Style Pick of the Week: Nisolo Diego Low-Top Leather Sneakers

Nisolo men's sneakers

A unstoppably cool pair of spring and summer sneakers from an ethically produced brand.

If you’ve spent any time checking your calendar or checking the weather, or plotting your next spring getaway, perhaps you’re already ahead of me on this one: It’s clear you need a new favorite pair of spring and summer sneakers, right? That’s why we’re here today with another Style Pick of the Week, and it’s a doozy, you might say (in a good way!). The Nisolo Diego Low-Top Sneakers are exactly the pair you need right now, packing in style, sustainability and standout construction. Now, we’ve talked about Nashville-based Nisolo in the past on the blog over the years, from the fact that they make some of the best travel shoes for men to the fact that they also make one of the coolest weekender bags for spring travel (and beyond that). The brand owns a factory in Peru and uses exacting standards to get precise results, and that’s great news for you and me indeed.

So, it only makes sense that they’re making some of the best men’s sneakers, and that they’re doing it the right way. That might even be an understatement, because Nisolo uses sustainable, ethical practices to craft the best sneakers for men (and more), and these attributes are huge bonuses these days. Let’s get into it, shall we? For starters, this particular pair of Nisolo men’s sneakers blends a Vibram rubber sole with ethically sourced and produced leather, and it gets better from there (and how cool is the white leather and gum rubber combination, ehh?).

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These aren’t your average pair of canvas kicks that might give out quickly either, and it’s all owing to the durable and tough construction (yet, that Vibram outsole is going to prove light and springy). Yessir, Nisolo men’s sneakers feature all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a versatile pair of leather sneakers, including waxed cotton laces for a dressier finish than normal. The anti-microbial and cushioning insoles are also crucial, because you’re going to be able to get as much wear as you want out of the Nisolo Diego Low-Top Sneakers.

Helpfully, they’re also priced quite nicely: They’ll run you $150 at Nisolo, and that’s a downright steal compared to other premium leather sneakers for men on the market. The silhouette itself is low-profile and casual, yet easily wearable with chinos and an Oxford shirt. Of course, it’s also cool and laidback enough to wear with your favorite chino shorts and an indigo polo on breezy days this season. To round things out the right way, you actually get your choice between six essential color and leather combinations when it comes to the Nisolo Diego Low-Top Sneakers. If you’re feeling splurge-worthy, consider picking up two and wearing the heck out of ’em for spring and summer. They can handle it: They’re from Nisolo, after all.

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Style Pick of the Week: Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo

Best men's polos

A classic men’s polo in a modern fabric, featuring a modern fit — all courtesy of Huckberry.

If there’s one thing I know about myself when it comes to the best menswear for spring (and beyond), it’s that I’m about as appreciative of a “one-stop shop” as anyone. By that, I mean I like knowing where to go and what to buy with just a few clicks, which brings me to today’s Style Pick of the Week on one of the best men’s polos. Of course, the culprit at hand (in a good way!), is Huckberry, a longtime favorite of the blog that excels at stocking and selling everything from the best seasonal menswear to the best spring jacket and more, as you no doubt know. That includes today’s must-buy, the Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo.

Myles Apparel

As the thermostat climbs ever higher, the best polo for men ranks high on my shopping list this season, and it should rank highly on yours. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, meet the Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo, a favorite of mine that packs a punch in terms of style points, affordability, functionality and plenty more. That sure sounds like one of the best men’s polos, does it not? You’re correct there, sir.

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Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo review

This essential men’s polo features comfortable fabric and comes in an array of versatile colors, like Dark Olive.

The Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo stands apart right in its very name, and that’s very good news indeed. Merino wool is an underrated fabric that, when done right, is much lighter and more breathable than regular wool, and here, it’s incorporated into this modern polo the right way. The result is a lightweight polo with anti-microbial and anti-odor properties (hence, the 72-hour designation) — you really can wear Proof merino T-shirts and polos for as long as you pleased on road trips or through hot spring and summer days alike. Again, that takes us back to the fact that this thing really¬†is¬†one of the best polo shirts for men out there.

Mack Weldon

The trim and tailored fit makes this suitable for everything from a round of golf to a day at the office to a backyard BBQ, cold beer in hand. Plus, the fact that it’s reinforced with nylon within the fabric means you can wash it without worrying that it’ll wear out too quickly (not that you’ll need to wash it all that¬† much, that is). As if that wasn’t enough, the Proof 72-Hour Merino Polo uses two button snaps for a low-key finish. And last but not least, your new favorite polo shirt comes in six neutral, versatile colors and¬†retails for under $90 at Huckberry.¬†How’s that for checking all the right boxes, ehh? Not bad at all.

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Style Pick of the Week: SeaVees Huntington Middie High-Top Sneakers

Easygoing sneakers to wear all spring.

Maybe in your neck of the woods, it’s starting to warm up ever so slightly — and with the hint of a spring breeze comes the need to swap in some of the best men’s sneakers for just about any seasonal style pursuits you can possibly dream up. On that note, please welcome to the stage: The SeaVees Huntington Middie, and they’re quite possibly some of the best men’s high-top sneakers to slide onto your feet this season (and of course, into summer). These classic high-top sneakers have been a favorite of this very blog over the years, and we’re bringing them back into the fold today for good reason: You simply need to start wearing easygoing spring sneakers right now in place of rugged leather boots (at least some of the time, that is). The right spring sneakers, especially from a brand like SeaVees (which helped pioneer California cool via unique styles of the 1960’s) can evoke a sense of time and place, and in the case of the SeaVees Huntington Middie, they call to mind spring barbecues, sunlit days in the park, easygoing days on the patio at your favorite brewery … and plenty more. Even if you’re dealing with more rain than sunshine at the moment, I promise you that warmer days are ahead, and when they get there, you won’t find a finer pair of classic spring sneakers for the moment than the SeaVees Huntington Middie. That’s high praise, but the brand can back it up.

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One of three classic colorways in which you’ll find the SeaVees Huntington Middie.

These sneakers blend the best of both worlds — a cut that’s similar to classic chukka boots or high-top sneakers, yet the lightweight look and feel of timeless SeaVees sneakers.¬† The suede upper is supple and pretty perfect for spring, as these should be easy to slip into right out of the box. That versatility from day one means you can (and should) team them with your favorite spring style essentials — take slim light wash jeans, a classic white tee & stylish shades, then add the SeaVees Huntington Middie & call it good to go. These are the sort of easygoing sneakers you can get away with taking for a spin at the office, too — team them up with a classic Oxford shirt & tan chinos, maybe add an unstructured cotton blazer … there it is. All the while, you can rest easy knowing that these affordable sneakers also happen to be durable and stylish at the same time. Get with the program, get the SeaVees Huntington Middie, then get ready for spring.

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Style Pick of the Week: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch

A striking, sporty watch that also works at the office — it’s summer-ready, for sure.

Do we tend to emphasize affordable men’s style on this here blog? We certainly do. But every once in a while, isn’t it nice to step back, think of the big picture, and perhaps dream of an investment-worthy watch? Yes, yes it certainly is. That brings me to today’s Style Pick of the Week, the classically designed, functionally stylish Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch — it’s every bit as good as the price tag would indicate. And there’s perhaps no better time to invest in a stylish casual watch that can go anywhere on land — and anywhere off land, for that matter. Featuring a rather astounding price tag — and equally astounding Swiss construction — the Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch is well-suited for whatever comes your way this summer.¬† Namely, the Super Sea Wolf is the rare watch that works as well in the office as it does off the clock. It’s sporty and yet understated, the type of watch to wear with a lightweight navy blazer, a striped pocke tee and slim chinos to the office. And when you really need to up the ante in terms of adventure-ready style? The¬†Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch¬†is with you every step of the way.

It’s a highly accurate watch complete with a durable stainless steel case and 200 meters worth of water resistance — it’s certainly not just for show when it comes time to head out an excursion. SuperLuminova markings add to the readability of the sporty-yet-simple watch face, too. All told, there’s no watch like the¬† Super Sea Wolf¬†in your collection currently (at least, I’d bet not). The black nylon strap is simple and understated, all the better to wear this watch with a slim navy polo and classic khaki shorts to a weekend happy hour. It’s also a vacation-ready watch — the durability and classic style is well-suited if you’re looking for a watch to wear for travel. Team it with a rugged denim jacket and a slub T-shirt for a polished airport look that’s still uniquely comfortable. The great thing is, the texture of the durable nylon strap also lends itself well to plenty of fall and winter ensembles (not that it’s pleasant to think that far ahead). Point being, a versatile and investment-level watch like the¬†Super Sea Wolf¬†should work as hard as you do — for the price tag, you need to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. So, wear it with dark blue denim and a T-shirt, pair it with a navy polo and a slim khaki blazer … just ensure it’s on your wrist quite a lot this summer.

Are you going to invest in the Super Sea Wolf Watch? Let me know in the comments!

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt

The same cut and styling potential as the brand’s Jack Shirt, upgraded for summer.

Ladies and gentlemen, the makers of some of your favorite shirts are turning things up to 11 … and dialing back the length of the sleeves on your new favorite summer, essential, no less. We’re talking, of course, about the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt, a version of the brand’s Jack Shirt (as the name would imply) that certainly belongs on your list of summer style must-haves.¬† If you ask your humble Style Guide editor, the folks at Taylor Stitch really can do no wrong — they get all the details right across the board, and they’ve turned their collective attention toward a heck of a finished product with the¬†Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt.¬†

If you haven’t yet come around to the utility and style inherent in wearing a stylish short-sleeve shirt this summer, it’s about time you did. The right short-sleeve shirt emphasizes your chest and shoulders while getting rid of the bulk and extra fabric that even more casual long-sleeve shirts bring to the table. A slim short-sleeve shirt like the Jack Shirt can work in each and every way that a polo might, all the while offering a cooler look and feel than said polo. It’ also sits squarely in the casual¬† realm — more dressed up than a T-shirt, yet just as easy to pair with laidback style staples like slim summer shorts. The fact that the¬†Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt, does all this while also being priced under $100 is worthy of applause.

The details, done right. Another great product churned out by Taylor Stitch.

The unique fabric is another MAJOR (and I mean, MAJOR) selling point when it comes to the¬†Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. The 100 percent organic cotton, waffle-woven fabric keeps you cool and breezy in the heat — plus, it stands out visually when layered under a rugged denim jacket on chilly summer nights. The unbreakable Japanese urea buttons are one of those small design touches that also set the Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt apart — you’re certainly getting your money’s worth here. The neutral grey color also makes the Jack Shirt quite easy to style with, well, everything in your summer wardrobe. Olive chinos and brown leather loafers? Reach for the¬†Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. Slim light wash denim and white canvas sneakers? The¬†Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. A denim jacket, khaki chinos and suede chukkas? Bingo: It’s the¬†Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt. Heck, you can even layer the¬†Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt¬†under a navy blazer — it’s an easy way to beat the heat while still looking polished. The¬†Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt¬†is a summer style essential … don’t you agree?

Who else can get behind picking up the Short-Sleeve Jack Shirt this summer? How are you wearing your shirt this season? Let me know in the comments! 


Style Pick of the Week: WP Standard Vintage Messenger

A ridiculously high-quality bag that’s going to break in very nicely over time.

Looking for a new everyday bag? One made with serious heritage quality and timeless style in mind? One that’s going to seriously amp up your everyday carry essentials? My friends, the WP Standard Vintage Messenger is that very bag, on all fronts. It’s, simply put,a beautiful leather bag that’ll age well and show character — it’s a fine complement to the rest of the WP Standard line, which features my favorite chambray shirt and my favorite rugged denim jacket (as seen on my Instagram), plus¬†my favorite leather belt. Seriously, folks … WP Standard gear like the Vintage Messenger is absolutely no joke when it comes to style and substance. It’s a tricky balance in the ever-shifting world of fashion, which emphasizes disposable goods and the latest trends now more than ever. Yet, the¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†eschews all those entirely in favor of, well, just plain standout construction and superb quality.¬†The¬†Vintage Messenger¬†is inspired by antique postal bags, so it’s certainly well-suited for everything from a weekend trip upstate to a cross-country trip to Portland to your daily grind. The handsome, durably crafted¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†really can do it all in matters of style and functionality, and the vegetable-tanned leather is going to take on a life of its own over time — that’s a very good thing indeed.¬†

It’s always impressive when a brand can build out a full set of products that truly complement each other — in this instance, the remarkable¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†fits right in with the brand’s handsomely crafted T-shirts, chambray shirting and outerwear. It’s also a surefire fit with your other summer style essentials, which means that you should take every opportunity to take it with you on summer adventures aplenty. External pockets and an interior laptop pocket give you plenty of space for everything you might need to bring with you, whether you head into the office or get dressed to work remotely. Again, the style and substance of the¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†tells a story all its own, especially when you bring this bag with you to a business casual day at the office or a weekend afternoon coffee run. That’s really what the best men’s accessories should do, right? Tell stories and speak for themselves in terms of style. In short, that’s why you need the¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†in your life, my friends.

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Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket

A remarkably well-made jacket that packs a serious punch in terms of standout style, too.

Alright, folks — given the hectic pace and jam-packed schedule of #NYFWM (that’s New York Fashion Week: Men’s), we forewent yesterday’s regularly scheduled Friday Read. However, we’re sure as heck not skipping this weekend’s Style Pick of the Week, not with so many crucial winter style essentials to discuss at this key juncture. And if at first glance the Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket looks more like a jacket you’d throw on come spring or summer, rest assured that it’s got the specs to handle just about anything this winter. The Winslow Jacket‘s durability and style comes from the use of water and wind-repellant waxed canvas, a heck of a way to ensure that you stay warm and dry this winter. But if it’s just a waxed canvas jacket, how exactly¬†is¬†it going to keep you warm this winter? That’s where the wool-blend blanket lining comes into play — there’s really not too much like the¬† Winslow Jacket¬†out there when it comes to covering all of your bases. And if you follow Taylor Stitch and read The Style Guide regularly, you know that all too well, ehh? Indeed. So when you’ve got specs that are that dependable and stylish, it certainly makes it easy to build outfits around it — shockingly easy, in fact.

The blanket lining adds a crucial bit of warmth and neat style.

I’m talking pieces that you already love to wear in the winter, like a rugged crewneck sweatshirt¬†and your favorite pair of faded denim, plus the right pair of tough winter boots. Yessir, the¬†Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket¬†is your new grab-and-go top layer — just be sure to accessorize it with a stylish scarf and a beanie cap to cover yourself completely for winter. The bright yellow color is also a bonus — a fun, slightly vintage-leaning way to break out of the gray winter doldrums. And if you’ve yet to experiment with punching up your outerwear in terms of color, the¬†Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket¬†can help you do that in a manner that’s not too far off base. It’ll add a pop of visual interest to normally more reserved or laidback outfits, including slim black denim a classic chambray shirt. Oh, and it also works as a handy travel jacket, packed with pockets for easy utility. Truly, the¬†Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket¬†is a unique beast of a coat, more than able to take on what’s left of winter.

How do we feel about the Taylor Stitch Winslow Jacket? Let me know in the comments, and cheers! 

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket in Chocolate Beeswaxed Canvas

If the product title of today’s Style Pick of the Week is a bit too much bfor your take in all at once (Chocolate Beeswaxed Canvas, oh my!), rest assured that we’ll give you plenty of time to process just how great the Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket really is. It’s certainly among my favorite rugged style essentials this season, I can tell you that much. And it’s that time of year where we’ve all got to batten down the hatches, trude through snow and slush and sleet, and simply get on with things — without missing a beat in terms of style or substance. That’s where, once again, Taylor Stitch has outdone itself with its Rover Jacket. We sure do love Taylor Stitch for gear from top to bottom, from the brand’s Slim Chinos to the layering-ready Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt, and the Rover Jacket is definitely a tried-and-true silhouette that’s received a nice upgrade this season. It’s the same look that you know and love — and perhaps already have in your closet — done in a way that’s sure to fight winter weather and look absolutely stunning in the process. The beeswax cotton canvas exterior is some of the toughest stuff around, able to keep you mobile and adventure-ready while also fighting nasty winter storms. That water and wind-repellant functionality is crucial stuff, believe me.
Holiday 2017Small touches like a classic moleskin collar and lining put the Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket within the realm of outerwear you might find in the Scottish Highlands or simply … hiking through your local park. Either way, there’s hardly a tougher jacket out there that looks this great. Brass armpit grommet vents give you mobility and dexterity for climbing, hiking, scaling rocks or tipping back a few pints at your local pub. The¬†Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket¬†is absolutely fit for pairing with gear for either setting, be it tough chore pants¬†and durable work boots or something more casual (think brewpub-ready gear along the lines of faded slim denim and classic leather chukka boots). Any way you look at it, the¬†¬†Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket¬†is yet another piece from a brand that’s taking up more and more real estate in my closet by the day — how about you? Will the¬†¬†Taylor Stitch Rover Jacket¬†be your next purchase? Chime in on Twitter if so!

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Holiday 2017

Style Pick of the Week: Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel Shirt

An upgraded denim shirt made with versatile fabric — just the right way to go for a business casual ensemble.

You’ve not yet worn a shirt like the Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel — I can nearly guarantee that. While it’s likely you’ve certainly got a classic flannel shirt in your closet, the Durham Flannel is another beast entirely, and in a good way when it comes to business casual winter style. It’s a recent, new offering from Mizzen+Main that features wrinkle-resistant performance fabric, a touch that puts it head and shoulders above other flannel shirts you might be considering this winter. The¬†Durham Flannel¬†packs in a bevy of standout features, from much-needed moisture-wicking technology to four-way stretch more commonly found in your athletic gear. What does that mean for you, casual flannel shirt wearer? It means you can layer the¬†Durham Flannel¬†easily under sweaters and coats without risk of overheating, and it means you can wear it comfortably on its own in your office or at home — sleeves rolled up or worn down with a tan herringbone blazer. It’s also machine-washable — mark up another “W” for this fine flannel shirt, no dry cleaning needed. The brand has focused on dialing in the fit here, resulting in a flannel shirt that’s neither too boxy nor too tight — it provides you with range of motion and layering potential, all the better for getting through the grueling winter months.

Wear this one casually with a sharp leather watch for simply stellar seasonal style.

It’s that kind of easy wearability and stylish versatility that gives the¬†Durham Flannel¬†an edge when it comes to looks, too. The Black Watch Plaid pattern found on the¬†Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel¬†is rich, winter-friendly and able to pair up seamlessly with everything from crisp blue dark denim and a grey crewneck sweater to a tan wool blazer and navy corduroys. Wear the¬†Durham Flannel¬†untucked with black denim and rugged brown leather Chelsea boots¬†for casual, bar-ready style, too. And all the while, you’ll be comfortable and cool thanks to the performance fabric fonud in the¬†Durham Flannel¬†— in fact, it might make it even easier to layer this particular flannel over a classic henley for even more versatility. Yes indeed, the¬†Mizzen+Main Durham Flannel¬†might just change the way you think about flannel shirting … if not forever, then at least for this winter.

Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page if you’ve got enough closet space for the¬†Durham Flannel.

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Style Pick of the Week: Jack Mason Field Chronograph Watch

A striking timepeice with tough construction and standout looks.

Do you ever see a timepiece that you feel like you need on your wrist … immediately? Maybe one that seems like the perfect casual watch, a true fall style essential even? My friends, meet the Jack Mason Field Chronograph Watch, a bona fide timepiece that exemplifies rugged-yet-refined style. If you read The Style Guide regularly, you might recognize Jack Mason — let’s welcome them back into the fold today. I’m quite the fan of watches of all types — namely, of the more laidback variety — and if you follow me on Instagram, you might be acquainted with my collection. When it comes to taking stock of your style, it’s wise to leave no stone unturned, and such is the case when it comes to a stylish casual watch. Which leads us to *pulls aside curtain* …. the Field Chronograph Watch on display today.¬† The Texas-based brand draws on inspirations ranging from military timepieces to watches with the spirit (and design) of aviation built right in, and the resulting stylish watches are a sight to behold. Again, I give you the Field Chronograph. First of all, there’s the standout design and rich combination of cool olive and black colorways. The pairing is ideal for wearing with your favorite fall jacket or a tough denim trucker jacket (plus some classic grey denim). And the simple look of the¬†Field Chronograph Watch¬†also makes it more than wearable with cleaned-up business casual essentials for cold weather (think a cotton navy blazer, a rugged grey crewneck sweater and a white Oxford). Yet, the¬†Jack Mason Field Chronograph Watch¬†also has the superb construction & durability you need in a dependable everyday watch.

Jack Mason

Subtle branding + excellent quality makes for one heck of a nice watch.

The¬†Field Chronograph Watch¬†features an agreeable 42mm case diameter — large enough to stand up to outdoor excursions, refined enough so as not to seem too large on most wrists. Now, as I’ve said in the past, I’m not a watch snob by any means … so the Japanese quartz movement does just fine in my book. Topped off with mineral crystal, this watch is a durable, affordable timepiece for fall and winter weather — the rugged NATO strap in a crisp olive color helps see to that.¬† It’ll more than stand up to tough weather and long days. And the¬†Jack Mason Field Chronograph Watch¬†really does look to be built for the field. That is to say, you might want to leave it at home when going hunting or fishing, but you can definitely give it a try on a short hike through your local park. It might look best when paired up with a vintage-inspired cardigan and a classic chambray shirt, though. Where can that #menswear ensemble take you? Just about anywhere you please this fall, from a dressed-up evening on the town to a more casual day at the office when teamed with stylish leather sneakers. Yessir, the¬†Jack Mason Field Chronograph Watch¬†is the timepiece you didn’t know you needed — until now.¬† Add it to any list of the best casual watches for men … including your own. And that’s the last word!

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