#OOTD: Here’s What to Wear to Your First Spring Party

Is there such a thing as “opening weekend” when it comes to spring or summer parties? Not quite, right? But when it’s in the air, you’ll feel it. When it’s time to head a friend’s balcony or backyard patio — or a rooftop bar — for a group get-together that involves, well, partying … you’ll know it. And that, my friends, is where you’re going to want to wear today’s #OOTD. For breezy spring style with a touch of polish and more than a bit of style, I’d say you can’t go wrong with updated staples like a classic indigo shirt, throwback-inspired chinos and, as ever, timeless leather sneakers. The key is looking for pieces that you might normally wear — like chinos and a short-sleeve shirt — and amping them up with cooler fits and better fabrics. These are pieces that are going to look stylish and crisp, yet decidedly cool (physically and metaphorically — no overheating here). Add in an investment-worthy leather watch from an enviable brand like Shinola, and you’ve got a look that pairs nicely with any weekend night — and maybe with your 9-to-5 grind, if you work in a more laidback environment. The point is, whether you wear this to your first spring party this weekend or to a Memorial Day shindig in a few weeks’ time, it’s just going to … well, work. For stylish partying, that is. Cheers!

An indigo shirt, historically inspired chinos and leather sneakers … perfect for knocking a few back, ehh?

    • The Shirt: Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt, $185 — Cool stripes, a dressy-yet-casual indigo color and reliably tailored short-sleeve fit make this Corridor NYC shirt a big-time upgrade over a plain tee.
    • The Chinos: Abercrombie & Fitch Archive Collection Chino Pants, $98 — Modeled after chinos worn by JFK himself, these are the epitome of classic cool — and they happen to be perfect for breezy spring style in 2018.
    • The  Sneakers: Rancourt & Co. Carson Low Sneakers in Natural Chromexcel, $300 — You could also wear classic white sneakers or leather loafers, but the Rancourt & Co. Carson Low are more equipped to a bit o’ partying, what with their casual look and durable construction.
    • The Socks: Arvin Goods No-show Socks, $8 — Let’s stick with stylish and well-made no-show socks from Arvin Goods here, shall we? Easy choice.
    • The Belt: Line of Trade Veg-Tanned Leather Belt in Saddle, $55 — You need something to hold up your chinos, right? Might as well make it a stylish leather belt from Line of Trade.
    • The Watch: Shinola Guardian Watch, $675 — To which brand should you turn when you want to invest in a long-lasting, stylish timepiece? That answer is easy: Shinola.
    • The Essentials: CIVIC Merino Boxers in Black, $55 — Never skimp on the essentials — the CIVIC Merino Boxers are an essential investment in a quality basic.
    • The Sunglasses: Raen Optics Remmy 52 Sunglasses, $134.98 — Whether your plans call for a rooftop round or a backyard BBQ, the exceedingly stylish Raen Optics Remmy 52 Sunglasses belong on your face.

Have you opened up your tab at the bar yet? Or grabbed a six-pack to head to that party? Before the fun begins, you assuredly can’t go wrong with throwing on a Corridor NYC shirt, complemented by chinos in a breezy, classically cool fit. The rest of the pieces in our partygoing ensemble, from the durable Rancourt & Co. Carson Low sneakers to the nearly indispensable Shinola Guardian Watch, are going to put you a cut above the rest compared to your fellow partygoers (while fun, I’d say they’re not as stylish as you … unless they read this  blog). A stylish leather belt from Line of Trade is but one essential accessory to keep handy — whether the sun is high in the sky or just setting, the Raen Optics Remmy 52 Sunglasses  are an affordable and downright cool accessory choice. Throw in no-show socks (made sustainably by Arvin Goods), plus the exceedingly comfortable CIVIC Merino Boxers, and you’ve got yourself a full look that’s guaranteed to turn heads (for the better) at your next spring or summer party. Be sure to get me a beer when you head to the bar, OK? Deal.

That’s all for today’s #OOTD. Thanks for reading!


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