#OOTD: Shake Up Your Business Casual Style For the Office

There are solid, reliable go-to’s that we all have when it comes to dressing for the office — right? Pieces like slim dark denim, a classic navy blazer and the like. But what to do when you want to switch things up just ever so slightly? That’s where today’s #OOTD is taking us. Dressing for the office can be a challenge, sometimes — it seems like every office, from creative agencies on up to accounting firms, are getting more and more casual. At least, that’s been my experience (let me know if you agree over on The Style Guide Facebook page). With that being said, looking great still pays off, and it’s still important — no matter how casual everyone else around you might be dressed. So, back to today’s #menswear ensemble. We’ve still got a stylish navy blazer in the mix, but we’re going a  step further with a casual printed shirt and stylish leather Chelsea boots. Everyone wins with this look, because we’re even incorporating … *gasp* … a tie! Yep, we’ve got it all covered. Read up below and let me know what you think via Twitter — cheers!

Can’t go wrong with some texture and unique style for late winter.

The Blazer: Grayers Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat, $165.98 — A stylish moleskin sportcoat is a unique change of pace from your standard cotton-blend navy blazer — the Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat from Grayers is a nicely tailored option.

The Shirt: Life/After/Denim Art Deco Shirt, $158 — While something like a classic Oxford shirt also works here, a unique printed shirt from Life/After/Denim adds nice visual interest and cool, casual style.

The Tie: Pocket Square Clothing Castillo Necktie, $56 — Ahh, yes … the dreaded necktie. Don’t wear a tie too often? A tweed tie from Pocket Square Clothing nods to the chilly temps some us might still be facing, and it also adds nice texture to this look.

The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Democratic Chino in British Khaki, $98Classic chinos from our pals at Taylor Stitch are an excellent change of pace from dark denim (which would also work nicely here, mind you).

The Chelsea Boots: Hudson Shoes Wynford Chelsea Boots, $210 — Because we might still be dealing with slippery roads out there, stylish Chelsea boots provide traction and sleek, office-ready style.

The Socks: American Trench Boot Socks in Light Denim, $29.50 — When is it worth it to spend nearly $30 on a pair of socks? When the socks in question are from American Trench & perfectly complement this outfit.
The Watch: BREDA Visser Watch, $90 — Leave the dive watch at home — this affordable, stylish leather watch from BREDA  is a perfect accessory for the office.
The Belt: Ezra Arthur No.1 Belt in Cognac, $100 — Even your belt should be sleek, minimal and dressy when it comes to biz casual style — the Ezra Arthur No.1 Belt hits the mark quite nicely.
 Did this #OOTD hit the mark in terms of shaking up how you’ll be dressing for the office? The building blocks — those crucial building blocks we always talk about — aren’t all that different from a typical office ensemble, yet the Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat from Grayers adds more texture and style that’s appropriate for the cold weather. A  cool, visually striking printed shirt from Life/After/Denim also switches things up from a typical office shirt. And in terms of your trousers, can you top classic chinos from Taylor Stitch? Nope, not quite. A cool tweed tie from  Pocket Square Clothing is a nice menswear move that ups the ante in terms of your ensemble, while the beautifully crafted (and affordable) Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes add sleek style on the footwear front. To keep it all in line, the Ezra Arthur No.1 Belt is an essential finishing touch, as is the BREDA Visser Watch. Last but not least, I can’t vouch enough for socks from American Trench — what more do you need to get ready for the office? Not a heck of a lot, truly. Let me know in the comments if this #OOTD does it for you!
Thanks for reading, as always.


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