The Friday Read: Traveling Abroad, How Your Denim Should Fit and Weekend Style Upgrades

Check your watch, check your calendar and step on up — it’s officially spring, Style Guide readers. If that doesn’t get you amped to load up your shopping cart with spring style essentials, then I’m not sure what will (maybe this classic track from CHVRCHES to which I’m currently listening? Ehh?). At any rate, you can expect plenty of transitional style content here on the blog in the coming weeks — starting with tomorrow’s timely Style Pick of the Week. And for today’s Friday Read, we’ll cover travel style, we’ll cover the right way to wear your denim in these trying times, and we’ll cover weekend style upgrades for the guy with a wish list and some cash to burn. But if you just can’t wait to dive into how to dress this spring, might I suggest this essential #OOTD focused on classic, everyday spring style? It’s a good one, folks. OK, enough idle chitchat — let’s get to this week’s links. Shall we? Cheers.

  • It’s been quite the month of March around these parts — or rather, around Ireland, Scotland and England! Read more about my adventures in the U.K. in my latest travel style post.
  • Do you have a favorite pair of classic denim? I’d wager that you do — right? Maybe you even found it perusing the pages of this blog. At any rate, is here to remind us all about how your denim should fit in 2018.
  • It’s perhaps no more relevant than it is right now — laidback weekend style, that is. has 14 — yep, 14 — weekend style upgrades to shop right now. Get on it!
  • Last but certainly not least, I rounded up the 12 best men’s hiking socks — yes, we’re getting as specific as hiking socks — over at GearMoose. Shop away!

And without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to your weekend. That’s it! We’ll see you tomorrow to tell you all about a new spring menswear essential that I think you’re definitely going to like.

Thanks for reading!


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