Style Pick of the Week: Stock Mfg. Co. Pocket Tee

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

An update to the standard T-shirt, crafted from durable cotton and dyed with indigo for a unique color.

An update to the standard T-shirt, crafted from durable cotton and dyed with indigo for a unique color.

When the weather warms up, there’s probably no style I love to rock more consistently than a slim pocket tee made from durable fabric.  Of course, I always appreciate a rugged short-sleeve henley, too. But a pocket tee is a great visual go-between for when you don’t just want to throw on a plain T-shirt. Is it the fanciest item of clothing in the world? Certainly not. But hey, who said T-shirts weren’t essential items of clothing for the weekend — or under a slim navy blazer? No one, that’s who (had to put my foot down there). What’s more, looking great in a T-shirt is another plus of warmer weather. So with all that  being said, allow me to introduce this week’s Style Pick of the Week: The Indigo Vintage Wash Pocket Tee from Stock Mfg. Co. The brand, like so many other Style Guide favorites, is all about refining  (and re-defining) American classics, like the humble T-shirt, with great fabrics, modern fits and a dash of heritage quality. In fact, the brand’s Sage Linen Buttondown was a summer style favorite of this writer. The fact that the brand produces its garments in a family-owned factory that also makes non-combat military garments is applause-worthy in and of itself, and this T-shirt is no exception.

The Indigo Vintage Wash Pocket Tee is made from a durable 6.6oz. cotton that should hold up quite well over time thanks to the heavier weight (a flimsy tee from a fast-fashion retailer, this is not). The pigment dye and enzyme wash should give it an exceptionally soft fabric feel, too. That means it’ll feel just as well-worn (in a good way) as your favorite broken-in tee. That quality gives it the styling potential to be paired with everything from white sneakers and lightwash denim to an unconstructed blazer and slim tan chinos (a favorite combination of your humble author, in fact). Plus, the lighter blue allows it to play nicely off a tough denim jacket for a nice way to mix up your blues. You’re paying quite a bit more than you would for a standard white tee, but you also get all kinds of styling potential through spring and summer (feel free to throw it on under a grey shawl cardigan in winter, too). Just a T-shirt? Anything but.

Happy shopping and thanks so much for reading!



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