#OOTD: How to Dress Up Dark Denim

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for these features regularly.

Entry numero dos in the #OOTD series is back — and this time, we’re taking a quick look at how to style dark denim.  Last week’s post covered how to style corduroys, so get on that now if you haven’t seen it yet. But as to dark denim — they’re reliable, they’re relatively easy to wear to wear in a variety of situations, and if you grab a great pair in a dark wash, you can keep coming back to them for years. This is especially the case with raw, or unwashed denim, which breaks in to your body over time. Generally, look for something that’s slim (maybe slimmer than you’re used to), and reach for a pair without pre-distressing so you can wear them in yourself. Exhibit A is here. And for a peek at how to wear ’em, scroll right on down.

An updated take on the blazer-and-jeans combo.

An updated take on the blazer-and-jeans combo.

The Denim: Mott & Bow Norfolk Raw Denim, $96 — The focal point of this outfit. The exact color you want plus a solid price — a great entry-level pair of raw denim.

The Blazer: Uniqlo Stretch Wool Jacket, $109.99 — A different take on the blazer-and-jeans combo; a slim fit plus fabric with a hint of stretch.

The Sweater: J. Crew Slim Merino Wool V-Neck Sweater, $29.99 — Currently going for a ridiculously low price, plus the quality and styling potential is on-point.

The Shirt: JackThreads The Flannel Shirt, $36.75 Another ridiculously low-priced piece that’s just different enough from the denim thanks to the windowpane pattern.

The Shoes: GREATS Royale in Chocolate Brown Leather, $159 — Brown leather sneakers take the place of brown leather dress shoes or boots.

The Watch: MVMT The 40 – Blue/Brown Leather, $120 — An electric blue dial adds a jolt to the deeper shades of blue in this outfit (it’s lighter than the sneaks, yes, but this is a casual outfit here).

The Socks: Richer Poorer Fellow Crew Socks, $12 — Just enough pattern without going over the top.

And that, my friends, is but one way you could style some solid dark denim (check out other options here) — what do you think of the picks above? Would you consider taking the plunge on some affordably priced raw denim?

Let me know in the comments here or on Twitter — I think I’m worth a follow!

Stay stylish and look for more #menswear later this week.

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