

Take the Faherty Tried and True Shirt for a spin with classic dark blue jeans for a timeless combo on cooler spring and summer nights, or wear this handsome indigo shirt atop a classic graphic tee or pocket T-shirt for days on the water. The thing is, with a comfortable and casually cool shirt like the Faherty Tried and True Shirt, you can do just about anything — as long as you add it to your wardrobe starting this weekend.

If you end up picking up this shirt, let me know in the comments — stay stylish, and thanks for reading!

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Camp Collar Shirt is a Retro-Meets-Modern Classic

Best short-sleeve shirt for men.

When the time comes to consider your wardrobe of summer style essentials — a time like right now, perhaps, as we roll into a new season — you very well might want to switch things up ever so slightly from the norm. For instance, perhaps you want to trade in a more classic short-sleeve chambray shirt for something with just a bit more retro flair.

Where’s a guy go to do just that? Easy. Stick with a tried-and-true brand you can trust, one with a knack for getting even more adventurous styles designed in expert fashion. That brand, my friends, is the all-American style purveyors at Buck Mason, and when you want to switch up your rotation of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer, they’ll have you sorted out in no time.

Take the throwback-tinged Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt. It’s got plenty going for it in terms of breezy fabric, yet it’s the camp collar design — a ’50s and ’60s style staple — that makes it so covetable. Of course, it only gets better from there, as does the rest of the Buck Mason Spring and Summer Collection.

Best men's camp-collar shirt.

The Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt tones things down from the traditional polo or a short-sleeve shirt with a classic stand-up collar. Because of the lay-flat collar and the roomier fit through the body, it’s ideal for especially hot conditions while still delivering a cleaned-up look. Buck Mason also used single-needle stitching throughout this garment, which prevents shearing and helps the shirt drape better — again, this is another crucial touch in the heat.

Plus, the Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt features vented side seams, which also allow the shirt to lay in a more refined manner. Those touches give the Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt the ability to be worn a touch casually (with chino shorts, for instance) or in a more classic fashion (with rolled Buck Mason jeans and chukka boots).

You can also style the Buck Mason Cotton-Linen Camp Shirt — especially in the crisp Navy and Faded Black colorway — underneath a Buck Mason suit for the ultimate hybrid between easygoing looks and refined fashion this season. A classic, made modern? That’s the Buck Mason way, and your wardrobe is all the better for it.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 60 Percent On this Rugged Workshirt from Huckberry

Best workshirt for men.

If you read the blog, you know that sometimes, opportunity is everything, and timing is crucial when it comes to stocking up (or restocking up on) the best men’s style essentials for spring and summer. I do my best to stay on top of on-sale menswear, of course, and some deals are just too good to pass up — that’s particularly the case when it comes to the Huckberry Sale section, long a personal favorite of mine.

And while breezy summer style is all the rage right now, there are times when you’ve got to get down to business, quite literally, and times when you still can use one of, say, the best workshirts for men. The good news is, today’s stylish workshirt is a whopping 60 percent off. Yessir, 60 percent off. Of course, Huckberry is as reliable a place as any to get rugged menswear designed to go the distance, and that’s certainly true with the hard-wearing, made-for-anything Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt. After all, would you expect anything less from ’em? That’s what I thought.

Now, you might have your eye on one of the best summer shirts for men in terms of lightweight style, but be it on a camping trip or during a backyard bonfire, one of the best men’s workshirts can still come in mighty handy.

Best workshirt for men this summer.

And in terms of durability, style points and utility (sometimes a tricky combination to nail down), the Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt delivers the goods. It starts with the custom-developed fabric, a uniquely Huckberry touch, and in this instance, it’s a looseweave flannel that should prove soft and easy to layer, yet remarkably tough. It’s almost like wearing a blanket, which makes the Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt a warm option on breezy spring summer nights.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

Beyond that, the Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt is triple-needle-stitched at key stress points, with crossback construction across the shoulders for added dependability and mobility. Oversized fisheye buttons are a crucial workshirt detail designed to provide easy access, especially if you wear this flannel workshirt atop one of your favorite T-shirts or a Huckberry henley.

And again, it’s worth repeating that you get all of this rugged style and toughness for an astounding 60 percent off right now. That drops the Flint and Tinder Crossback Workshirt down to under $60, a terrific price to pay for your new go-to summer workshirt.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt Is Your Go-Anywhere Summer Shirt

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer.

From time to time, especially as breezy weather rolls into town, you need to stick with the basics — that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to turn boring in an instant, though. Yes indeed, there’s a surefire way to wear the top men’s style essentials for summer in a way that’s fresh, easy, breezy and stylish, all the while shaking things up in a way that’s distinctly interesting — yet subtle on the surface. How best to do that?

For starters, stick with one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts when you want a touch of polish, a dash of easygoing air and a sense of comfort that’s nearly akin to wearing one of your favorite T-shirts. Yes, that’s what you’re getting with the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt, which updates the brand’s iconic Taylor Stitch California Shirt with a more streamlined, sun-friendly construction.

For those days when it’s a touch too hot to wear one of the best denim jackets, yet you still want more polish than even a tee can provide, there’s the soft, easygoing yet sharp Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt. Made from 100 percent organic cotton pique (like one of your favorite polos), the fabric is also washed for softness, and yet the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt also boasts the brand’s face-framing, flattering California collar.

For good measure (literally), it comes in useful chest sizes, so you can nail the perfect fit. And of course, it comes in cool colors like Marine Pique or a yellow-hued Oak. This shirt has all the trappings of a new spring and summer favorite, so shop accordingly right this instant.

See Now, Buy Now: Step Out This Spring with This Classic Billy Reid Linen Shirt

Best linen shirt for men.

When you really get down to it, you need workhorse pieces (true spring style essentials, indeed!) in your wardrobe that can move seamlessly from day to night, especially if you’re still getting in the mindset of heading back to the office (again). What’s a guy to do? Easy enough: Head over to a trusted retailer like Billy Reid, and look for something easygoing yet polished, especially in the realm of stylish men’s shirting.

The Billy Reid Tuscumbia Shirt is already a certified modern classic, and it just got even better: Namely, the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Linen Shirt takes the timeless silhouette, does it up in breezy linen, then sets you on the path to effortlessly cool spring and summer style. How about it, ehh?

Sounds like a plan to me, and because it’s Billy Reid (one of the country’s best menswear designers!), you’re getting quite the value for the price — sure, the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Linen Shirt retails for $198, but trust me when I say it’s worth it.

Best men's linen shirt.

The build of the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Linen Shirt is, of course, 100 percent linen for plenty of lightweight breathability this season, and it’s also been garment-dyed for an even more laidback, breezy look. Mother of pearl buttons round out the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Linen Shirt in luxe fashion, while the brand’s signature ribbon placket detail is a nice touch that looks quite cool when this shirt is worn untucked (in my humble opinion!).

For good measure, the Billy Reid Tuscumbia Linen Shirt comes in a range of vibrant and classic colors, all the better to add a little flair to your spring and summer wardrobe (especially when you pair this stylish linen shirt with classic Billy Reid jeans or crisply cut trousers).

Because this well-tailored shirt is a pricier pick-up than other classic buttondown shirts, I’d wear it underneath a tailored cotton blazer at the office, and then out on the weekend with off-white jeans or chinos. Get the most out of your return to polished dressing this season, and your wardrobe will reward you in spades.

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Chambray Shirt is a Timeless Spring Style Move

Best chambray shirts for men this spring.

If you ask your favorite Brooklyn style writer (ha!), I think every guy’s wardrobe should be filled with heavy hitters, reliable menswear essentials that can work in practically any style situation. Take the classic chambray shirt, for instance. Originally a workwear staple, the textured chambray fabric is at once rugged and yet versatile, more casual than your favorite Oxford shirt yet easier to wear (in terms of comfort) than a starched dress shirt.

And the Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is a prime example of the style, and yet another way in which one of your favorite menswear brands delivers, well, some of the best menswear essentials.

It’s part of Buck Mason’s ongoing Menswear Spring Preview, an assortment of picks new and old made to be mixed and matched for practically anything your upcoming calendar throws your way. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know that Buck Mason already makes one of the most rugged spring jackets, along with dependable pieces like stylish men’s chinos and the best men’s henleys. Helpfully, this chambray shirt falls right in that same wheelhouse.

Best men's chambray shirt for spring.

The Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is one of two pleasing, timeless washes in which you can snag this soft, 100 percent indigo yarn-dyed cotton chambray shirt. It’s outfitted with a buttondown collar and chest pocket for casual style points (unlike a traditional dress shirt, which usually forgoes a chest pocket).

Beyond that, the Buck Mason L023 Chambray Shirt is just an utterly classic option, made to be layered over a Buck Mason henley and jeans, or styled with Buck Mason chinos and leather loafers at the office. If that sounds like an agreeable spring style combination, I’d urge you to move forward with picking up a new spring favorite.

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand All-Time Shirt – Your New Everyday Spring Shirt

Best men's casual shirt.

Perhaps you, like your Brooklyn style writer, tend to gravitate consistently towards the same (or very similar) pieces in your closet, be it your favorite chambray shirt, your essential pair of blue jeans, or something as consistent and versatile as the recently launched Faherty All Time Shirt.

HELM Boots

The brand already makes a range of tailored-meets-laidback picks for the modern man, from one of the best topcoats for men to a casually rugged cardigan, and they’ve always had quite the lineup of dependable shirting. That brings us back to the Faherty All Time Shirt, possibly a contender for your new favorite everyday shirt.

Lofty praise though that might be, it would seem this shirt has the goods to go the distance, if the good folks at Faherty Brand have anything to say about it (and of course, they do!). Here’s the scoop with the Faherty All Time Shirt: It’s made with a blend of Supima cotton, Ecovero Viscose and elastane for stretch and plenty of comfort (this falls in line with my past experiences with Faherty shirts, which are durable and yet remarkably soft to the touch).

Best casual buttondown shirt for men.

The fit is also comfortable enough to wear on its own, with a slight taper through the sleeves and at the waist, and a more relaxed fit through the chest. What does all that mean for you? I’d take your normal size in the Faherty All Time Shirt, then wear it either on its own untucked with an essential pair of blue jeans, or else layered over a Faherty henley or worn more as a shirt jacket.

HELM Boots

It’s got the dependability to do either, and it comes in a range of breezy, colorful, spring and summer-friendly plaid patterns and colors. Crucially, the company designed the Faherty All Time Shirt to work just about every single day, be it at a casual office alongside those dark blue jeans, at a post-work watering hole or as a more casual weekend shirt jacket. It’s a shirt that just looks darn good, season after season, year after year — at least, if Faherty has its way, the Faherty All Time Shirt will become one of your favorites, too. Try it out this spring and let me know in the comments if it works out for you.