The Thursday Buy: Wellen’s Quilted Sweatpants are the Best Men’s Sweatpants to Buy Right Now

If you ask me, we’re still in the midst of the holiday season, or at the very least, we’re still in the midst of the perfect time of year to stock up on some of the best men’s sweatpants. I’m talking, in this case, about the best men’s sweatpants to buy now, especially as we head into what should be a very laidback, very relaxed post-holiday, pre-2022 weekend. Of course, the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants will still serve you mighty well through the rest of winter, and that’s why you’d do very well to pick them up right now. They’re part of an entire line of sustainable style essentials delivered to you courtesy of Wellen, the in-house brand at Huckberry that focuses on using regenerative fabrics to craft the coolest menswear around. The fact that Wellen menswear is also often ideal for laidback lounging and luxury is an added bonus in my book. When it comes to the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants, the difference is in the details, and in the best way possible.

And those details are every bit as exceptional as you might expect, including the use of soft organic cotton that results in a comfortable fit and feel like no other. Yes indeed, the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants are just about perfect in every which way, and it helps that the quilted design itself is both visually interesting and a step up from athletic logo sweatpants. You shouldn’t be surprised, because Wellen menswear is different in the best possible ways.

As Wellen says, the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants are “endlessly comfortable, effortlessly cool,” and one glance should prove that quite handily. The garment-washed finish makes ’em comfortable and easy to wear right out of the box, especially with your favorite henley and some cozy house slippers. Of course, the tapered cut and elastic cuffs turn the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants into a pair of sweatpants you can actually wear out of the house, and that’s no joke. When it comes to these, some of the best men’s sweatpants, take your pick from the crisp Navy option or a breezy Moss version, each of which should wear well with neutral style staples like a grey crewneck sweater or a thermal shirt.

Even the smaller points on the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants are admirable, including recycled polyester buttons to really drive home the brand’s trademark sustainability. No matter which option you select when it comes to the Wellen Quilted Sweatpants, you’re getting one of the very best pairs of durable, sustainable and stylish sweatpants on the market, and that’s just a fact.

The Friday Read: Sustainable Sweatpants, The Best Spring Chukka Boots & A New Spring Jacket

It’s certainly no secret that we’ve all been living a lot more in sweatpants and comfortable athleisure-focused gear across this past, what, year? That’s not likely to change right away this weekend, which is why I’ve got a pick I think you’ll certainly enjoy heading into two casual, laidback days coming up (and beyond that). I recently had the chance to catch up with PAPER PROJECT, an innovative line of essentials made with incredibly cool Japanese paper yarn. PAPER PROJECT just launched its All Day Clean Sweats Collection, a set of the best sweatpants for men (and sweatshirts, and sweatshorts) that’s going to upgrade your laidback, casual style quite quickly. The key with the All Day Clean Sweats Collection is the fact that the brand uses Bac-Pur antimicrobial finish technology to deliver odor-fighting protection, plus the sort of cool, neutral style you’ve come to expect from your sweatpants. If you ask me, they’re some of the best men’s sweatpants on the market (and they also offer basics like socks, plus women’s options, too!). I’d snag a pair heading into the weekend, but that’s not my only pick for you today.

No sir, we’ve got plenty to discuss elsewhere, including an excellent new collaboration between New Balance and famed indie record store Amoeba — I covered the New Balance x Amoeba Music x Shop Nice Kicks partnership, and you’d do well to give it a read (and to add a pair or two to your shopping cart, of course). I also covered some of the best new spring shorts for GearMoose (those would be the Relwen Hemp Supply Shorts from Huckberry), and you can read that feature here.

Part tailored jacket, part sweater, all versatility.

I’m also working on a feature on the best beers for spring for GearMoose, and that’s a passion that’s near and dear to my heart (if you subscribe to my music-menswear-craft beer newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, you assuredly know this!) So, that’s all going to keep me busy (within reason!), this weekend. How about you? To follow along with my explorations throughout Brooklyn — which will likely include a stop by the upstate New York-inspired bar The Adirondack — you should follow me on Instagram. Alright — let’s get into the rest of the Friday Read, shall we? More shopping and reading picks await.

  • How’s this for the right way to start Friday, ehh? Step into the confines of a spring weekend with one of my top style picks of the moment, a pair of classic chukka boots to wear when you’re ready to step out of the All Day Clean Sweats, ehh? Of course, the brand on display here is FRYE, makers of some of the best chukka boots for men. ‘Tis the season to look great and choose the proper footwear, no doubt about it.
  • Allow me to provide you with another spring shopping picks, this time as promised in the headline. I’m giving you a quick deep dive into one of the best jackets for men of the moment, a style that’s a worth complement to your FRYE chukka boots. Of course, that would be the Alex Mill Work Jacket in Natural Indigo, a visually striking piece that’s made to be worn on the daily, with anything you feel like. How’s that for expert spring style, yes? Yes, indeed.
  • Alright, so there’s two shopping picks to get your weekend started nicely. How about a bit o’ reading to while away the day? Coming right up. I had the pleasure to dive into a very apt new spring beer, the Alvarado Street Brewing Wind Jammer IPA, over at GearMoose. Based on what I’ve heard about this beer, I’d be inclined to pick some up myself if given the chance. I’ll drink to fresh beer for a new season, and I think you should do the same.

That’ll wrap up today’s Friday Read. Are you feeling a little more ready for the weekend now? Be it the chance to pick up your new favorite sweatpants or the chance to sip on the Alvarado Street Brewing Wind Jammer IPA, I’d say you’re in fine shape heading into the weekend. But I’ve got one more read for you today, and that comes courtesy of this very blog. Go on and do yourself a favor by buying one of the most rugged spring jackets, courtesy of Filson. To be more specific :I covered the Filson Alcan Quilted Jacket just last week, and it’s quite the addition to your spring outerwear rotation, to say the least. Read all about it here and let me know what you think. In the meantime, have a great weekend, stay safe out there and let’s make it count!

#OOTD: Upgrade Your Sweatpants with Spring Style Essentials

Today’s #OOTD post gets right down to it when it comes to spring weekend style. It’s even a bit more dressed down than the seasonal Saturday (or Sunday) ensemble that we talked about earlier this month — we’re diving right into how to wear stylish sweatpants this spring. Yes, you read that right. Stylish sweatpants. The style world is growing more casual by the day, but that doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy when dressed down (and we mean, way down). Your basics, the kind of clothes you grab and throw on to get out the door, can feature just as many small, simple style details as your favorite work week ensemble or more slightly more polished pieces (like your new favorite pair of spring chinos). The trick comes with not treating the sweatpants quite as much like sweatpants — no athletic logo tees or sneakers here. Just a pair of well-fitting sweatpants, accented with a slim T-shirt, a pair of throwback-inspired kicks and a classically rugged chambray shirt. As long as you accent ’em with pieces that go anywhere, your tailored sweatpants won’t look out of place at a laidback brunch spot or a brewery … or just on your couch. The choice as to how you wear this #OOTD is all yours. Thoughts? Questions? Hit me up on Twitter.

A stylish pair of sweatpants can go a long way to helping you take on your weekend in comfort AND style.

The Sweatpants: Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants, $89¬†¬†— There’s nothing fussy about the Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants. Just a classic pair of sport-inspired sweats made the right way.

The Chambray Shirt:¬†WP Standard Chambray Work Shirt,¬†$98¬† — A chambray shirt takes this casual ensemble into territory that’s slightly more sharp — but still cool and classic.

The T-Shirt:¬†Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee in Green, $45 — A deep, dark green Taylor Stitch T-shirt adds just a bit of color to this outfit, along with visual interest. Wear the chambray shirt buttoned up or open to show it off.

The Sneakers:¬†Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid, $185 — If you want a pair of sneakers that are a big-time upgrade from your average pair with an athletic logo, the Rancourt & Co. Carson Mid are exactly it.

The Socks:¬†Anonymous-ism Boucle Mix Socks in Navy, $11 — Well-made socks with no crazy patterns or wild colors are an underrated style accessory. The Anonymous-ism Boucle Mix Socks get the job done.

The Watch:¬†Szanto Vintage Dive Watch 5201, $275 — Your stylish casual watch should be as similarly no frills as your socks and your classic sneakers — the tough Szanto Vintage Dive Watch is your best bet.

The Bag:¬†Filson Grab n’Go Tote, $125 — How are you going to carry all those weekend essentials? You know, your growler and sunglasses and blanket for that park picnic? The Filson Grab n’Go Tote.

The Ballcap: Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, $40 — The reliable ballcap that every guy needs in his arsenal just might be the Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, and that’s all there is to it.
See, wearing stylish sweatpants doesn’t have to be sloppy or overly complicated. Just do it up the right way with standout basics — which will, of course, work in a ton of other seasonal outfits. Again, let me know in the comments below what you think of our picks for styling the¬†Flint and Tinder Fieldhouse Sweatpants.



Online Shopping Picks: East Dane Event of the Season

Editor’s note: Click through for a full look at other seasonal¬†menswear shopping picks. This post will be updated throughout the day with more picks from the East Dane Fall Sale.¬†

Here we are again on another lovely day at The Style Guide. Ready to go? More importantly, ready to shop? That’s why we’re here today. Although there’s a whole plethora of digitally shop-able menswear out there, it’s tricky sometimes to get it all in one place. Luckily, that’s where East Dane and the¬†East Dane Event of the Season¬†come into play. Yes indeed, using the code¬†MAINEVENT16 can get you 25 percent off your entire order up to $500, and 30 percent off orders over $500,¬†now through¬†2am EST (midnight PST) on¬†Sunday, the¬†16th.¬† So, those are the nuts and bolts. But what about¬†the clothes? The men’s fashion arm of Amazon takes a premium, nuanced and slick approach to menswear — you get everything from standout Owen & Fred accessories¬†to an array of gear from Todd Snyder to a heck of a selection of durable fall boots,¬†and you get it conveniently under one easily searchable¬†digital roof. Now granted, the site does have some pieces that sway a little more high-fashion (not to mention a tad expensive), but rest assured — whatever menswear itch you might need to scratch, East Dane¬†takes care of it. That made it a pretty difficult endeavor to narrow down their extensive selection to just a relative few picks. But that’s what we did today at The Style Guide — check out a plethora of gear guaranteed to impress for the fall and winter seasons, and beyond. Now, there’s a heck of a lot on the site, so we’re¬†keeping it to the major categories.¬†Shop the East Dane¬†sale while you can, and stick around on Facebook or Twitter for more men’s style tips and advice — yeah?

Outerwear: Z Zegna Light Shell 4-Pocket Field Jacket (Available via East Dane) — $695

A lightweight, city-ready field jacket perfect for layering.

A lightweight, city-ready field jacket perfect for layering.

The Z Zegna Field Jacket is certainly pricey at its normal rate. But given that sale discount, you can snag it now for a much more agreeable price, particularly given the fact that it’s ideal for stylish seasonal transitions. It’s the kind of rare, easily wearable piece from¬†a brand that veers into high-fashion territory. But this field jacket is a simple silhouette with functionality and prime layering potential —¬†especially with¬†fall essentials like a slim henley or a perfect fall cardigan.

Shirting: Z¬†Zegna Slim Poplin Shirt — $245 (Available via East Dane)

Versatile, crisp and essential -- get this pricey poplin shirt for a better deal via this East Dane sale.

Versatile, crisp and essential — get this pricey poplin shirt for a better deal via this East Dane sale.

Is it worth it to spend more than $200 for a white poplin shirt? Ehh, depending on your financial situation, that’s … debatable. But when said white poplin shirt goes on sale? That’s much more agreeable. There’s nothing overly fancy about this shirt, but then again — simple style is sometimes the best. A crisp white (or navy, or black) poplin¬†shirt can pair up with a slim crewneck sweater and leather sneakers on the weekend, it can team with a fall blazer on chilly work days, and it can work when worn untucked with garment-dyed chinos (like in this look). That’s a lot of versatility for one shirt, which justifies the price.

Footwear: Lacoste L. 12.12 Leather Sneakers — $170 (Available via East Dane)

Crisp, easily wearable sneakers at a decent price.

Crisp, easily wearable sneakers at a decent price.

Sizing for these sneakers is already a bit limited, so it’s advisable that you hop on them quickly. A crisp pair of leather sneakers can work wonders in terms of style and versatility even during the colder fall months — wear this navy pair with grey chinos and a tan herringbone wool blazer, and pair them up with a slim cardigan and dark blue denim on the weekends. The price is pretty agreeable for a premium sneaker offering, and it gets you closer to that $500 threshold for 30 percent off, as well. And if you find yourself gravitating more towards boots? Start with our picks for stylish chukka boots.

Accessories:¬†Michael Kors Paxton Watch — $195 (Available via East Dane)

Reasonably priced, surprisingly durable and fit for fall style.

Reasonably priced, surprisingly durable and fit for fall style.

Featuring a black case-and-dial combo and a striking cognac leather strap, this watch is the sort of affordably priced addition to your collection that you didn’t know you needed. Granted, it’s not as affordable as a classic Timex (or even the Timex x Red Wing Waterbury collection), but with 100 meters of water resistance, a slightly unexpected black-and-cognac combination and an easily wearable, classic dial design, it could be worth adding it to your cart this time around.

Bottoms: Todd Snyder + Champion Sweatpants — $118 (Available via East Dane)

Premium sweatpants -- there certainly is such a thing thanks to Todd Snyder & Champion.

Premium sweatpants — there certainly is such a thing thanks to Todd Snyder & Champion.

There’s certainly a ton of Todd Snyder + Champion gear available at nice prices, but if you’ve yet to pick up any of the brand’s knitwear, you’re missing out. Is $100-plus a lot for sweatpants? It certainly is, but if you want to upgrade your casual wear, a pair of these sweatpants is the way to go. Featuring an indigo dye and made out of French terry, they’re both more comfortable and better-looking than whatever sweatpants might be in your drawer right now — ya dig? And again, they’ll help you get over that $500 mark to tip off more discounts. Not a bad thing, ehh?

So, there we go — sorting through a big sale such as the¬†East Dan Event of the Season¬†can be a big endeavor. But as the (hopefully) condensed post above goes to show, it all starts with narrowing down your focus and checking out key categories — and you’d be surprised what you’ll find when you dig a little deeper in bigger sale events. Are you shopping the¬†East Dane Event of the Season? Let me know what you’re picking up in the comments below, or over on The Style Guide Facebook page.

Thanks, as always, for reading — see you for our weekly menswear recap on Friday!


Standby, folks — more picks to come!

Style Pick of the Week: Apolis Boiled Wool Sweatpant

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Sweatpants as the Style Pick of the Week? Read on to find out why.

Sweatpants as the Style Pick of the Week? Read on to find out why.

So in the span of about a week-and-half or so, it seems we’ve jumped from Labor Day style¬†to the impending return of fall in our collective #menswear minds — right? That brings us to this week’s Style Pick — sweatpants. Not just any sweatpants, though. Apolis really is a remarkable company, one that does more than just put out excellent basics for every lifestyle. They’re committed to ethical practices and social responsibility in manufacturing– and that’s just the start. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of its newest releases is as fairly made¬†as it is stylish. The Boiled Wool Sweatpant takes the typical college-esque silhouette and turns it into something you can feel comfortable wearing outside the house. That’s not the preference for everyone (and tapered sweatpants, or joggers, are certainly divisive), but if you’re going to wear sweatpants, they might as well be made from a premium alpaca fiber and wool blend and cut in a flattering silhouette. Of course, as with most Apolis products, you do pay a price for that quality and craftsmanship — that could be the breaking point for some folks, particularly when it comes to sweats. But that’s why these made the hypothetical Wish List, right?

Features like side-zip pockets make these feel a bit different than your ordinary sweatpant.

Features like side-zip pockets make these feel a bit different than your ordinary sweatpant.

As to styling these sweatpants, they’re certainly cut in a trim enough way to mimic some casual get-ups you might wear with dark denim. Think a crewneck sweater and easygoing chambray shirt plus navy runners.¬†Or, style them as a pair of joggers¬†in this post — with leather sneakers and a lightweight military jacket. A¬†vintage-inspired leather jacket and a simple crewneck tee could also look quite sharp.¬†The¬† color options for this particular Apolis pair (navy or charcoal) are neutral enough that they you can push the envelope a bit more, but they’d probably look best with a laidback fall cardigan¬†and a henley. And when it gets colder in the winter (for most of us, that is), they’d be a heck of a cozy option should you need to brave the elements at all. Quantities of this are limited, and that price could stretch some budgets, but for a pair of sweatpants, they’d be worth every dollar.

Would you consider taking the leap on these Apolis sweatpants? How would you style them?

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