The Friday Read: Masters 2016 Edition

jonnEditor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

Greetings, Style Guide readers! Today, we’re mixing things up a bit on The Style Guide and deviating from our usual Friday Read entry. What’s that, you say? Fear not. One of the things I’ve learned over the years as I’ve developed an interest in #menswear is that certain things just go hand-in-hand. That is to say, as you learn about style staples like dark denim or a stylish blazer, you develop a more nuanced taste in other areas — be it home design, quality literature, gourmet cuisine– you name it, and it’s likely that it plays well with men’s style.

That’s doubly important in the realm of the finer things in life — given that it’s Friday, we’re talking tasty cocktails. And not just any Friday. It’s an important day on the calendar for a wide swath of sports fans out there — the kick-off of Masters weekend. I’m not a huge golf nut by any means, but I’ve hit the links (badly) from time to time, and I always enjoyed watching PGA tournaments like the sadly defunct Buick Open in my home state of Michigan. So if you find yourself much more intrigued by golf (and intrigued even moreso by a fine cocktail), you’ll find the recipe of interest below. If you’re wary, know that it comes courtesy of a recommendation from the folks at West Coast lifestyle purveyors Johnnie-O — and what better way to enjoy the Masters than by grabbing a nice blazer and sipping on a delicious beverage, particularly a mojito? Not many. While it’s not for everyone, the Player’s Blazer is just the ticket if you want to add a shot of color to an Oxford and chinos, too. Read on for the recipe below, and let’s bond over crafty cocktails (and beer) via Twitter.

One blazer plus one beverage = a solid and stylish kick-off to Masters weekend.

One blazer plus one beverage = a solid and stylish kick-off to Masters weekend.

   The Masters Mojito Recipe:

Got all that down? Done and done. In the meantime, head here to catch up on another outfit tailored for the weekend — how to dress for a spring bar crawl. And I’d advise you to maybe (maybe?) catch up with some of my writing work at GearMoose — if you need a minimal watch, I put together a full watch guide for that site. That’s all for now in this neck of the woods; we’ll be back tomorrow with a great Style Pick from Jack Erwin, and we’ll have a look at the best suede chukkas to buy for spring coming up on Monday. Enjoy!


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