#OOTD: Wear This Gear to Your Next Summer Bonfire

I’ve talked on the blog before about how to dress for a summer bonfire — and namely, how summer bonfires remind me of the lovely, warm nights back in my home state of Michigan. I don’t often get to go to many bonfires now that I live in NYC, but if I did … this is the gear I would wear, starting with a stylish lightweight jacket for taking on summer breezes. Heck, these are the summer style essentials I’d recommend you wear as well, including a stylish short-sleeve shirt and more gear picks that toe the line between casual & rugged, just as ready for a day on the boardwalk as a beach bonfire later. Dressing for a bonfire, although seemingly casual, doesn’t mean you throw on athletic logo shorts & a baggy T-shirt and call it a day — at least, not to me. No sir, grab some classic SeaVees sneakers, throw on a vintage-inspired cap, load up a craft beer growler, and take in a lovely evening around the fire. If you’re surrounded by a multitude of family and friends? All the better. We’re running out of chances to enjoy summer, so it’s best you do it in style. And y’know what’s even better? This is the type of #OOTD you can wear all day long, and into the night. Sounds great to me. Enjoy!

The right mix of casual and rugged for a summer evening bonfire.

  • The Lightweight Jacket: Relwen Covert CPO, $148.98 — This stylish lightweight jacket is a heck of a deal when on sale, and it’s the perfect summer jacket for a breezy night around the fire.
  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt, $98 — This is the first of two Taylor Stitch picks gracing this outfit — a stylish short-sleeve shirt is an easygoing summer style essential, especially for a day at the beach & a bonfire.
  • The Shorts: Taylor Stitch Trail Shorts, $88 — While you still can, wear stylish shorts, especially this utility-minded pair from Taylor Stitch. These are some of the best men’s shorts for the rest of summer.
  • The Sneakers: SeaVees Legend Sneakers in Chambray, $88 — For just a shade under $90, get the classic sneakers that are simply perfect to wear to a bonfire — durable, comfortable & made with that iconic SeaVees quality.
  • The Watch: Komrade White Pointer Watch, $808.98 — For a day on the water or the trail, or an evening when you’re called into firewood duty, wear a durable dive watch — sure, Komrade makes an investment-level watch … but it’s worth it.
  • The Everyday Carry Essential: Filson Ranger Backpack, $225 — Whether you’ve packed up this rugged Filson backpack as part of a day hike or a beach trip, it’s the everyday carry essential to haul, well, everything you need (bug spray not included).
  • The Hat: Faherty Brand Sunset Patch Cord Hat, $38 — Throw on a classic ballcap from Faherty Brand to top off this outfit — it’s got just enough rugged style for an evening bonfire.
  • The Craft Beer Must-Have: OtterBox Elevation 64 Tumbler, $56 — If you show up to the bonfire with some delicious craft beer, that’s great. If it’s being transported in this OtterBox tumbler with enough to share? Even better.

If the above #OOTD is any indication, then the bar has been raised when it comes to dressing for a summer bonfire, starting with the perfect summer jacket to help you fight an unexpectedly chilly summer night. It’s the kind of piece that pairs ably with a stylish short-sleeve shirt from one of my favorite brands (that’s Taylor Stitch, folks), and the combo gets even better when teamed up with stylish utility shorts from the same brand. They’re functional enough for a day getting around town, and they’re laidback enough to enjoy some cold beers from an OtterBox tumbler, right? This outfit gets even more bonfire-ready when you look at what’s on your: perfectly casual, classic sneakers in a summer-friendly chambray fabric. Leave the heavy leather boots at home for this venture, folks. One thing you shouldn’t leave at home? A durable dive watch you can wear all day — even to snag some extra firewood. Top everything off, literally, with a classic ballcap from Faherty Brand, and be sure to haul along your gear with a rugged Filson backpack for whatever the day has in store. Do you think this #OOTD is missing anything? Be sure to hop over to Twitter to let me know. Thanks for reading!