The Tuesday Steal: Save 20% On One of the Best Sustainable Watches On the Market From TRIWA Today

Most sustainable watch for men.

What with Black Friday watch deals and Cyber Monday shopping quickly approaching, now seems like as good a time as any to shop and save on a bit of everything, including one of the best watches for men — at least, that’s what your neighborhood style writer thinks. Today’s deal is certainly the right way to upgrade your everyday carry via one of the most sustainable watches on the market, and it’s yet another offering from Swedish watchmaker TRIWA. They’re a minimal, stylish watchmaker and a new blog favorite, and you’re going to enjoy saving 20 percent on one of the best men’s watches on the market (hint: It’s shown at the top of the page!).

The TRIWA Ocean Plastic Watch has plenty going for it, starting with the fact that it’s developed using material made from recycled ocean plastic. The effect is a watch that’s lightweight, durable and eco-conscious (and of note, this watch is marked down to $135 from $169). How’s that for one of the best affordable watches, ehh?

Most eco-friendly watch for men.

The surprisingly rugged TRIWA Ocean Plastic Watch is also designed in partnership with ocean conservation organization Sea Shepherd, perhaps even more important than its utilitarian look and feel. That means that 15 percent of profits from the sale of the TRIWA Ocean Plastic Watch go towards Sea Shepherd’s efforts, as worthy a cause as any.

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For good measure, the dependable TRIWA Ocean Plastic Watch boasts a handsome blue ocean plastic woven strap, a striking dial design featuring the Sea Shepherd logo, and a whopping 330 feet of water resistance. Oh, and one final time: Shop now and look forward to saving 20 percent on one of the best men’s watches (and one of the most eco-friendly watches out there, to boot). It’s just that easy today, folks. Do good and look great in the process.

See Now, Buy Now: This TRIWA Leather Watch Is a Stylish Men’s Watch for a Great Cause (Seriously)

Best sustainable leather watch for men.

The watch industry is a fast-moving one built on both innovation and tradition — old-school practices meet modern designs, often at high prices, but what about a brand that cuts through the clutter to craft some of the best watches for men, all the while making a real difference? That’s a lofty bar to clear, to be sure, but the Swedish watchmakers at Stockholm-based TRIWA really are aiming to do the right thing every step of the way, including in production of the handsome TRIWA Steel Solar Watch shown above.

How can one everyday carry brand set out to change the world? In small but simple ways of course, which TRIWA undertakes with great care. The company itself is an acronym for “Transforming the Industry of Watches,” and that means they focus on sustainable materials — like recycled ocean plastic — and crisp, clean craftsmanship alongside that innovation. So, while you might think you’re merely looking at a stylish men’s watch, it could in fact be part of the TRIWA Time for Oceans Collection, reusing that ocean plastic in its case.

Best brown leather watch for men.

That also might mean that you’re getting something even more game-changing and innovative via TRIWA, like the TRIWA Humanium Collection. The Humanium Collection features watches built from material found in upcycled illegal guns — talk about a lasting impact from TRIWA that moves far beyond timepieces, yes?

And beyond that, the rest of the lineup features some of the best men’s watches in its own right, including — of course — the TRIWA Steel Solar Watch. It runs off solar power from either natural or artificial light, and features a smaller carbon footprint in its production, too.

It helps that the TRIWA Steel Solar Watch is highly stylish, boasting options like a handsome black sunray-patterned dial in contrast with a rich brown leather strap and crisp white dial markings. The 38mm case also makes the TRIWA Steel Solar Watch a reliably refined watch you can wear as a leather dress watch or as a throwback-minded complementary piece alongside rugged menswear like your favorite flannel shirt. However you choose to wear the TRIWA Steel Solar Watch, you’re putting on a carefully considered watch made the right way, with the right intentions in mind.