Reader Giveaway Opportunity: Kent & Bond Grooming

Your chance to win a well-made grooming product from an upstart brand. Photo courtesy of Kent & Bond.

Your chance to win a well-made grooming product from an upstart brand. Photo courtesy of Kent & Bond.

Editor’s note: Read on (or at least skim?) to the bottom of this article for a special reader giveaway opportunity!

It seems lots of companies in every facet of the menswear landscape are now paying more attention to how they make their wares — that goes for the consumers buying them, too. Whether it’s Everlane’s model of radical transparency or brands like Noble Denim supporting American-made manufacturing, the trend (if you want to call it that), is everywhere. It hasn’t been all that loud on the men’s grooming front though — particularly when you combine the qualities that seem to separate most grooming brands: domestic manufacturing and organic ingredients. Kent & Bond is changing that, though.

I had the chance to write about the brand for VOUCH Mag and I also got the opportunity to check out its signature Body Brick soap across these past few weeks. Launched last year and the proud owner of a new E-commerce website, its product is made in the U.S.A using Certified Organic ingredients. Those touches give the product a premium feel for a low price — $14 for a fairly substantial mini-brick of soap, among other nicely priced wares (read on for more on those).

Kent & Bond's Charcoal Pine Body Brick, complete with the brand's mission.

Kent & Bond’s Charcoal Pine Body Brick, complete with the brand’s mission.

I was admittedly skeptical at first about the product — it’s just a bar of soap, right? Is there a catch? Honestly — no, no catch at all. I sampled the Charcoal Pine Body Brick (as charcoal-based products seem to be everywhere in the men’s grooming world these days), and I haven’t been disappointed. The bar combines a pleasant smell with a crisp, clean feeling — and that’s also reflected in some of the other Body Brick samples I was sent (the brand stocks five Body Brick scents in total). The bars are also rich in vitamins, aged for three months and produced in small batches — tough to find that in your average body wash. It’s also worth nothing that the brand produces responsibly made body gels, too.

The full run of the brand's popular Body Brick soaps. Photo courtesy of Kent & Bond.

The full run of the brand’s popular Body Brick soaps. Photo courtesy of Kent & Bond.

One would imagine that its deodorants and products like the Body Salve are equally well-made — don’t forget about its Horween leather dopp kit, either. The lineup also brings an edge of masculinity — something that could draw in guys skeptical about testing out new grooming products (*raises hand*). If you find yourself on the fence about buying a product though — don’t be! And luckily, that’s what we’re taking care of for you here today. I’m partnering with the brand to give away 1 Body Brick sample of your choice to five lucky winners. Rest assured — even a sample size is quite large. Simply do the following:

  • Head on over to my Instagram account, [make sure you’re following myself and Kent & Bond, of course!].
  • Then, ‘Like’ either Sunday or Monday’s special K&B-themed IG post and comment as to what product or scent you’d like the best! You’ll be able to tell which is which based on the post, trust me.

The winners will be chosen randomly and notified late Tuesday via Instagram. Stay tuned for more! And head over to the brand’s Facebook or Twitter accounts for more from their world.



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