See Now, Buy Now: Beckett Simonon’s Nolan Brogue Boots Are Perfect For Fall

Beckett Simonon

Ridiculously well-made, stylish wingtip boots available now for pre-order. See now, buy now — at its finest.

Style Guide readers — do you ever come across a #menswear find that’s just … nearly too good to be true? That is, something like the Beckett Simonon Nolan Brogue Boots. These are a pair of stylish men’s boots so worthy of a men’s style wish list that you might be tempted to snag, well .. right this second? I’ve come across that sentiment more than a few times in running this here blog. And while I hope you’ve been enjoying The List — our ongoing, roughly bi-weekly roundup of the best men’s gear to buy now — we’re introducing something slightly different. Think of it as a quick-hit version of our Style Pick of the Week series. That is, one product from one brand that you  can (and should!) buy feasibly right after you see it — like the Nolan Brogue Boots, my friends. Get it? It’s a popular notion in fashion that you should be able to buy the gear coming off the runways — but we won’t be talking high fashion here. And while I hope I’m not hurting your pocketbook too much, know that some of these picks — like the Nolan Brogue Boots — will lean a bit more investment-worthy.

No, today, we’re talking about the Beckett Simonon Nolan Brogue Boots — an exceptionally well-crafted, extremely handsome pair of wingtip boots perfect for fall. They feature rich full-grain leather, a tough rubber sole and excellent styling potential. Slim dark denim and a rugged shawl cardigan? Check. A classic denim jacket and slim chinos? Bingo. Simply pre-order the Nolan Brogue Boots — also available in Black Calfskin Leather and  a striking Tan Calfksin Leather — and wait (sadly) until November 2017.  I know you can do it! By that time, these stylish wingtip boots will be more than ready to team up with a stylish early winter #OOTD; heck, just about any outfit you can dream up will be made better by the Nolan Brogue Boots, from a moleskin shirt and classic indigo denim to a tailored winter suit.

So, you’ve seen the Nolan Brogue Boots … will you buying them?

And just as importantly: What do you think of this new Style Guide entry? Should we keep it going? Let me know in the comments!


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