See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt is Your Daily Style Move

A crisp navy shirt in a tailored fit … from a standout menswear brand, no less? That sounds like an essential spring style move to me.

Every guy needs a perfect everyday shirt they can reach for in any situation — I mean, any situation. Situations ranging from, “I woke up late for work but still need to look great,” or, “I can’t pick out what to wear on this date,” or “What the heck should I wear to travel nowadays, anyway?” Seriously — any situation. And folks, that shirt is here. That shirt is … *drumroll please* … the Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt, in the brand’s famous Jack fit. The Washed Poplin Shirt is the latest and greatest from perhaps my favorite brand. The great folks at Taylor Stitch focus on excellent fabrics, timeless silhouettes and a classic sensibility that you can take anywhere, and the Washed Poplin Shirt is a prime example of that. What sets apart this shirt from the rest of the pack? Plenty.

For one, it’s got that great navy color — a deep navy shirt is flattering on nearly any guy, but it’s still more visually interesting than a plain black shirt. Darker colors are slimming, for one, and the standout Taylor Stitch fit broadens your shoulders. The cotton poplin fabric used in the Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt is also a mighty fine fabric choice for spring and summer. It’s able to be layered with ease under pieces like a faded denim jacket (monochromatic style for the win!) or a crisp khaki blazer (preferably from the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Collection). And the versatility of the Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt doesn’t stop there. Navy goes with more traditional staples like olive or tan chinos, and it’s also a top pick for wearing with more unconventional pieces. For instance, a dark shirt and dark jeans work mighty fine together (see The National’s Matt Berninger for how this look is best pulled off — casually and at a rock show). So, am I saying you should wear the Taylor Stitch Washed Poplin Shirt with black jeans to a music festival? Or really, any place else you need an essential spring or summer shirt? That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Rock on!

Thanks for reading,


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