See Now, Buy Now: Gear Up and Hit the Road with Taylor Stitch’s Moto Pant in Dyneema Denim

One heck of a pair of pants — ready for anything. Pre-fund them now via Taylor Stitch, folks.

Don’t let that image at the top of the page scare you — the Taylor Stitch Moto Pant in Dyneema Denim is a pair of moto jeans that’s easily wearable even if you don’t own a motorcycle or ride off-road. In fact, the Moto Pants in Dyneema Denim are a sufficiently cool, rugged way to upgrade your dark blue denim with style and functionality. As any loyal Style Guide reader knows, Taylor Stitch consistently kills it on all fronts in the menswear game, and the brand’s Moto Collection only ups the ante even further. For you and me both, that means you’ve got more gear to add to your list of men’s style essentials. Packed with hits like the beautiful Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket (as seen in a previous See Now, Buy Now entry), the Moto Collection is also home to the Moto Pants in Dyneema Denim — and they’re a sufficient supporting accessory, to say the least. It starts with the road-ready Dyneema fabric, known as the “world’s strongest fabric” and comprising more than 50 percent of the Taylor Stitch Moto Pants.

In short, that makes for a pair of trousers that blend the look of a pair of classic dark blue jeans with the durability of the outdoors-minded Taylor Stitch Camp Pants, for instance. In short, that means you can take the Taylor Stitch Moto Pants just about anywhere you’d like this winter, from a grueling hike to a less-taxing stroll through the snow to your favorite craft beer bar (that’s probably how I’d wear mine, at least). Front slash pockets leave you with plenty of room to haul your everyday carry essentials for hours at a time, too. On the styling front, I’d freely layer up with a rugged henley and a stylish field jacket for chilly fall and winter days. And you can even throw on a stylish vest, plus suede lace-up boots and perhaps a rugged crewneck sweater, for easygoing-yet-durable style. Of course, rugged leather boots are an essential with a pair of pants as outdoor-minded as the Taylor Stitch Moto Pants, too. And with a price tag of nearly $250, I’d urge you to find as many ways as possible to break out the Moto Pants in Dyneema Denim — but you’d better pre-fund them now. Right? Glad we’re on the same page.

Are you pre-fundig the  Taylor Stitch Moto Pants in Dyneema Denim? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!



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