#OOTD: A New Way to Dress in Casual, Everyday Spring Style

Gather ’round, step on up and ready your spring style essentials — the time is nigh to talk about easygoing, casual spring style. The sort of outfit that really covers all your bases, at least in a casual sense. The sort of outfit you’re going to look forward to wearing as often as you can. And the sort of #OOTD that just makes sense for a lot of us fans of classic, straightforward style. You’ll see pieces like a classic striped tee, a great pair of everyday men’s chinos and some minimal grey leather sneakers that add refined polish any day of the week. The rest of the ensemble also features pieces that can easily be broken out and worn on their own, particularly as temperatures continue to get hotter. Before then, I think you’ll like where we’re going (namely, check out the classic chambray workshirt being used as a necessary top layer). All the building blocks are there in terms of an outfit that screams spring. We’ve got pieces that can be worn all year in other outfits, brought together in one laidback, casual and cool #OOTD. Wear it on a breezy Friday, wear it for a bit of Saturday day-drinking and wear it for Sunday brunch — not all in the same wekeend, of course. Want to chime in on the conversation? Head to The Style Guide Facebook page. Chat then!

Ever wondered how to layer your chambray shirt and still look great this spring? Well, here you go!

The Chambray Shirt: WP Standard Chambray Work Shirt, $98 — A crisp, rugged chambray shirt that doubles as a bit of an outer layer when worn over a striped tee — perfect for a breezy spring night.

The Striped Tee: Taylor Stitch Mercerized Merino Tee, $55Taylor Stitch doesn’t mess around with fabric quality, even when it comes to a basic T-shirt. The use of mercerized merino makes this classic striped tee durable and ready for extra layers over top.

The Pants: Flint and Tinder 365 Pants in Earth, $98 — We love the 365 Pants for their blend of jean-like durability and chino-like comfort — you get a pair of pants that can be dressed up or, in this case, dressed down.

The Sneakers: Oliver Cabell Low Top 1, $173 — What says spring more than a pair of minimal low-top sneakers, particularly in a unique shade of grey leather? This initial run of sneakers from Oliver Cabell is excellent.

The Socks: American Trench Merino Activity Socks with Silver, $16.98 — Let’s say it’s still just a bit breezy out there — leave the no-show socks at home, and throw on the Merino Activity Socks from American Trench instead. You get more ankle coverage (it’s a thing) and you get sporty, casual style, too.

The Watch: Timex Weekender Chrono Watch, $77 — Not to be forgotten, a NATO strap watch, especially an affordable casual watch from Timex, is the one to wear with this outfit. The color is spring-ready, too.

The Tote Bag: Nisolo Lori Leather Tote, $95.98 — If you hadn’t guessed it by now, this outfit was designed with more casual ventures in mind — I.E. Lounging on a patio crushing session IPAs. Carry the beer in the Nisolo Lori Leather Tote, my friend.

The Pomade: O’Doud’s Standard Pomade, $18 — While you could certainly accessorize with a stylish, vintage-inspired ballcap here, maybe you’ve freshened your ‘do for spring. The O’Doud’s Standard Pomade can help with a new look, sir.

If this #OOTD doesn’t get you excited to kick back outside with a beer or two, then I just don’t know what to tell ya. The WP Standard Chambray Work Shirt is as classic and stylish as it gets, with the potential to layer quite easily over the Taylor Stitch Mercerized Merino Tee. And those two pieces, combined with the equally essential  Flint and Tinder 365 Pants, are going to nicely complement crisp leather sneakers from Oliver Cabell for an easygoing springtime look. Don’t sleep on the value of comfortable socks, either — the Merino Activity Socks from American Trench are going to get the job done in terms of style, too. Of course, an affordable casual watch from Timex certainly helps to cement the nature of this outfit,  along with the grab-and-go Nisolo Lori Leather Tote. Want to top things off in a new way? Ditch the ballcap (for now) and style your hair with a bit of O’Doud’s Standard Pomade — all things considered, this ensemble has everything you need for a great spring day.

Cheers, my friends!



2016 Spring Style Wish List

Editor’s note: For more seasonal style wish list pieces, head this way.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of being on the verge of a new season is the ability to look ahead and envision how you’ll style certain pieces and wear certain outfits. Of course, that goes hand-in-hand with looking ahead to all kinds of fun seasonal activities. In the fall, my mind drifts toward crisp autumn weekends exploring NYC’s parks — hence, the fall style wish list you see here. And in the spring, that has me looking toward slightly warmer days, plenty of patio beers (and food), and time spent checking out great menswear haunts around the city. Perhaps it’s much the same for you — who doesn’t love a great spring brew, after all? And that brings us to our primary topic of conversation today on The Style Guide — the below Spring Style Wish List. It’s a mix of brands old and new, some pricey and some more affordable — but all eyecatching in their own right as we deal with (hopefully) the last few weeks of winter weather. What’s on your style wish list this spring? Check out the below and let me know on Facebook or Twitter!

#1. Mott & Bow Skinny Wooster Jean in Medium Blue — $118

Available in two washes, the Medium Blue Wooster Jean on the left looks the most promising.

Available in two washes, the Medium Blue Wooster Jean on the left looks the most promising.

While I love a standout pair of dark denim year-round, there’s something nice about being able to occasionally mix in a lighter shade of jean — heck, it’s even a nice change of pace. Mott & Bow has been excelling at the affordable denim game since its launch a few years back, and it seems like they’re continually introducing new washes and styles. The Wooster in Medium Blue is built with the most stretch of any jean the brand has introduced — 35 percent, to be exact! That’s a comfortable pair of jeans fit for many a spring bar crawl, and the light wash looks excellent.

#2. GREATS Brand The Pronto in Color Block — $240

A unique but pleasing mix of color and texture in a low-profile runner. Photo courtesy of the brand.

A unique but pleasing mix of color and texture in a low-profile runner. Photo courtesy of the brand.

So right off the bat, these sneakers might not be for everybody. There’s certainly a lot going on in there in terms of color. But if you’re into a more retro-inspired look, then the silhouette and the color combo are actually going to be perfect. It’s the kind of sneaker you’d be able to pair up with the above lightwash jeans and a slim T-shirt for easygoing weekend style. They’re definitely pricey for sneakers (particularly in comparison to other GREATS runners), but the brand seems to continually step it up in terms of quality. And hey, there’s a reason why it’s a style wish list, right?

#3. JACHS NY Short-Sleeve Striped Chambray Shirt — $69

Stripes plus workwear details in a light blue chambray shirt? Sign me up.

Stripes plus workwear details in a light blue chambray shirt? Sign me up.

JACHS NY is another brand that’s been gaining a bit of steam on social media as of late, and they always do a nice job with standout seasonal releases — particularly shirting. Spring is all about shedding layers and lightening things up in terms of color and texture, so this shirt definitely keeps things headed in that direction. The addition of stripes to this light blue chambray buttondown is another solid design touch — it adds a bit of workwear edge to a piece that should work quite well with khaki chinos and white captoe sneakers.

#4. Grayers Reston Quilted Jacket — $165

A solid substitute for your favorite blazer -- a functional hybrid field coat of sorts.

A solid substitute for your favorite blazer — a functional hybrid field coat of sorts.

As with your shirting and denim in spring, the idea of lightening things up should also apply to your outerwear. There are plenty of instances where you need something functional in the rain or a slight chill — yet you still want something versatile and modern. The Reston Quilted Jacket looks to fill that niche perfectly. The quilted detailing and three patch pockets give it a bit of a military-inspired vibe, while the standup collar and nylon construction make it sturdy and ready to fight the rain. It doesn’t hurt that it’s cut like your favorite blazer — it should be able to pull double duty on your commute and at work, and at a price that’s less than a traditional J. Crew jacket.

#5. JackThreads The Daily Pocket Crew — $24

So much more than just a standard crewneck. A nice color and slim fit help this piece stand apart.

So much more than just a standard crewneck. A nice color and slim fit help this piece stand apart.

First off, why did a pocket T-shirt make this style wish list? They’re more visually interesting than plain ol’ crewnecks, and cut in the right fabric & fit, they can work on their own or underneath everything from a cotton-canvas jacket to an unconstructed blazer. At the rate that JackThreads pumps out seasonal style staples like this khaki pocket tee, things are only going to get better. The color of this piece is just different enough from a more normal white pocket tee, so it’ll stand out nicely against lightwash denim and colored kicks … like the ones at the top of the page. Plus, the price is very easily attainable — it might be my first pick-up of this wish list, in fact.

When it comes time to pull together these Wish List pieces, it can be difficult at times. Many a retailer that excels at winter gear (like Todd Snyder) also puts out stunning spring product — take these Todd Snyder x P.F. Flyers sneakers, for example. Certain brands that have sat things out in terms of style are also now starting to make a resurgence (lookin’ at you, Abercrombie & Fitch). And reliably stunning brands like Apolis and its Transit Issue Camerman Jacket just missed the cut. But there’s still plenty of great style to go around! I know I’m certainly looking forward to A) adding more items to my wish list as spring rolls on and B) checking some items off said wish list. For the time being…

Stay stylish,


What’s on your spring style wish list? Any picks you’d poach from the above list?