Style Pick of the Week: JackThreads Fisherman Cardigan

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Thick-knit and ready for all kinds of cold weather -- the JackThreads Fisherman Cardigan.

Thick-knit and ready for all kinds of cold weather — the JackThreads Fisherman Cardigan. Denim tote bag also by JackThreads. Roughout Captain Leather Boots by Thursday Boot Company.

So how was your Christmas? Did you get any snow in your neck of the woods? Things were quite warm here in Florida, and not a snowflake in sight. But that doesn’t mean I’m not prepped for a cold spell once I head back to NYC. As it gets deeper and deeper into winter, you can certainly expect more and more of these weekly Style Pick features to cover cold-weather essentials. That’s where something exceptionally sturdy and durable like the JackThreads Fisherman Cardigan is going to come in handy. It’s yet another item that the site’s new menswear vertical seems to do so well, and at a really solid pricepoint, too. If you’re not familiar, JT relaunched this past fall with a revamped Web site and its own collection of #menswear essentials, ranging from soft tees to affordably priced cashmere sweaters (those are going for an astounding $69 right now — keep an eye out for more later this winter). So given the mission they’ve set out to achieve — outfitting the discerning style aficionado at a great price — I’m a big fan. Throw in the fact that the Fisherman Cardigan is thick-knit, super-warm and way stylish, and you have a surefire winner in my book. Some might not like the fact that it’s 70 percent acrylic to 30 percent wool, but the blend doesn’t feel cheap or scratchy. Besides, what’s important is how it can be styled!

If Heather Grey isn't your speed, the Fisherman Cardigan also comes in what the brand calls Medium Blue.

If Heather Grey isn’t your speed, the Fisherman Cardigan also comes in what the brand calls Medium Blue.

As I’ve written before and will no doubt write on more in the future, the shawl-collar cardigan strikes the right balance between a style curveball — you’re wearing a cardigan after all — and a rugged style essential. The shawl collar itself adds visual interest, while the thick knit is a great textural play. In the versatile Heather Grey seen here, it can be paired seamlessly with a tough long-sleeve henley, or over a chambray shirt and dark denim — and the Medium Blue as seen above would also be a solid choice. You could even layer it under a brown wool blazer if it gets especially cold. And at the price of this JackThreads cardigan (just a hair over $52), you can wear it again and again without treating it too preciously. I myself have worn this bad boy over a twill CPO shirt and indigo henley for a night exploring Brooklyn, and my only other layer was a scarf — it’s that warm. It’s the exact right kind of style to anchor a sturdy weekend outfit — captoe boots and raw denim definitely come to mind. With the neutral color, a slim fit (a Medium fits my frame just right) and that eyecatching texture, it’s a cardigan that’s more than ready to brave the cold no matter where your adventures take you this winter.

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