See Now, Buy Now: Mollusk Surf Shop Is Making Your New Spring Chinos

A close-up look at a pair of chinos that are ready to wear with plenty of gear you already own.

While the classic, much-loved chino pant is nothing new in terms of early spring style, there are some new places you should consider looking if in fact you really, really want to step into this season the right way. What I mean to say is, Mollusk Surf Shop is but one unexpected brand that deserves a second look. Specifically, the Mollusk Surf Shop Chino Pants  — simply named, cleanly designed and more than ready for the season ahead. Let’s be clear: A classic pair of chino pants can work at any time of the year, but there’s something about early spring that feels especially well-suited to something like the Mollusk Surf Shop Chino Pants. The fit is tailored but not too tight, the cotton construction is amplified thanks to the made-in-the-USA quality, and the Mash Green color is a nice seasonal go-between.

There are no overly fancy bells and whistles at play when it comes to the Mollusk Surf Shop Chino Pants — this is just a solid pair of classic cotton chinos, all the better for pairing with similarly versatile spring style essentials. In the view of your Style Guide author, that means complementary pieces like durable leather chukkas, a rugged denim shirt  and a go-anywhere leather watch. And the good news, a pair of surprisingly tough chinos from Mollusk Surf Shop can add a bit of unexpectedly laidback style to many a spring ensemble. Army green chinos also work quite handsomely with even the most minimal of pieces — think a crisp white tee and white leather sneakers, perhaps capped off with your new favorite denim jacket. The Mollusk Surf Shop Chino Pants are a neat way to trade in your light wash denim or navy chinos for something just a bit more different and a bit more fresh; that’s where all the best seasonal style upgrades start, after all.

Can you get on board with the Mollusk Surf Shop Chino Pants for March weather (and beyond)? 

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