#OOTD: Upgrade Your Sweatpants with Spring Style Essentials

Today’s #OOTD post gets right down to it when it comes to spring weekend style. It’s even a bit more dressed down than the seasonal Saturday (or Sunday) ensemble that we talked about earlier this month — we’re diving right into how to wear stylish sweatpants this spring. Yes, you read that right. Stylish sweatpants. The style world is growing more casual by the day, but that doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy when dressed down (and we mean, way down). Your basics, the kind of clothes you grab and throw on to get out the door, can feature just as many small, simple style details as your favorite work week ensemble or more slightly more polished pieces (like your new favorite pair of spring chinos). The trick comes with not treating the sweatpants quite as much like sweatpants — no athletic logo tees or sneakers here. Just a pair of well-fitting sweatpants, accented with a slim T-shirt, a pair of throwback-inspired kicks and a classically rugged chambray shirt. As long as you accent ’em with pieces that go anywhere, your tailored sweatpants won’t look out of place at a laidback brunch spot or a brewery … or just on your couch. The choice as to how you wear this #OOTD is all yours. Thoughts? Questions? Hit me up on Twitter.

A stylish pair of sweatpants can go a long way to helping you take on your weekend in comfort AND style.

The Sweatpants: Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants, $89¬†¬†— There’s nothing fussy about the Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants. Just a classic pair of sport-inspired sweats made the right way.

The Chambray Shirt:¬†WP Standard Chambray Work Shirt,¬†$98¬† — A chambray shirt takes this casual ensemble into territory that’s slightly more sharp — but still cool and classic.

The T-Shirt:¬†Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee in Green, $45 — A deep, dark green Taylor Stitch T-shirt adds just a bit of color to this outfit, along with visual interest. Wear the chambray shirt buttoned up or open to show it off.

The Sneakers:¬†Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid, $185 — If you want a pair of sneakers that are a big-time upgrade from your average pair with an athletic logo, the Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid are exactly it.

The Socks:¬†Anonymous-ism Boucle Mix Socks in Navy, $11 — Well-made socks with no crazy patterns or wild colors are an underrated style accessory. The Anonymous-ism Boucle Mix Socks get the job done.

The Watch:¬†Szanto Vintage Dive Watch 5201, $275 — Your stylish casual watch should be as similarly no frills as your socks and your classic sneakers — the tough Szanto Vintage Dive Watch is your best bet.

The Bag:¬†Filson Grab n’Go Tote, $125 — How are you going to carry all those weekend essentials? You know, your growler and sunglasses and blanket for that park picnic? The Filson Grab n’Go Tote.

The Ballcap: Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, $40 — The reliable ballcap that every guy needs in his arsenal just might be the Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, and that’s all there is to it.
See, wearing stylish sweatpants doesn’t have to be sloppy or overly complicated. Just do it up the right way with standout basics — which will, of course, work in a ton of other seasonal outfits. Again, let me know in the comments below what you think of our picks for styling the¬†Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants.



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